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earbuds (lipsoul) by hyewonsoul
earbuds (lipsoul)by 🌊
jinsoul and her friends are some of the best athletes at their school. jungeun has always been pretty timid and quiet. the two girls only really knew of each other, unti...
The Favorite // Dance Moms Fan Fic by Amandaj2010
The Favorite // Dance Moms Fan Ficby Mandy <3
Alessia (Ale) Russo and Madison (Maddie) Ziegler... when you hear those names you think of Abby Lee Millers golden girls. They have been the favorite since Abby laid eye...
One Piece Oneshots by Ace0fSpades123
One Piece Oneshotsby Ash
Just a bunch of random oneshots with the OP characters. I do not own any of the characters, just the stories. Achievements!: #1 in vivi 2023/2024 #3 in law Oct 2023 #6 i...
A Pirate's Value || Sanji Vinsmoke by Maria555556
A Pirate's Value || Sanji Vinsmokeby Maria555556
.҉ .҉ .҉ Anamaria Sparrow. She is the younger sister, from another mother, of Jack Sparrow. The infamous 'Captain' of the Black Pearl quickly took the girl under his win...
Debanya Diaries : Amour -II by Latias2095
Debanya Diaries : Amour -IIby Latias V Floyen
He is smart and brave but keeps his identity as a hero secret. She is his fan but is also rude towards him unaware of his true identity. Meanwhile his younger brother kn...
Metamorphosis | Luffy x Nami by welostzoroagain
Metamorphosis | Luffy x Namiby Welostzoroagain
Needing a change of pace, Nami, a Twenty-year-old university student, moves to a new city and meets Luffy, whom helps her come to the realization that maybe change isn't...
Jurdan in the Mortal World by plateys
Jurdan in the Mortal Worldby dinkdoink
*ALL CHARACTERS AND BASICALLY EVERYTHING ELSE GOOD ABOUT THIS STORY BELONGS TO HOLLY BLACK* After the ending scene in the QON (aka don't read this if you have...
A Cup Of Love ☕ (Sanji x Nami) ~INSPIRED~ by MingoQueen
A Cup Of Love ☕ (Sanji x Nami) ✨MingoQueen✨
💖A Valentine's Day Special 💖 For: SanjixNami Fans From: MQ😘 Summary: Nami-swan is the youngest daughter of a rich family in Cocoyashi City, located in the East Secti...
Pulling My Strings  〆『Law x Reader』 by mijeog
Pulling My Strings 〆『Law x Reader』by shelby
As a child, F/N was forced to eat a devil fruit. Her father had done it before giving her away. Surprisingly, F/N's father is a high ranking official. But because of F/N...
Beautiful Mess by raina_wants_to_fly_
Beautiful Messby raina_wants_to_fly_
A one piece slice of life where Luffy and his friends navigate highschool and relationships. I do not own One Piece or any of the characters.
One Piece Girls X Male reader [VOLUME 1] {Completed} by REDHOOD274
One Piece Girls X Male reader [ REDHOOD274
You died and were given a second chance with a strange group of individuals how will you survive in this strange world of pirates and marines. - I Don't Own ANYTHING!
[Far from home](One piece x Shinobi!reader) by Yukkitta_Kamore
[Far from home](One piece x ღChoco Muss ღ :3
Shinobi [Last name] [Name] wakes up after a long time and realizes that she is on an unknown island. Soon, she learns that about 600 years have passed since she fell asl...
Stuck  { A Loona vampire AU } by OliviasWatermelon16
Stuck { A Loona vampire AU }by Choerry Tea ☕
"...I-It's stuck" "What do you mean it's stuck!?" It was almost the middle of the school year, and things at Loona High were more than it's normal se...
Confused by the past of the future by Taken_by_fictional
Confused by the past of the futureby ...
~~~ ~~~ Taryn, vivi, madoc, prince Balekin, prince Dain and Locke. Together they end up in the future year...
ASL'S Wallflower by A_Blazing_Flame
ASL'S Wallflowerby Blaze
It's an x reader where you are Ace's twin, as time went by you got your memories from you life and remembered one piece is a series. What will you do with this knowledge...
incorrect loona by Iiippie
incorrect loonaby jinsoulvr
i wrote this when i was three weeks into loona
Hearts Entwined by StellarLumine
Hearts Entwinedby Stellar Lumine
It's a nice morning. Nami, an orange haired girl, 17 years old, just got ready, finished her breakfast, took her bag and ran for school. It's her 1st day at her high sch...
Loona High (a Loona alternate universe story) by OliviasWatermelon16
Loona High (a Loona alternate Choerry Tea ☕
This is just a little story about loona in high school and many other groups too. Now this story is more about ships and the ships will stay loyal too. (WARNING) there...
The Forgotten Story (One Piece x Male Reader) by ZaneSane8
The Forgotten Story (One Piece x Zane Sane
Y/N L/N is a character that didn't appear in the original One Piece series. But what if he did and we just don't remember? No one even knows his true name. So let us tak...