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Dangerous Foe's ( Vampire Paladin x Voltron ) by ThyWorthyOne
Dangerous Foe's ( Vampire ThyWorthyOne
Yep, I'm a vampire. Names Everdeen, people called me Dean. I "drink" animals and mostly live as a normal girl enrolling in the galaxy Garison. Of course I hav...
Love Doesn't Have to be Binary (Reader X Keith) by CanonShipPrincess
Love Doesn't Have to be Binary ( CanonShipPrincess
Suggested by a subscriber (@JacWils) : After ending up on Altea and joining the team, you and Keith become close- very close. You finally decide to come out as non-binar...
The Omega With Blue Eyes by Lexi323
The Omega With Blue Eyesby Lexi Right
Lance McClain has wondered his whole life if anyone will be able to look past his Omega status and love him for him. When he meets two Alphas, Shiro and Keith, he feels...
Walk Through The Fire by Lexi323
Walk Through The Fireby Lexi Right
Lance McClain is an omega struggling for money, that was kicked out of home by his family. He lives in New York as a waiter by day, stripper by night. When he captures t...
They Didn't Know.. 《Langst》 Completed by tolllancey
They Didn't Know.. 《Langst》 tolllancey
What happens when a part of Voltron, a paladin to be exact, is taken hostage by the Galra Empire? Would Voltron search far and wide for their missing piece, or would he...
voltron pictures  by allaboard_theship
voltron pictures by J❤
×!ALL CREDIT GOES TO ORIGINAL ARTISTS!× I probably don't own anything in this book except for rare occasions when I actually make something. I have a lot of differing...
The White Paladin (Shiro X Reader [OC]) by PastelPorcelainDino
The White Paladin (Shiro X The White Paladin
"The white lion," Allura started. "Is the lion with the closest bond towards the black lion. Both the lions and the paladins must be in perfect sync so th...
He's My King by _OneGayDisaster_
He's My Kingby _OneGayDisaster_
Lancelot McClain, the prince of Altea, adored and loved by many. Keith Kogane, the peasant of the town, shrouded in fear and anxiety. When a golden letter is delivered f...
Langst One Shots  by tolllancey
Langst One Shots by tolllancey
[Klangst/Langst. Requests will be taken in the first chapter] Does include: Self-Harm Depressive thoughts/actions Heartbreak Suicide Suicide attempts A Failure.. A Weakl...
a million dreams [tgs klance au] by monsieurdandylion
a million dreams [tgs klance au]by ✩ 𝒸𝒶𝓁 ☾
The Greatest Showman + Voltron Lance, a gorgeous trapeze artist with a backstory Keith, a miserable playwright looking for a new dream Shiro, a struggling humbug who onl...
Hidden Book 1: Earth (Klance) by Buffythegoldendoge
Hidden Book 1: Earth (Klance)by Mint
Keith and Shiro are Galra (they grew up on Altea) Keith has his parents, while Lance is an adopted orphan. There is a type of Galra called Crypts they are genderless Alt...
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Save Him {Klance} by ANonBinaryWeeb
Save Him {Klance}by Gay Bitch
When Altea was attacked by the Galran empire, the prince of Altea was sent into space. The pod was set to travel to a planet named Earth. Many years after landing, his p...
Voltron-Altean Lance AU by qveenmvg
Voltron-Altean Lance AUby Meg
The title explains it all 🤷🏼‍♀️ Altean Lance AU, also a bit of Klance aha
Hidden book 2: Start of an Adventure (Klance) by Buffythegoldendoge
Hidden book 2: Start of an Mint
It'll make more sense if you read the first book before this, but it's fine. Everyone finds themselves getting closer to each other, becoming stronger fighters, people...
Borderline by spaceTM
Borderlineby Eren Yogurt🗡🩸
GALTEAN KLANCE // The Galras are not allowed in Altea anymore. Ever since Zarkon stepped over the line, King Alfor made the decision that the purple creatures should b...
Blending Among Humans || Keith Kogane by Lehansa_mish
Blending Among Humans || Keith Lehansa
"I know you love me. Because, the way you look at me, is the same way Edward looks at Bella." A planet filled with magic and wonders... A king who forbids magi...
Us? by BeBarberic
Us?by Elyel
Different realities
An Allurance Story by FantasyAuthor000
An Allurance Storyby BluPaladin
Allura never died. Lance is still happy. They get married. They become the King and Queen of New Altea. They have a baby. This is her story. Athea is the daughter of La...
Look out above by skittle724
Look out aboveby Skittle724<3
I haven't... I haven't seen the sun, not in a very long long time... I remember how it felt against my skin, the heat, how it would use to blind me. I haven't seen plant...
Conundrum by jjmcquivey
Conundrumby Joc
Keith always thought his life would always stay the same. Wake up cold, and go to bed hungry. It wasn't any easier with the masked villains threatening the city. Keith n...