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◆Meant To Be ❖ Crankgameplays x Reader◆ by Larcon1
◆Meant To Be ❖ Crankgameplays x •Bee•
Y/N Scheid, Tyler's little sister grew up closely with her brother, Mark, Bob, and Wade. Y/n always had a bit of a thing for Mark, but when she found out about him and A...
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princess ♢ royal au [VERY SLOW UPDATES] by melkron
princess ♢ royal au [VERY SLOW mel
Princess Y/N of Fandomia never had good luck with her betrothals as a kid. And now, as the eldest daughter of an aging king, she must be married off to some Prince of th...
  • markiplier
  • wattys2017
  • crankgameplaysxreader
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Opposites Attract (Crankgameplays X Fem!Reader) by SeansChair
Opposites Attract ( Anxiety Nerd
*EDITED* Y/n is just a normal girl. Well, what she considers normal. Others don't seem to notice her. Amy Nelson is her best girl friend. Amy is the complete opposite...
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Little Sisterplier  by TealBubbles_
Little Sisterplier by TealBubbles_
You are Markiplier's little sister, and you are just graduating from high school. You are going to go to LA with Mark and stay with him for a few months. You meet new pe...
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Christmas Miracle (Crankgameplays Fanfic) by katroxy76
Christmas Miracle ( Bluejay
Mark's younger sister Skylar finally gets to go to Pax Prime which just happens to be scheduled on Christmas weekend. She gets to do a panel with her friends and one of...
  • fanfiction
  • crankycrew
  • ethannestor
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Anonymous Friend(CrankGameplays X Reader)  by ImSorryMrGullible
Anonymous Friend(CrankGameplays professional fangirl
*completed* Y/n - The choleric and unassuming teenage girl. Ethan - The generous but intimidating basketball jock. The two never conversed, the most they've done was a...
  • ethannestorxreader
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*•.Little sister and the Editor.•* «Crankgameplays» by CrazyPenguin424
*•.Little sister and the Editor.•* Crazypenguin424
  • crankgameplays
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One Word (Tyler Scheid x Reader) by totall_
One Word (Tyler Scheid x Reader)by totall_
Mark decides it's time Tyler got a girlfriend, and with Ethan's help, you somehow get talked into staying with the boys until you find your own place. Mark and Ethan, be...
  • apocalypto
  • tylerscheid
  • tylerxreader
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The one (A CrankGamePlays x Reader) by JacTheKat
The one (A CrankGamePlays x Reader)by Jac-Kat
You watched Markiplier for a long time, where you discovered a channel under the name of "CrankGamePlays". You checked him out. Ever since then, you have alway...
  • crankycrew
  • xreader
  • markiplier
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The Chat by AstronomicalWings
The Chatby AstronomicalWings
When Darkiplier makes a chat so he can easily communicate with all of the other egos, It doesn't exactly go as planned (NOW WITH ACTUAL PLOT, WHAAAAAT?!)
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markiplier and others LEMONS 🍋🍋REQUESTS OPEN by FanficloverAsh
markiplier and others LEMONS 🍋🍋 Ash Burkey
It's very kinky beyond this point, read it at 3am when ur horny and need something to touch yourself to😂 jk do whatever u want, but anyway the title says it all heheh t...
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crankgameplays imagines | ethan  by TwerkingWithCara
crankgameplays imagines | ethan by Cara 🌙
ethan imagines you can send in request (as many as you want) if you have any in mind 🍼 language| possible violence THIS IS IN NO WAY TO DISRESPECT ETHAN IT IS FOR HIS...
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  • youtubeimagine
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CrankGamePlays Smut Imagines by Emo_Potato_Baby
CrankGamePlays Smut Imaginesby Insignificant
Smut imagines about Ethan/Crankgameplays! Welcome aboard the train to hell. As you click the read button, you will see a fangirl failing write a smut but she doesn't giv...
  • crankgameplays
  • sexualwriting
  • smutwarning
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Infected by Junebug227
Infectedby Junebug227
(Highest Rank: #1 for DanTDM) They're back. And this time, they're prepared for anything.
  • crankgameplays
  • scheenplstein
  • matpat
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My daddy Jackie (Jacksepticeye X child reader) by BAY-BOO-UWU
My daddy Jackie (Jacksepticeye X OwO-Boo-Face-OwO
You was found alone in an ally way in a storm and jack was running home when he saw you in the cold then took you home. Have you found your new family?
  • youtube
  • childreader
  • marzia
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College Is Crazy by NeverNestor
College Is Crazyby Daddy Boi
Wassup. Um so if you haven't read Highschool is crazy, this is a sequel of it so oh should read that first. Anyway. The two are back at it again. This time Ethan lives w...
  • soft
  • kinky
  • college
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Senior Year by UnicornFairyQueen05
Senior Yearby Unicorn Fairy
It's their senior year in high school. With social cliques and emotional roller coasters, how will they make it through their final year? Friendships will be made, broke...
  • cjades
  • graser10
  • btrull
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Tyler's little sister. Crankgameplays X Reader by MaxineLenora
Tyler's little sister. Maxine Lenora
(Y/N) goes to vidcon to surprise her brother and his friends. But does she fall for one? I don't know if there will be any smutt in this book or not.
  • teamiplier
  • xreader
  • crankgameplays
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Youtube Imagines and Preferences by luckysam78
Youtube Imagines and Preferencesby s a m
Self Explanatory. First half will be Imagines and second half will be preferences or youtubers reimagined as objects and such. A few won't be xreader, but most of them w...
  • markiplier
  • jacksepticeyeimagines
  • youtubers
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My Demon and His Human (Darkiplier x Fem! Reader) *ON HOLD* by Mazles
My Demon and His Human ( Mazles
THIS BOOK IS HEAVILY INSPIRED BY @Xscapee's BOOK, 'RENEGADE.' (y/n) lives in a world after Youtube, Starbucks and Twitter. It doesn't exist anymore. And all of that happ...
  • antisepticeye
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