How To Defy Fate (Myths Finding Love #4)

How To Defy Fate (Myths Finding Love #4)

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Alyssa Urbano By AerithSage Updated Sep 05, 2017

Since the first time the prince of the Underworld can remember, he has been drawn towards Helen of Troy. Hers was the face that launched a thousand ships and started the legendary Trojan war. He grew up believing she was meant to be his and endured the pain of unrequited love in the process.

The problem? Thousands of years onwards and Helen is still in love with Paris. Another problem? The Fates, themselves, decree that Helen and Paris are fated and everything is as it's meant to be!

Aidon will never give up though. Armed with the power to control time, he goes back through time to find a way to save the gods and goddesses from Erebus. But he also has plans on using the opportunity to make sure that Helen never married Menelaus and never met Paris. 

But isn't fated love a love like any other and nothing can stand in it's way? Or there's another twist to this story? Maybe someone else is meant to be with the prince of the Underworld? Truly, the only way is to go back through time to find answers and at the same time, figure out how to defy fate.

***Credits to @DarkLeague for the cover***

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happy5bunny happy5bunny Apr 22, 2017
Ok ok...  I've red them allllll 😂😂😂 SO LETS HERE THIS BOOOOOKKKKKKK
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Please update sooner this book is what keeps me alive after closing from 3 months of boarding school. I looooooooooove ur books😍😍😍😍😙😗😘
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Please update please.. i just love this series... i looked at radish but also not updated..
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Thumbs up 👍 to you ms author..u write your works..pls don't get tired of writing..bohol readers here..
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I've read all previous stories but my favourite is HOW I FELL FOR DEATH. Thanatos' striptease might have influenced my choice.😉😉😉
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Pls update or say if u not gonna write anymore not even in radish any update the hope is killing me T^T