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Am I Not Merciful? Commodus x Reader/ Main Character by Krakenator
Am I Not Merciful? Commodus x Krakenator
Ever since Commodus became emperor, he was known as the cold-hearted Caesar in all of Rome. Through his dictatorship and malicious executions, many grew to fear him. Tha...
Harbinger of Havoc by KLTYRE
Harbinger of Havocby K.L.
Alairiss is the best pit fighter Aventera has to offer, but it's not enough for her. She would always want revenge. Revenge for the horrors that had befallen her family...
The Honor of Beacon by Shadow_trooper
The Honor of Beaconby Shadow_trooper
I own neither RWBY, or For Honor, The characters were inspired by @Liukwan2406 , @PandaLord999 , @Lord_English #72 in adventure (9/18/18)
Life of a Gladiator ( Transformers prime fanfiction) by Soulstes
Life of a Gladiator ( Soulstes
The story takes place on Cybertron before the war started. It is about a gladiator who fights in the pits of Kaon. She is one of the only femme to fight and survive. W...
King of the Mountain by AJSCURRAH
King of the Mountainby A. J. Scurrah
Growing up werewolf is brutal. The schools are remote, the internet connection is shitty, and to top it all off, students have to battle each other for a social rank tha...
The Roar Of The Crowd (Gladiator Reader x RWBY) by SmugWolfie
The Roar Of The Crowd (Gladiator Big Bear
I understand why my family never wanted me. They thought my sister would be the next big thing and they didn't want me getting in the way of that, and they were right. S...
The Mark of Rome by missnoellee
The Mark of Romeby noelle
162 A.D. In the golden age of the Roman Empire, the young, penniless Esther finds herself in the company of the soft-spoken warrior Marius Libo, kin to th...
(Blake Belladonna x Male Faunus Reader) Honor and Redemption by Veynsen
(Blake Belladonna x Male Faunus Veynsen
Y/N Manius is a gladiator in the arena. A way to escape his faunus discrimination. After enrolling into Beacon, he meets someone who will affect his life forever. RWBY g...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
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The Forgotten Rogue by marimuller5
The Forgotten Rogueby mari muller
Emeric never knew the cruelty of the world until the day he and his father had been captured. With their dark hair, the color of the midnight sky, and pale blue eyes, t...
Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land by The_Suki
Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's 🗡Suklesh Rao 🛡
This is a fiction, fantasy, action, short story about a boy who discovers his past when he is forcibly chosen to fight in an event called 'Zelia'
Roman Tragedy | ( Ongoing) BWWM by OshanaAubry
Roman Tragedy | ( Ongoing) BWWMby Oshana Aubry
A poor slave is taken in by a gladiator trainer. He isn't stain free and neither is his son Valerius who can't seem to keep his eyes off Tamila . _______________________...
My World is Your World is Our World by KEJunge
My World is Your World is Our Worldby KEJunge
COPYRIGHT ©2015 all rights reserved (I do not own the cover picture) “And what do my eyes see? Die Fremde is awake and walking around.” He went to stand right before me...
Life as an arena's healer by Shadow_trooper2
Life as an arena's healerby Shadow_trooper2
Fantasy smut following a healer, in an arena
A little bit of everything Multi Fandom Imagines by Avengerssoulmate
A little bit of everything Multi Avengerssoulmate
A little bit of everything all rolled into one. Because I can't be a fan of just one thing, so this is a collection of imagines of some of my favourite characters. incl...
For Glory And Battle (Gladiator Male Reader X RWBY) by THEWRECKINGFORCE
For Glory And Battle (Gladiator THE WRECKING FORCE
"You are (Y/n) (L/n). A famous Gladiator. You are well known around the world. Your most famous nickname is Poseidon's Wrath." "This is because of your lo...
Descendants of Rome by tall_girl
Descendants of Romeby Melissa
Nearly two decades have passed since Krista and her band of gladiators won their freedom, but the empire is far from peaceful. The Colosseum still remains and with thei...
Untouchable by At-Writer
Untouchableby At-Writer
Gannicus is the champion of House Batiatus. Given wine and whores as rewards for victories in the arena. Then Gannicus see something, or rather someone, that he wants ab...