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The Winter Peony (Young Hanzo x Reader) by Fantasies_Escape
The Winter Peony (Young Hanzo x Re...by Fantasies_Escape
Set in medieval Japan, a young Hanzo Shimada is meeting his bride to be--and he isn't thrilled about it. He finds her pushy, loud mouthed, opinionated and brash. Her opi...
Lone Wolves (McHanzo Fanfic) by maddy_willow
Lone Wolves (McHanzo Fanfic)by 𝕸𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜
Im back lovelies! Writing another McHanzo fanfic. In this Hanzo is a werewolf and Jesse is a hunter. Both live in solitude. But Hanzo discovers the hunter in an attempt...
Overwatch Husband Scenarios [Discontinue] by KhaoticKris
Overwatch Husband Scenarios [Disco...by KhaoticKris
Hey! So I'm doing this now, been obsessed with Overwatch that I wanted to write my own stories. Requests are welcome. ^-^
Watch Over Me (Overwatch FanFic) by PrincessAura273
Watch Over Me (Overwatch FanFic)by Madalyn
Hope Ivery has been struggling to find a job ever since she graduated university. She gets by anyway possible that involve computers or hacking, doing repair jobs for he...
Solar Storm (Overwatch Illari x Male reader) by XIXNOVAXIX
Solar Storm (Overwatch Illari x Ma...by XIXNOVAXIX
With the return of Overwatch, the world entered a new era of conflict. Null sector was on the rise once again, and now working alongside Talon, people needed a force to...
Overwatch high (gency) by Catkan
Overwatch high (gency)by Catkan
Genji is starting at a new school. He has moved all the way from Japan to attend overwatch high, but unlike the others, he's not safe. Will his father and brother be abl...
Overwatch x Reader by sergi3020
Overwatch x Readerby RoastingMarshmellow
I got into the Overwatch fandom and now I need to write a bunch of fanfiction. No smut just fluff, angst, memes, funny stories that come from the deepest depths of my mi...
One Piece Kagura: Pirate in a Shinobi world by AlliedStar224
One Piece Kagura: Pirate in a Shin...by Jade heinrich
Luffy is on a quest to defeat Kaido and free Wano from Orochi and Kaido's grasp. Unfortunately for our favourite rubber man, he is easily swept by Kaido and is thrown in...
Dance of Two Colors (Genji x Reader) by RedOnBlack
Dance of Two Colors (Genji x Reade...by cl
Genji Shimada was his name. Before he grew up, before he played with girls, and before his brother killed him... he was the sweet boy who approached a crying girl on the...
Kakak kelasku yang yandere [ Aamon x Natan ] by MiyaaYukii
Kakak kelasku yang yandere [ Aamon...by Miya
Cerita tentang aamon yg terlalu gila mencintai natan Aamon : 19 tahun ( Seme ) Natan : 17 tahun ( Uke ) ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ cerita ini mengandung ゞbxb ❧ ゞyaoi,mpreg ❧ ゞkeke...
•Black Sheep• || The Devil is a Part Timer || Urushihara / Lucifer by MiladyNocturnal
•Black Sheep• || The Devil is a Pa...by ⫷Daddy Satan⫸
"Definition of 'Black Sheep': a disfavored or disreputable member of a group. A black sheep stands out from the rest of the flock." • Leaving Ente Isla when...
overwatch X Reader Oneshots by SpazzingCookies
overwatch X Reader Oneshotsby mel
I may do requests, but really I'm making this just to put the ideas I have down for it. (No NSFW!)
Senran Kagura Isekai! by Attackingoreos
Senran Kagura Isekai!by Attackingoreos
A pretty self explanatory title, a boy named Will gets transported into the Senran Kagura universe. Will's job is to take down an evil ninja that was also summoned to th...
Overwatch (Various) X Reader by Kittyhugsyou
Overwatch (Various) X Readerby 「Indo」
»〔Requests are open!〕« ★☆One-Shots with all your favorite Overwatch waifus and husbandos! I'll be doing all heroes at least once, though highly requested characters can...
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Unloved (hanabi fanfic) by littlebitfragile
Unloved (hanabi fanfic)by littlebitfragile
after being defeated by the akuma ninja, hanabi has to stay behind and watch hayabusa fight alongside kagura. but her pride is taking over her. and she is about to risk...
Senran Kagura; Shinobi by Death: Volume 1, The Beginning by Attackingoreos
Senran Kagura; Shinobi by Death: V...by Attackingoreos
Yukio, a regular high school student, with no strength or athletic abilities, goes to a new high school called Hanzo Academy. After finding out a certain secret at the a...
To My Dear Kagura.... (A HanaGura Fanfiction)  by ChaoticallyNormal
To My Dear Kagura.... (A HanaGura...by Chaos
Hanabi, a cold hearted ninja who is in the Scarlet Sect, the oldest daughter of the Scarlet Supreme Grandmaster, has met a bubbly girl, coming by the name of Kagura, Kag...
Shinobi vs Mercs (Senran Kagura x TF2) by Cmonkey512
Shinobi vs Mercs (Senran Kagura x...by Muffin
Everybody knows the Mercs of Team Fortress 2. But what would happen if they crossed the ninja girls from the world of Senran Kagura? The likely answer would be that they...
no one loves a dragon..right?( senran kagura harem x male humanoid dragon) by Arthurpendragon285
no one loves a dragon..right?( sen...by Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
this one i got interést and so Lets see...ah! here we go this story Is about a boy call ryukendo or Ryu for short, who was a dragón humanoid dragón Will very special gif...
Overwatch One shots by Strawberry_Kurosaki
Overwatch One shotsby Miss Majere
Basically a bunch of overwatch one shots for character x reader. Requests are very much appriciated. If you request, specify the gender please! - Nef chan *Disclaimer: I...