Hi, basically i love to write romance fiction particularly the historical romance genre. I don’t know why that kind of stuff has always interested me but it has. I guess my writing is somewhat inspired by my favourite romantic authors like Judith Mcnaught, Jude Deveraux and Julie Garwood. I also like Johanna Lindsey(But not always) and Amanda quick.

Apart from romance i also love to read horror stuff especially by Stephen King. I have read almost all of his books and loved them all. I also love to read classical literature; I have read many of Shakespeare’s plays and most of the work done by Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters etc. Maybe that's why my writing style is different to most romance writers. I think I do possess a unique ability and a distinct voice. I hate tooting my own horn but I do believe I am an above average writer.

My biggest weakness is an inability to stay interested in one story for too long although I have as of late been able to conquer that failing somewhat. I have written two other romance novels which unfortunately aren’t complete. The one I am going to post here is my third, I plan to post several chapters but that depends on the response. If hopefully ppl like it and I get enough constructive comments I will keep on posting subsequent chapters. I hope no one finds that cheeky but believe me; a lot of work goes into my writing. I have to do a lot of research to make my settings and characters believable and relevant especially since it’s a historical novel.

P.S I am a guy living in London and I like writing Romance and no I am NOT Gay lol :)

p.s.s O.K one more thing, i am happy to read any novel but remember i dont like first person pov's, ive tried but i just cant. for me it's alot less effective as a story telling technique.
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pheonix-on-fire pheonix-on-fire May 24, 2016 04:19AM
hey i am back, lol. just posted a chapter for the guardian angel, i know not many of you have read that one but i hope u will give it a chance. i made lots of changes to chapter 2 as well so if u do...
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