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Watching the Marauders  by DaddyCasGotAss
Watching the Marauders by Autumn is a Simp
What happens when an assortment of movies show up in the Golden Trio's 5th year, traitors are revealed, not everything is as it seems.
Secret of a Good Bad Girl by Shemuel99
Secret of a Good Bad Girlby Syre Fayne
Agent 36 is a member of The Office, a criminal organization dedicated to creating chaos and stopping good things from happening. She has always known her place: eliminat...
Hell's Rayne (Book 1) by KateHauxwell
Hell's Rayne (Book 1)by Kate Hauxwell
Rayne is not your average bounty hunter. Part of a special programme of half-breeds - human/demon hybrids - that are born for one special purpose. They walk the earth an...
Hell's Revelation (Book 3) by KateHauxwell
Hell's Revelation (Book 3)by Kate Hauxwell
Death came, the Requiem was sung, but the end had just begun. Thrust back into Hell, Rayne is re-born. A new life, a new body and an entirely new set of problems. When...
Hell's Requiem (Book 2) by KateHauxwell
Hell's Requiem (Book 2)by Kate Hauxwell
Sequel to Hell's Rayne. A life on the lam would not be Rayne's first choice. But with the human law searching for them, and an army of demons hot on their tails, it migh...
The truth behind the mask by LESBIANBITCH1
The truth behind the maskby LESBIANBITCH1
Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the chosen one, the boy in a nightma-, wait no one calls him that, though should they? I mean he's abused, bullied, depressed, anorexic...
The Gang And Lauren by Happyfamily96
The Gang And Laurenby Aaron, Jazzy, Pshyco, Rosie.
Jason - a normal 14 year old boy. But there's just one problem: a gang; a gang that he's in. Everyone thinks they're just best friends. But they wouldn't they? They've s...
.~.InOcEnT bItCh.~.[BTS FF] by lottiejamie8
.~.InOcEnT bItCh.~.[BTS FF]by SOMEONE
What happens when a bitchy quite girl comes into the life of 7 cold mafias.... . . . . . Read.*i am threating you..*READ..
The Curse Mark by Wordsandwater
The Curse Markby Wordsandwater
A curse is cast... To begin the game... That will define Friends, Family, Enemies... And force choices made... That will bring together Good and Evil... To fight a commo...
5 teenagers forced to fight for the world, is it fair? not at all. What about the villains? sure they seem evil but have you ever wondered why? what if the villain sees...
Alias by SatyaAnggara
Aliasby Satya Anggara
Sebuah cerita tentang manusia seribu alias dalam menemukan makna keberadaannya. Diberkahi beberapa kelebihan nyatanya tidak memudahkan Sang Karakter Utama dalam mendefin...
The Morning Sunset by EleazarDeleon
The Morning Sunsetby Eleazar Deleon
It was a will of God that Lucifer, the king of hell was freed to wonder the land of the living. God gave him the chance to change, from evil to good. But God knew it is...
Virago ~ The better wrong by Oorjain
Virago ~ The better wrongby Oorjain
2 in #goodevil In a world of possession and greed, no one can be classified as entirely good or entirely bad. We categorise Villains as supporters of wrong and heros as...
Ruin Runners Vol.1: "Electi" by RubyViolinist
Ruin Runners Vol.1: "Electi"by Cat
Five college students from across the states are brought together to become Ruin Runners. All of them have a unique power: Alchemy, mind-bending, phoenix physiology, pro...