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Description: This isn't an actual story. It's basically just where I keep my notes, post one-shots and drabbles, and ask questions. So...yeah...

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Spring Days

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I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT. I was a little worried haha. 
      I'm actually pretty decent on the ice. My problem comes when I get over competitive and try to race people. Like, I know that I shouldnt race people because I dont have the coordination on the ice, but I dont have the ability to say no to a challenge. It will probably be the death of me lol.
      Like I said before ,dont ever worry about it! Take your time! XD

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you aren't the only one. Yeah, I went off FF because apparently the KH version is garbage. 
      Well, I mean I know that he mostly hangs out with Fuu and Rai and if this was a full in story than I would've included them or at least mentioned them, but since this was just a drabble it would be pointless to mention them considering I just wrote snapshots of a timeframe.
      Plus, it didn't seem important considering this was about him. I get that they're close and stuff, but Seifer is still an individual and constantly lumping him as a part of a trio every time he's written for tales from who he is.