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Im inlove with my Gangster Boss by VampireOtaku17
Im inlove with my Gangster Bossby 🖤BaBy-kuLIt 🖤
Im inlove with the gangster boss
The Billionaire's Love and Obsession by BlissfullWishInAWell
The Billionaire's Love and Gotta Make That An Ultimate S...
Will you do anything for the one you love? Will you take any risk to save the one you love? Will you stay by her side? Well remember that he will not only do anything fo...
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Where were you ( Jacob Perez) by zizavalentine
Where were you ( Jacob Perez)by Jace Valentine
What happens when you fall in love with someone you never understood
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Gangster's Romance by CahLix
Gangster's Romanceby IamCahLix
Is it forbidden to fall in love with the daughter of your country's President? Well, for someone like Kwon Kino, it is definitely forbidden especially that he's the Seco...
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IMANI by nynovels
IMANIby nynovels
Slide off in Imani's life & watch her struggle to find love & make it out the hood. Luck is never on her side, & she cant seem to do anything right. Every time she takes...
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Ready To Ride by louisvilles_finest
Ready To Rideby Your Favorite 💋
** Book is rated Mature, Follow me before you read to make sure you see all of the chapters!!!** 'Cause once you get inside, you can't change your mind. Don't mean to so...
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My Husband Is a Gangster? by Mina94
My Husband Is a Gangster?by Mina Abris
Synopsis could be read at the beginning of the story
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My Fiance Is A Mafia Boss ? by xxCybeRDeviLxx
My Fiance Is A Mafia Boss ?by xxCybeRDeviLxx
please read to know what behind the cover :) tnx :**
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Every King Needs A Queen by _misunderst00d
Every King Needs A Queenby ライアン
Prologue "Mama, I gotta do my own thing. I can't always be depending on yo money for everything!" Exclaimed India. She was tired of depending on her mother...
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Falling For the Gang Leader by kristalack
Falling For the Gang Leaderby kristalack
Hes the gangster who goes to parties every weekend stays up all night and is a complete player and she's the goody two shoes, who just moved to town, and always follows...
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Poems about the life and feelings that surround us... by dark-angel
Poems about the life and Mahin
Poems which have been inspired by what I have seen around me and have felt inside myself-life has various stages-some joyful some sad-much of the sadness is inevitable a...
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Daughter of danger by Sezaluvs_teaXD
Daughter of dangerby Sezaluvs_teaXD
A girl whose heir to the top Yakuza clan in Japan. And one bad boy whose got a bad reputation. This ain't no Romeo and Juliet. WARNING! Badassery will take place Secret...
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Our Love by strive2b_legit
Our Loveby Phara Gawd
Nikair is a marriage counselor with a secret only her closest enemies and family know about.Not to mention she has a crazy boyfriend.Hopefully she with everything that i...
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Life is a Blessing by magyylopezz
Life is a Blessingby magyylopezz
Sequel to "I Fell for a Gangster" if you haven't read the first book I would recommend reading it first before you read this book because you'll probably get c...
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The Vengeance of the Dauntless by chlozycker
The Vengeance of the Dauntlessby Cerin Lux
"I am the Queen of the Queens, KILLING is my GAME so if you don't wanna get played Beware for I am the EMPRESS Of HELL" By : Chlozycker.
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His Revenge  by perfectlyridiculous
His Revenge by perfectlyridiculous
"I want you to face your worst nightmare Belly," Lance sneered. I opened my eyes to face the handsome monster who had me trapped between him and the wall. He...
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The Boy Who Cried, "Wolf!" (Lessons on Creative Writing) by KitsuneMinamino
The Boy Who Cried, "Wolf!" ( Kitsune Minamino
Lessons on Creative Writing
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Like father, like son. by ItsAMyth
Like father, like Morgan McCallum
"Julian, you're going back to school" As soon as those words fell from my fathers lips the whole room fell silent. We all gazed at him, thinking we had heard h...
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Bachelorettes Versus Bachelors (Book 2) by BangtansWife
Bachelorettes Versus Bachelors ( M. P. L. Jaime
Another chapter. Another clash. The famous bachelorettes and the freakin' bachelors once again hit the music of love and play a game with fate. Will it be the same bach...
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The Devil And His Muse: A Gangster Story [On Indefinite Hiatus] by RaggedyCat
The Devil And His Muse: A RaggedyCat
When Matteo Alcantara got his first assignment as a hired killer, he was not about to turn back. He wanted to live the mobster life with a man he could call his father...
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