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The Nobody of Remnant (RWBY X OC) [rewriting] by Zen-Fire2020
The Nobody of Remnant (RWBY X OC)...by Zen-Fire2020
(A.N. Cause i got bored with my other rwby book ima make a kingdom hearts crossover one cause why not!) Once he was a member of an organization...now he's a nobody in hi...
The Time Traveler (Kingdom Hearts Characters x Reader) by OnyxWolfsbane777
The Time Traveler (Kingdom Hearts...by OnyxWolfsbane777
The reader time travels throughout all kingdom hearts and win the hearts of many characters she comes across! From the original masters, to organization 13, and the hero...
Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Balance (Male Reader x Female Harem) [On Break] by StardustMaster
Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Balance (M...by StardustMaster
Y/n, a boy of mystery. No one has a clue where he came from nor how he got to the island. He thought he was normal but that clearly was not the case. Of course, he immed...
New Adventure of a Princess (A KH2 Fanfiction) by FrozenKHFan97
New Adventure of a Princess (A KH2...by FrozenKHFan97
(Book 4) After a year of sleeping and getting her memories back, Hikari continues her journey with Sora, Donald and Goofy to search for Riku and King Mickey as they go f...
The Organization XIII Keyblade Princess by AnimeLoverMurillo
The Organization XIII Keyblade Pri...by Marisol Murillo
... I will not let anyone harm my little princess... ... I promise... Since the moment I was born, I never knew who my father was. My mother told me that he truly cared...
Organization XIII by Mexehanort
Organization XIIIby Mexehanort Dragneel
Random stories I created about the Organization from KH.
Issei KeyWielder (Cancelled) by Naisu9
Issei KeyWielder (Cancelled)by Naisu
Issei at age 12 was separated from his family where he went was someplace really new for him on a beach with ocean as far as the eye could see Isseis life wasn't going t...
Kingdom Hearts Lemon Imagines by MisstressSakura
Kingdom Hearts Lemon Imaginesby мιѕтяєѕѕ
Ever curious to know what would happen if you got sick, and Xemnas had to take care of you? Or what if your professor Axel had an obvious interest in you? Go ahead and l...
Kingdom Hearts x Reader (oneshots) by yeetingboombooms
Kingdom Hearts x Reader (oneshots)by yeet
Reader inserts for the Kingdom Hearts series :) Disclaimer: Most of these oneshots will fail to properly execute intimate relationships. If you do request for one, then...
The Princess's Nobody (A KH 358/2 Days Fanfiction) by FrozenKHFan97
The Princess's Nobody (A KH 358/2...by FrozenKHFan97
(Book 3) After Kirihax was brought into the Organization with Roxas, her life changes and so is Roxas's. However, their lives changed even more when they met Axel and Xi...
Kingdom Hearts Memes! by LoZ_Keyblade_Master
Kingdom Hearts Memes!by Aili
Title says it all. (Art or memes are probably not mine! Credits to the original creators!)
Fall Days by Armybrat213
Fall Daysby miki
Xemnas is dead. Sephiroth, Kadaj and Loz are in jail. Rufus is free… You wake up in a prison with no recollection of where you are or what happened to your friends. The...
AU! Kingdom Hearts, Organization 13: Mission of Love by AnaDragonBane
AU! Kingdom Hearts, Organization 1...by AnaDragonBane
(So I saw this thing on tumblr that I thought was genius. A dating sim for Org 13; the main characters Aqua for them, but I don't want to butcher her character so its a...
Kingdom Hearts AU by virgils_cutie
Kingdom Hearts AUby Fander Parent
Kida is chosen to save Kingdom Hearts and everyone close to her from Xehanort.
Dark Road || Xehanort x Reader (x Various) by yeetingboombooms
Dark Road || Xehanort x Reader (x...by yeet
When your closest friend has ties to the Dark Road, whose path would you follow? The Light or the Dark? Y. Xehanort x Reader x (Various) ~ *SPOILER WARNING* *Disclaimer...
Organization XIII & Reader OneShots by OrphanedWorks404
Organization XIII & Reader OneShotsby Orphaned Works 404
A bunch of stories about everyone's favorite Organization with you included as Member #15! :D!
Kingdom Hearts (Male Reader Insert) by Omymanstar
Kingdom Hearts (Male Reader Insert)by Omymanstar
A boy who drifted on the Destiny Islands. A boy who has come from the past, from the time of the first Keyblade War. Now, he comes to the present as one of the Guardians...
Our Kingdom Hearts Experiance (A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction) by mallory_payne
Our Kingdom Hearts Experiance (A K...by mallory_payne
Mal and Kim were two crazy best friends that was into Kingdom Hearts. Pulling a all nighter playing, they finally decited to give up and go to sleep. When something make...
Lazy Day(s)  (Demyx x reader) by Midnightnkels
Lazy Day(s) (Demyx x reader)by 🌙Selenophile🌙
All you wanted was a nice relaxing summer with your friends, so how did you get wrapped up in this twisted mess some people would call.... love? A demyx x reader contin...
The Princess in the Sleeping Worlds (A KH3D: DDD Fanfiction) by FrozenKHFan97
The Princess in the Sleeping World...by FrozenKHFan97
(Book 6) After learning of Master Xehanort's impending return, King Mickey, Master Yen Sid and Hikari puts Sora and Riku through the Mark of Mastery exam. Soon... Hikari...