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Countryhumans ONESHOTS  by charming_Fabulous
Countryhumans ONESHOTS by Zayden Zalsai
Fuck marriage I am I right (Countryhumans RusAme) by Ebeeie
Fuck marriage I am I right ( A sad Irish eejit
Countryhumans RusAme UN is fed up with Russia and America rivalry best way to fix it marriage.... "UN go suck on a dick!"
unFRIENDLY RIVALRY: countryhumans by Butterscotch-Shibe
unFRIENDLY RIVALRY: countryhumansby Butterscotch-Shibe
Poland is a country with an unpleasant history and many conflicts. Now with the fall of communism, he has managed to pull through the difficult times and move on from th...
Solving of the Countries by ThunderHusky21
Solving of the Countriesby ThunderHusky211
The countries settled in a new place. The organizations, specifically UN, has set a goal. They want to fix the countries relationships with each other. Specifically...
1945 (Countryhumans, has Gerpol) by Ambery101
1945 (Countryhumans, has Gerpol)by Ambery / Zi
TW: gore, fluff, bullying, abuse, swears, angst !!!!! Might have a bit of sus but no smut ‼️‼️my first ever story, extreme cringe so you can skip to the sequel if you wa...
countryhuman Philippines Secret Sides by AnimeandGachaLover
countryhuman Philippines Secret Aquademon
Philippines or Philip is a sweet and a sunshine but thats what they think it is Philip has a sides that is hidden there can you guess how many they are Date started: Sep...
Questioning looks (an ASEAN x EU fanfiction) *DISCONTINUED* by ItzRamen_soup
Questioning looks (an ASEAN x EU •ItzRamen_soup•
Edit: Idiots, I TOLD YOU NOT TO READ IT! Now see how many reads this book has?! So you guys like reading cringe? Or what? COVER ART NOT MINE!! ASEAN is an organization...
Daughter of the Organisations  (Countryhumans 🇦🇺 Fanfic) by Cheetix
Daughter of the Organisations ( Cheetix_Glitch
PLEASE READ TILL THE END BEFORE READING THE STORY!!! Story description: After UN saved her from her abusive home when she was 3, Australia can finally know what it's li...
Where?... (Discontinued) by CaelusKorsb
Where?... (Discontinued)by ✨Caelus Kørsb✨
I'm kind of out of the fandom but I was bored. Also cover isn't mine. I don't have a title for this story and this is a random storyline that's coming from the top of my...
Out of place (Countryhumans x reader) [DISCONTINUED, im sorry :(] by TheRisingTree
Out of place (Countryhumans x TreesCanFly
"ᵂʰᵒ ᵃʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ?!" "ᴹʸ ᵈᵉᵃʳ, ᵖᵉʳʰᵃᵖˢ ᴵ ᶜᵒᵘˡᵈ ᵃˢᵏ ʸᵒᵘ ᵗʰᵉ ˢᵃᵐᵉ ᵗʰⁱⁿᵍ." You, a 21 year old female with a perfect life, stumbled upon a strange alleyway th...
𝖴𝗇𝗂𝗍𝗂𝗏𝖾 (Countryhumans Fanfic.) by LeoXi_Andria
𝖴𝗇𝗂𝗍𝗂𝗏𝖾 (Countryhumans LeoRi☕︎
Facing a civil war with their economy going down drastically, whilst, loosing investors and foreign trading. UN and his three other siblings ( NATO, EU and African Union...
Meant to be Mine (Countryhumans x OC) by diannaafton
Meant to be Mine (Countryhumans DiannaKuolematon
This books is based off of Old Countryhumans x Reader by Scp- Whirl049, so go check out her stuff. a girl named Dianna was in her house when a portal opened beside her...
1991: United Through Hard Times by MaidM200
1991: United Through Hard Timesby Da Maid of M200
At the end of the Iron Curtain, stood out the Berlin Wall separating Germany into two, the West and the East, with the West in the full support of the US and NATO, and t...
Germany's Gate (An Alternate History and Gate Influenced Story) by Dragonblast90
Germany's Gate (An Alternate Dragonblast90
In a world where alchemy exists and the Germans win World War 1, the Germans find themselves in a mysterious medieval world where magic does exist but is used only by tr...
Imperialism's rebirth by Ottomanempirepov
Imperialism's rebirthby Ghostas
I will revive Imperial Japan in this book and Imperialism will return to the world in Eroupe and Asia as both continets begin to recolonize the world under new super pow...
UN = A.I by CountrySide1406
UN = A.Iby Tanja_Deutschland
The Countryhumans ,a normal day, as always, then suddenly North Korea storms into the Congress and says that America should delete some photo. America refuses, of course...
Switching Sides (countryhumans Fanon and my au) by Mayari-chan
Switching Sides (countryhumans X ♡ Scarlett ♡
Philippines (in my au) got teleported to a alternative universe, he didn't know where he is! He found himself in the way, they look exactly the same but with different...
GATE: The New Frontier [DISCONTINUED] by MiniRicciardo
GATE: The New Frontier [ Mini Ricciardo
This story is discontinued, waiting for its re-write version but hey. You can read it if you want, nobody's forcing you. Especially the ending of the final chapter. I re...