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Royal Assassin by 95McQueen
Royal Assassinby RB Rushdi
Prince Justin is forced into a marriage with the neighbouring enemy's princess, Jadelyne. Even though, he dreaded the arrangement, if it was for the sake of peace, he wa...
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Sodalite  ,the tales of a gem assassin (abandoned)  by micaelads174
Sodalite ,the tales of a gem Micaelads174
Steven universe fanfic of a gem assassin named sodalite. Follow her story of the gem war and her deviation to blue diamond as she attempts to take out the crystal gems a...
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Advice for making a Steven Universe OC by ErintheCreator
Advice for making a Steven ErintheCreator
So i've been a fan of SU since it started and i've seen a lot of OCs for it, and have even made some myself. So, since I know a lot about the show, i'm going to try and...
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deeply rooted⚡️g.gemstone by charcoaltears
deeply rooted⚡️g.gemstoneby hey ya!
"that's just show biz, honey." shine like a gemstone ••• a fanfiction based on the hit comedy, the righteous gemstones
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Steven Universe Oneshots  by kylieh223
Steven Universe Oneshots by kylieh223
Just some Steven universe scenarios :3 I will update regularly!
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Outcasted - Leader of Peace by Voidverse
Outcasted - Leader of Peaceby Voidverse
Powers are a very difficult thing to wield, especially if you are to be exterminated if the government found out you have it. It's viewed as a disorder and everyone thou...
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Behind The Gemstones by mystearUseLee
Behind The Gemstonesby MissTearUse
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Blue by sweetnights
Blueby sweetnights
She silently wanders in the field as I inhale her intoxicating scent. I waver in lust as she closes her watery eyes in remorse. In her blue hood she mumbles, "I fee...
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Song of Sapphire【Book One of the Lost Gemstone Chronicles】[Under Editing] by Huntrezz54
Song of Sapphire【Book One of the Arlena V Hawthorne
[ UNDER MASSIVE EDITING ] The young priestess, Velessya Aelius Faeveren is rising among the ranks of her fellow apprentices, and wishes to dedicate her life to the Temp...
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Steven Universe Scenarios by theowlman1234
Steven Universe Scenariosby Robbie
A bunch of Steven Universe scenarios that the Gems may get into! Every couple of chapters there will be a small 'story arc'. Feel free to request more in the comments! A...
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Fire and Gemstones (BETA) by amayhh
Fire and Gemstones (BETA)by Alecs
BOOK #1 IN DRAGON TALES SERIES⬤BETA⬤UPDATE EVERY FORTNITE DUE TO REWORKS Princess Topaz believes that she is doomed to live life under her mother's strict tongue. Being...
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Rose Quartz X Gem Reader - Loyalty and Dependence by ZacPrice7
Rose Quartz X Gem Reader - Zac Price
Steven Universe AU where Greg never met Rose. You're a G/N (gem name, like Emerald or Beryl). You used to serve Blue Diamond, but you fled to Earth. You protected gems o...
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Steven Universe Roleplay by Catiplier_
Steven Universe Roleplayby Glory
so yeah basically
Legends of Bardis: Aria's Imprisonment (Preview) by coraevette
Legends of Bardis: Aria's Coraevette
The Dawn Tree is the only thing that can stop the war, and She is lost... There is another with the power to wake Her... One dragon, one heart, five destinies entertwine...
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Seven Crowns | The Black Stone by _asmaa_author_
Seven Crowns | The Black Stoneby Asmaà
{ORIGINAL WORK} Ashley and Nate, two best friends leading a peaceful life in Moon City find out that their memories have been erased to hide the secret of their royalty...
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Houseki No Kuni Vol. 1 by Momo-Kimono
Houseki No Kuni Vol. 1by Momo
In the mysterious future, crystalline organisms called Gems inhabit a world that has been destroyed by six meteors. Each Gem is assigned a role in order to fight against...
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Steven universe [Reader Insert] by CreativeXbat
Steven universe [Reader Insert]by Star♡
The screams. The nightmares. I sill get nightmares from that dreaded night. Why? Rose... ....................Steven.................. How meany lies? How mea...
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Gemstones by WattpadShortStory
Gemstonesby Short Story
A book where you'll find the entries of winners of the Contests as well as the honourable mentions for monthly challenges.
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12 Light Star's by zahra-ara-234
12 Light Star'sby Ara
"Big moments have been waiting for us right now, many things we've been through together. All the hard work and training that we have lived up to now will pay off w...
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