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My Promise To You [COMPLETE] by -CodeNemesis-
My Promise To You [COMPLETE]by Code Nemesis
[Sting×Reader×Rogue] (FROM THE SUBBED VERSION OF FT) ~~~~~ (Y/N) (L/N). She was a water mage. Her mother, Mizura, taught her everything she needed to know about being on...
Freed's Little Sister by Iliketowatchanime
Freed's Little Sisterby BrownEyedBambie
Freed doesn't talk about where he came from, or about his family, not even the fact that he has a little sister, well, an adopted little sister. He wasn't very fond of h...
Fairy Tail: Copy Cat by IcicleWarrior
Fairy Tail: Copy Catby Sayomi Takahashi
Set a week before the GMG, an elemental dragon slayer suddenly pops up, and joins Fairy Tail. They learn her magic isn't exactly dragon slaying, but rather another lost...
Rewind {Fairy Tail} by EnergyMageFrea
Rewind {Fairy Tail}by Frea
As the Members participating in the S-Class Exams head off to Tenrou, Frea is left behind and is forced to endure those Seven Years the Guild thought they were all dead...
Shine ||Sting Eucliffe|| by ACHyacinth
Shine ||Sting Eucliffe||by ACHyacinth
"You shine so brightly, yet you're shrouded in so much darkness." --- Kira Ferilia, a member of the guild Fairy Tail. Through the events of the Grand Magic Gam...
The Ring Master | Jellal Fernandes [1] by Inspired3017
The Ring Master | Jellal 𝙴𝙼
"Where there is anger, pain is always underneath." [Jellal x OC] [Fairy Tail series] [Based on the anime] Highest Ranking: #16 in Fairy Tail #1 in Jellal Fern...
Can a crystal be broken? (a Fairy Tail Natsu x oc x Sting story) DISCONTINUED  by Xx_animegirl_xX
Can a crystal be broken? (a Xx_animegirl_xX
This is a story of Akiko Yakato and her life in Fairy Tail. She is the mysterious girl that came walked through the doors about 4 years after the day that Natsu and the...
Weapon Wielder - Rogue Cheney x OC ( Fairy Tail ) by moonlightbuckingham
Weapon Wielder - Rogue Cheney x Valvia Colvavindia
A lost magic that was said to be lost for many years. A lost magic known as Yakuma Fourteenth War Gods Magic. A magic bestowed onto a certain girl. "Your magic can...
afterglow | natsu x reader by SABERT00TH
afterglow | natsu x readerby hiatus !
af·ter·glow (ˈaftərˌɡlō)- light or radiance remaining in the sky after the sun has set. "Tell me that you're still mine Tell me that we'll be just fine Even when I...
A Slayer's Love by akgaaashii
A Slayer's Loveby akaashi
Noelle a dragon slayer, Sting also a dragon slayer. The two come to meet a couple months before the Grand Magic Games. Noelle was guildless and her future decisions coul...
Mine by Lovelypanda03
Mineby Gracie :)
Lucy caught Sting's eye from the second she stepped into the battle field. Sting had also caught Lucy's eye. Will the slayer and the celestial wizard become one?
The girl named Red by ashdarkangel
The girl named Redby ashdarkangel
A girl named Red was once a member of Fairy Tail but is now a member of Sabertooth. She feels betrayed by Fairy Tail because when Lucy first started, Red, Lucy, Erza, Na...
The Senseless Dragon Slayer ( A Fairy Tail Fanfiction - OC ) by moonlightbuckingham
The Senseless Dragon Slayer ( A Valvia Colvavindia
Thundering Fenrir A Guild unknown to many, due to its privacy. They're strong, yet family. However, throughout the many members that live within the halls... There is a...
To Shine a Light and Shock My Heart [Laxus x Reader x Sting] by DistantSpark
To Shine a Light and Shock My ⚡ S P A R K ⚡
(Y/N) (L/N) was once Laxus Dreyar's girlfriend, but after he was expelled from Fairy Tail, the two wizards went on a break from each other. During this break, right afte...
Rogue Cheney x Reader  by owenasherwest
Rogue Cheney x Reader by Owen
You are a Star Dragon Slayer from Fairy Tail. Rogue Cheney has always been a big fan of you. You were his childhood crush. After you left for Tenrou and never came back...
The Sin Gamer of Earthland by Da_Pigeon
The Sin Gamer of Earthlandby DaPigeon
Reincarnated by Ankhseram to have a magic like no other. A magic that can grow infinitely. The gamer magic. Y/n remembers nothing of his past. Affected by the curse of s...
Laxus little sister (StingxOC) [EDITING] by crizzyluv
Laxus little sister (StingxOC) [ bunny_neko
Lily Dreyar, Laxus little sister. Makarov had another grandchild who is only 16 years old. Laxus is really over-protective over Lily, his precious sister. Even though L...
Crescendo [Sting Eucliffe] by Kirasms
Crescendo [Sting Eucliffe]by tiredus ™
"I'm glad you stopped talking to me. It's like the trash took itself out." . . . . . . very cringey, would not recommend reading lol Highest ranking: #1 in #la...
Betrayed By Family by sinsealy
Betrayed By Familyby Mikayla
Depressed? Preposterous. Fairy Tail is not mine.