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Royal Assassin by 95McQueen
Royal Assassinby RB Rushdi
Prince Justin is forced into a marriage with the neighbouring enemy's princess, Jadelyne. Even though, he dreaded the arrangement, if it was for the sake of peace, he wa...
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Advice for making a Steven Universe OC by ErintheCreator
Advice for making a Steven ErintheCreator
So i've been a fan of SU since it started and i've seen a lot of OCs for it, and have even made some myself. So, since I know a lot about the show, i'm going to try and...
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My True Love - A Lapidot Story by kootazz
My True Love - A Lapidot Storyby black pie
It has been a couple of months after the gems had rescued lapis from jasper under the water. lapis now lives in the barn with peridot where they are making progress in b...
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Steven Universe Oneshots  by kylieh223
Steven Universe Oneshots by kylieh223
Just some Steven universe scenarios :3 I will update regularly!
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Elina Gembright 💎 💖 by kezia7702
Elina Gembright 💎 💖by kezia7702
The story follows elina gembright, a bright young girl who love jewels. One day, on her way back home she found a mysterious jewelry shop. There she met the owner ms. Je...
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Mana by Ashe_Jen
Manaby Ashe Jen
Twelve years ago, Eurich Aurion was the sole survivor of a mystifying fire. Today, he's a high school student who lives a delightful, yet unremarkable life in Roanoke, V...
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Fire and Gemstones (BETA|IN EDITING) by amayhh
Fire and Gemstones (BETA|IN Alecs
BOOK #1 IN DRAGON TALES SERIES⬤BETA⬤IN EDITING Princess Topaz believes that she is doomed to live life under her mother's strict tongue. Being born into the ancestry of...
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Trying to Smile Again Continued (Steven UniverseUniverse Fic) by Tytan74
Trying to Smile Again Continued ( Tytan74
This is the story (continued) from my first story (Trying to Smile Again). So check that out, then come back.
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Steven Universe Scenarios by theowlman1234
Steven Universe Scenariosby Robbie
A bunch of Steven Universe scenarios that the Gems may get into! Every couple of chapters there will be a small 'story arc'. Feel free to request more in the comments! A...
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Seven Crowns | The Black Stone by _asmaa_author_
Seven Crowns | The Black Stoneby Asmaà
{ORIGINAL WORK} Ashley and Nate, two best friends leading a peaceful life in Moon City find out that their memories have been erased to hide the secret of their royalty...
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Houseki No Kuni Vol. 1 by Momo-Kimono
Houseki No Kuni Vol. 1by Momo
In the mysterious future, crystalline organisms called Gems inhabit a world that has been destroyed by six meteors. Each Gem is assigned a role in order to fight against...
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The Serpent Within by SakinaNasir5253
The Serpent Withinby Sakina Nasir
"Why did you kidnap me?" she asked straight away. "You will be safer here than anywhere else," was his curt reply. "Why?" her voice hinte...
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Why I Love Steven Universe by Hamilton_Lover1
Why I Love Steven Universeby ♡ Connie & Spinel ♡
**SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE SHOW** Just explaining why I love Steven Universe! Who knows, maybe as you read and you haven't watched the show, these reasons may...
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Rebelle {COMPLETED/EDITING} by silverbrook10
Rebelle {COMPLETED/EDITING}by Maija21
For thousands of years, the prince of the Gemaaris has been free to choose any bride he wishes to have from the country. The chosen girl must change her name to match on...
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Crystals, Minerals and Rocks (Types, locations and shapes) by DolphinTheCapricorn
Crystals, Minerals and Rocks ( Lord Iruka
This book is about minerals, crystals and rocks as you can see in the title. I will give information about a gemstone, information about their location and even the name...
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12 Light Star's by zahra-ara-234
12 Light Star'sby Ara
"Big moments have been waiting for us right now, many things we've been through together. All the hard work and training that we have lived up to now will pay off w...
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The Gemstone Caves by Pamela_Crimson
The Gemstone Cavesby Pamela_Crimson
Just a short story, literally one chapter for the whole thing. Hope you enjoy, any feedback is helpful (except for the not happy ones). ~Pamela
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Hearth's Warming Chaos by BakudekuandBilldip
Hearth's Warming Chaosby BakudekuandBilldip
By Disneyfantic2364 As Hearth's Warming draws near, every pony runs into some holiday drama. Mothball searches for the perfect gift for his marefriend, Screwball; Prism...
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Because of You (Steven Universe) by _Zoltron_
Because of You (Steven Universe)by From the Future
What if all your hopes and dreams were vanquished in an instant? What if everyone you know and love suddenly stopped seeming to care about you? What if, one day, you sud...
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Stars don't just shine at night (Tangled the series fanfic) by moonlightdragondc
Stars don't just shine at night ( Moonlight Dragon
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