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Kellin Quinn's Babysitter (Kellin Quinn Fan Fiction) by SleepingWithTimeLow
Kellin Quinn's Babysitter ( James *pause* James Bond
Rebel Tracks has been dumped by her ex-boyfriend and having nowhere to go, Katelynne Quinn takes her in and as Rebel meets Katelynne's husband Kellin, things start happe...
All My Heart [Sleeping With Sirens] by Scandiumi
All My Heart [Sleeping With Sirens]by sʟᴇᴇᴘɪɴɢ ᴡɪᴛʜ sɪɴs.
"He said he would die for you, Valerie!" Justin intensely started to shout at me, "Guess what he's doing now?" He looked at me, the look in his eyes...
Eternal by Alan_Ashbaee
Eternalby _VicTopsKellin_
\\Kellic// What happens when your worst nightmares become reality? What happens if you try to save something, but you die with it? -Death, but it is not really in deta...
Check Your Heart by CuriousCat123
Check Your Heartby Cassie Knight
They say that love is forever, but is forever all you will need ?
The Anthem That Made Us. by SABRINAM0NSTERBUNNY
The Anthem That Made Suh-Bree-Nuh!
Toryn Barham and Gabe barham dedicated their lives to Music. One day Toryn gets a surprise of her own and she thinks shes set for life. With the help from SWS and her fr...
Sold To Kellin Quinn (Kellin Quinn Love Story) by emmie_bokan
Sold To Kellin Quinn (Kellin Hey It's Emmie
How would you feel if you were always tossed around and sold to strange men twice your age? Meet Veronica Rae. She had prostitution forced on her at the age of 14 by her...
Just One Click Away by RagingYouth
Just One Click Awayby RagingYouth
Justice Cassidy Owens is a photographer. One night walking home from work she accidently runs into Kellin Quinn. Now she has experiances with Lead Singers & never want t...
[KellinQuinn] Across This Silent Symphony by bohncore
[KellinQuinn] Across This Silent Sydney
Vinette "Vinnie" Marshal is the tour manager that every band wants. She's amazing. Laid back when she can be. Strict when she has to be. But, never laid back a...
If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn.~ [Kellin Quinn FanFic] by SleepingUnderTheVeil
If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey SleepingUnderTheVeil
My first fanfiction about someone I love dearly. I tried my best K. Enjoy?
your forever is all that i need- fan fiction about Kellin quinn by Libby_Anna67
your forever is all that i need- libbyanna c:
i stumbled out the door trying not to puke mt brains out. i've never gotten this shit faced in my life. it was the 1 year anniversery since my dad left and you know, im...
That Guy I Met In The School Parking Lot by CallMeGabrielle
That Guy I Met In The School Memelord Memerson The Memetee...
I just know his name... And that I'm obsessed with him. I dont know who he is. He ruined my life, for the best though.
You Deserve Much More [Justin Hills] by iLoveJackyV
You Deserve Much More [Justin Mrs Vincent
What happens when the love of your life, doesn't know who you really are? Justin has to make a choice, and this choice could make or break his future.
Just A Girl by PierceTheBlack_Siren
Just A Girlby PierceTheBlack_Siren
Going on tour with one band is enough, but two? Kill me now...
Caraphernelia by PierceTheFaggots
Carapherneliaby (✿◠‿◠)
Caraphernelia; KARA-FUH-NEE-LEE-YAH A broken-heart disease whenever someone leaves you but leaves all their things behind. ********** Vic and Mike Fuentes' dad quits his...