Honey's Crush and Kyoya's Sister. [Another weird love story] [Honey X OC] [OLD]

Honey's Crush and Kyoya's Sister. [Another weird love story] [Honey X OC] [OLD]

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[A VERY OLD story of mine with bad writing , weird scenes , dramatic scenes and mostly bad things overall, but I love it and I can't bring myself to delete it. Read at your own risk! I have newer work out that's better then this but If you love this, thank you so much!]

If you had to explain who Sakura was in a few words, what would you say?
"Honey's crush and Kyoya's sister."

Sakura is Kyoya's little sister!She's a very happy girl who loves cute things such as bunnies and such, even wears bunny ears sometimes too!

She  came back afters she went to America for years.She had to leave since something horrible happened in her family.She tries to lock all of her feelings away and tries to always be happy.

As the story goes on they will find out what happened to Sakura and Honey and Sakura will grow feelings for each other.

Afraid of getting hurt in any way possible,will Sakura allow herself to fall in love with Honey-Senpai?

Only time will tell.

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