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𝑮𝑬𝑴𝑺𝑻𝑶𝑵𝑬 - Remarried Empress [✔️] by illiny
𝑮𝑬𝑴𝑺𝑻𝑶𝑵𝑬 - Remarried 𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢
"Your Highness if you ever see a white haired dog, run." ~ "What?" ~ "You actually think I'm on the same tier as you? Oh no sweetheart, I'm the...
Jasper x Fem! Reader by DearCher
Jasper x Fem! Readerby Cher ✨
A Jasper x Reader fan-fiction I can't say I know where this story will go...but I do hope you guys enjoy it! I've read a few Jasper x Reader fanfics, but the good ones w...
Amber and Malachite by Jasmyn3MC
Amber and Malachiteby Jasmyn3MC
A Twilight and Harry Potter crossover fan-fiction He has been watching over me since I was seven years old, he cared for me, protected me, loved me, and made me feel li...
A girl named Krishzel Vish Amethyst who possess every power that exist in the world who will act as a nerd and will enter the world she forget for the past eleven years...
Power Rangers Crystal Blades by CrystalDragon0937
Power Rangers Crystal Bladesby CrystalDragon0937
Power Rangers Canine Force. Next, Super Canine Force. Then, Mythic Knights. After that, Mythic Knight Heroes. And then, Mythic Paladins. The Rangers have changed time an...
Unfamiliar || Jasper x Gem Reader by kukkijasper
Unfamiliar || Jasper x Gem Readerby ♛𝐉𝐀𝐒𝐏𝐄𝐑♛
You're a mysterious gem that appeared out of nowhere and now lives with the Crystal Gems. Unsure of your past, they let you stay in the barn along with two others, Lapis...
Peridot #5 by Anime0CC0Manga
Peridot #5by Anime0CC0Manga
A rock alien stranded on earth and is trying to find a way off, a robot that is alive escape its place that it was made at and wants imput, they both are on the run, eit...
Feral Stone: Vampires [Book I] by NovelFweak
Feral Stone: Vampires [Book I]by Precious theegoddess
#Book 1 of the Feral Stone series starring supernatural creature 1: Vampires. Andrew lost his dad a year ago and moved to Vampville with his mom. when he got there, stra...
Steven Universe:Remember Me by TrippleC999
Steven Universe:Remember Meby Cleveland Ivey
this book follows a group of kids born from casted out diamonds the main character Andrew becomes comrades with this group and they all join the crystal gems this group...
Royal Assassin by 95McQueen
Royal Assassinby RB Rushdi
Prince Justin is forced into a marriage with the neighbouring enemy's princess, Jadelyne. Even though, he dreaded the arrangement, if it was for the sake of peace, he wa...
Plus Minus One || BNHA OC Fanfiction by Juni_Penguin_
Plus Minus One || BNHA OC Juni_Penguin_
『A crystal can only reveal its hidden structure when fractures thread through its inclusions』 Jewelry embedded with the finest of gemstones will always capture a person'...
Forgotten Dreams of Eternity: Lost Odyssey: Thousand Years of Dreams by AKBoy58
Forgotten Dreams of Eternity: AKBoy58
A science fiction novel with 33 short stories foretelling the forgotten dreams of Kaim, A immortal who has lived over more than a thousand years. This novel is based on...
Unknown Roads (Lapidot) (ABANDONED) by ImHrest
Unknown Roads (Lapidot) (ABANDONED)by Hrest
Lapis Lazuli, a small town country girl with ambitions but no way out. Peridot, a traveling loner whos down on her luck. Small car troubles turn into an adventure of a l...
i7 ||12 Light Stars [Under Editing] by zahra-ara-234
i7 ||12 Light Stars [Under Editing]by Zaher
"Big moments have been waiting for us right now, many things we've been through together. All the hard work and training that we have lived up to now will pay off w...
My Little Gem (Todoroki x Fem Reader) by Bnhareaderwriter611
My Little Gem (Todoroki x Fem 🤍Shoto’s SIMP❤️
A Gem/Admirabilis hybrid is suddenly thrust into a world of heroes and villains. Can her unique structure be enough to make up for her little knowledge? Will a certain h...
Gem Reforming by books20000825
Gem Reformingby books20000825
Everything is going perfect for the hybrid ninja and gem former Emerald Moon Screwtonagus Hamato. But when an unexpected guest from her parents past holds her captive sh...
The powers we have by Percyjacksondabest1
The powers we haveby Naisha Venkat
Three girls - Elina, Valerie and Allura are selected to go to a prestigious camp where people are trained for their powers.The camp has been divided into 5 triads - Magi...
5 Wierdos  by ChaoticAuthor11
5 Wierdos by ♡•°CA11°•♡
5 different species united to work together. Alien, mermaid, fairy, elf and human. The thought they were just humans until they met their true powers in their gemstones...
The seven treasures of Olympus- BTS Fanfic (Discontinued) by Kpop_Overloaded
The seven treasures of Olympus- Kpop_Overloaded
~this book is on hiatus until further notice but feel free to read how much I've wrote so far :) ~ Jeon Jungkook was like any other 16 year old kid waiting for his 17th...