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BoBoiBoy OneShots by shicmuon52
BoBoiBoy OneShotsby Shicy_muon
Short stories about Boboiboy shenanigans and havoc life. Other side characters are included in this chaos. NO ANGST NO ROMANCE NO READER POV This is my first book and fi...
BoBoiBoy Reaction to the future by sakura_sakuroko
BoBoiBoy Reaction to the futureby Rawr
BoBoiBoy prepare himself to sleep. The fight earlier proof to be difficult. We can't blame him, he literally change to a coward because of Adu Du's emotionless ray. He w...
☆Hali's Nekø Life★ by xX_IcyFrost98_Xx
☆Hali's Nekø Life★by ❄ frost ❄
Hali jadi neko? Halilintar yang serius dan agak pemarah tu? Kenapa sifat dia berubah secara mendadak? Ke mana perginya Halilintar yang garang lagikan tsundere? Macam man...
From Me To You [✅✔✅] by HarruTsubasa05
From Me To You [✅✔✅]by Ani
Credit cover: new_divaanis@instagram [COMPLETE!] Fem! Gempa Fem! Taufan Fem! Ais Fem! Thorn Siblings! Halilintar/Blaze/Solar Gempa, merupakan satu-satunya adik kembar Ta...
Another Version of the Boboiboy Story (On Hold) by ShazrinaAishah
Another Version of the Boboiboy St...by Shazrina Aishah (Hiatus)
Just random of the story how Boboiboy elemental reacts to each one of them every time they face their villains. This story has different types of genres and just my ima...
2 SWAP?! (ice x Blaze) by _P3tros_
2 SWAP?! (ice x Blaze)by Petro
Apa yang akan terjadi jika kedua orang yang berbeda Kepribadian bertukar Tubuh? Ada 2 pasangan Sahabat yang memiliki kepribadian berbeda.. Satu Extrovert, satu nya lagi...
Miss You by ShazrinaAishah
Miss Youby Shazrina Aishah (Hiatus)
Duri just watched all his elemental brothers mourning over Halilintar who have been taken away for the second time. Also, everyone is dealing with their own issue making...
☀️THE BOOK☀️ by Apple_Sweet1
☀️THE BOOK☀️by Echo
Everything seemed to go as usual, going on missions and coming back to Earth to be with Tok and help him with the store, when one day something just happened... A shooti...
Where am I? After being hit by Wishbot powers, Boboiboy suddenly found himself in a world where currently most of the human population possess superpowers called quiks a...
Bad Habits by chaosluv
Bad Habitsby misticme
Halilintar used to cry a lot when he was little, but then he changed. Now, he hardly cries at all. His brothers think he's grown up, but really, he's just found a way to...
•[Halisol sibling relationship]• One-shots! ☆ by AQILSARA2011
•[Halisol sibling relationship]• O...by Haruka/Moon! ♡
Since there's barely any books about these two I'll just make it myself and bc I love these two so much "Hey big brother?" "Yeah?" "Will you a...
The trait they both won't show by Quareo
The trait they both won't showby Quareo
Englisch isn't my first language but i will try. Ice and Halilintar both share a trait ith boboiboy that they don't show. What trait do they both share? What happends w...
My Tomboy Girl, Aishiteru! {OG} by Aqua_Shiori
My Tomboy Girl, Aishiteru! {OG}by 𝑀𝒾𝓏𝓊𝓎𝓊𝓀𝒾 𝒮𝒽𝒾𝑜𝓇𝒾
Malay Fanfic! Book Cover by: Nooroo_Edayu03 "Hei Hali. Aku nak tanya sikit. Kenapa kau ni tomboi sangat?" "Ish, sibuklah kau ni! Tak payah mengada sangat...
Hug Me Please by thelazzybear
Hug Me Pleaseby Org polos kekurangan ahlak-
Hae hae (ʘᴗʘ✿) disini akan banyak kisah kisah gaje Dari para elemental dan Ayah ibunya.. tidak lupa bersama tok aba dan Sepupu mereka yg bernama Ochoboy keluarga element...
HELPING HANDS (Boboiboy with Elementals) by solarhood
HELPING HANDS (Boboiboy with Eleme...by solarhood
The fight with Retakka leads boboiboy into a serious injuries but with a little help from his elements and spending some time with them will also lead to problems or cha...
Extricate | Boboiboy Thorn by Aztronomania
Extricate | Boboiboy Thornby Aztronomania—!
Extricate : ( v ) free ( someone or something ) from a constraint or difficulty. ❀ "NO! STOP IT! GET AWAY FROM ME!!" Thorn yelled, feeling his throat going d...
Boboiboy Oneshots by alexx00ia
Boboiboy Oneshotsby _Lexxi00_
**Im doing this oneshots for fun. Everything is not canon. The characters may not be the same as in the animation. **most/all of it will be Boboiboy with his elements -d...
Lost And Found|Elemental Family  by Rosie_Kiara
Lost And Found|Elemental Family by Kiara♡
This story is about the elemental family that was living happily together until one day they got seperated,only their oldest brother Halilintar didn't go missing,after y...
Between Worlds... by LxmonWTea
Between Worlds...by •LxmonYTea•
Nut, An Alien inventor. Wanted to invent a Teleportal, Which was supposed to only help travel, quicker without using Ochobot's power too much. Tho it took a turn when on...
[Past Elements React] by TwentySevenMarch
[Past Elements React]by March-Seven
A pitch-black, spacious room revealed itself to the readers before a soft light glowed from the area, and a loud pat of leather echoed throughout it as a soft cough emer...