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Spring break with John and Gail  book one series  by nickjonasthemes12
Spring break with John and Gail nickjonasthemes12
It's spring time in the sayers house hold gail and John are getting ready to go on a Trip
  • gail
  • john
  • sayers
Rosemation Season 2: Life of being a Rosemate by Chipperchip
Rosemation Season 2: Life of GothicLolita
Welcome to Toronto Canada! Where our Rosemates (Rose, Gail, Ali, Angelo and Nozomi) Live peacefully. Not until King Ambrose came to dominate the whole dimension, Unity...
  • au
  • rosemation
  • season2
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Butler AU ||Rosemation Fanfiction|| by GailLovesToBattle
Butler AU ||Rosemation Fanfiction||by LindsLovesToBattle
Alden Richard was a boy with a poor family in the village. His Mother died when his Brother was born. His Father has a job of a mission. A Soldier Mission. He promise to...
  • fluff
  • romance
  • action
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Rosemation Imagines (Volume #1) by Chipperchip
Rosemation Imagines (Volume #1)by GothicLolita
Either Everyday Life, Or occasional or maybe battle life. There's no way can make Rosemates stop. Come and Join the Rosemates to their Everyday Adventures.
  • rosemation
  • ali
  • angelo
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Because of You by Blytheamethyst
Because of Youby Serendipity
"Kung sino pa ang dahilan ng pag ngiti mo siya din ang magiging dahilan ng pag iyak mo." [Warning!] This story is full of wrong grammar and spelling. Thanks...
  • yuan
  • love
  • gail
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My Last Letter to Kyro by Ayyayyanggg
My Last Letter to Kyroby Ayyayyanggg
Can I deliver the last letter if me, myself doesn't knew him like I always believed? Sino nga ba talaga si Kyro? I need to know him so that I can deliver my last letter...
  • teenfiction
  • humor
  • ayehbwiisana
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Falling Into You by fadedgirl1632
Falling Into Youby Janella Domingo
Havery Aira Cordinal, "I'm a rule breaker. Pero ang hirap pala. Yung nainlove ka sa isa sa mga kinaiinisan mong tao sa buong mundo. How can he like me if all he wan...
  • gail
  • lance
  • romance
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My Soulmate (ON-GOING) by Candyphobiaaa
My Soulmate (ON-GOING)by Candyphobiaaa
Sabe nila "True Love Wait", eh pano naman sa mga taong gusto ng mahanap ang true love nila? Paano naman kaming mga tao na sabik ng makilala ang The One or let...
  • giles
  • gail
  • kara
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Paint ✔️ by blueemuffin
Paint ✔️by dead.
Her thoughts were distributed through her paintbrush, so that no one could understand as easy as they understood words.
  • emptiness
  • empty
  • emily
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A whole new world  by nickjonasthemes12
A whole new world by nickjonasthemes12
After having Matthew and Ashley for a while John and Gail decide they love adopting kid that they want to do more since nick move out of the house and just left the big...
  • gail
  • john
  • sayer
A highschool Romance Bts fanfiction ❤ ❤ My 1st love story ~QueenGaiL~ [Under editing]
  • jin
  • j-hope
  • fighting
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Robin's Hive  by ElianGroff
Robin's Hive by Elian Groff
Robin's Hive is a massive fictional universe filled with unique characters and wonder. This is the story that contains basic information of the universe, along with misc...
  • interesting
  • gail
  • fun
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A new chapter in John and Gail life   by nickjonasthemes12
A new chapter in John and Gail nickjonasthemes12
Gail get a full time job at the jail but only at the school when they need and what happening in John life is he's still a chaplain but just being him self his also Gai...
  • new
  • sayer
  • gail
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Time With You (Completed) by JustmhineK
Time With You (Completed)by Queen Jassy
Lahat ba ay may katapusan?? Bakit? Bakit kaylangan niya ako iwan? Masakit pero wala na akong magagawa yun yung nakatadhana pero sana hindi nalang siya sana hindi nalang...
  • gail
  • kurt
  • justmhinek
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The Right Thing To Do by ohitscharlotte
The Right Thing To Doby Charlotte ramirez
A/N: This is my first ever story guys please read and don't forget to vote thank youuuuu
  • enriquez
  • love
  • its
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Love bug by nickjonasthemes12
Love bugby nickjonasthemes12
Sayer family is back and they have receive 123,009 subscribers they are so proud gail and John sayer are celebs
  • family
  • john
  • gail
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Gails MB/s // Gail's notebook by BlindingBean
Gails MB/s // Gail's notebookby Undertaker’s a mood that we s...
Inspired by Samuels notebook (by I_Am_Stan_Marsh)
  • weird
  • gail
  • book
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White Christmas  (book one serie music ) by nickjonasthemes12
White Christmas (book one serie nickjonasthemes12
White Christmas is a Christmas
  • gail
  • sayer
  • service
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Why Don't We Go There? by Directionerdaddy
Why Don't We Go There?by HarryStylesLover101
Olivia is a small town goth girl who takes a trip down to Cape May with her boyfriend Luke. Where she unexpectedly meets the mysterious Harry Styles, who can't take the...
  • julia
  • onedirection
  • grayson
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