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Survival - A Dragon Ball Fanfiction by LeoValdez5650
Survival - A Dragon Ball Fanfictionby LeoValdez5650
What if Future Gohan survived his fight with the androids and eventually fought against Goku Black and Zamasu with Vegeta, Goku, and Future Trunks? Here's what I think w...
Future Gohan in Yokai Dimension(A Rosario+Vampire And Dragon Ball Z Crossover) by SuperSaiyanJayden
Future Gohan in Yokai Dimension(A...by Bullet Clears
Age.762 Gohan was battling the Androids. Once the Androids were about to kill Gohan, a black hole appears and takes the Saiyan-hybrid in the Rosario+Vampire universe...
Android 21 x Male Reader by Lazuli0103
Android 21 x Male Readerby Lⱥzuℓi✨
When a new villain shows up to threaten Earth, everyone knows Goku will be there to defeat it and save everyone like he always does. But that would stop to be the case i...
That Time I Got Reincarnated As Future Gohan by Yeetus29
That Time I Got Reincarnated As Fu...by Yeetus
An Isekai type of writing inspired by the book "That Time I Got Reincarnated As Yamcha". This is mostly a writing piece to test my abilities to write fictional...
Older Brother of Future Gohan (Male Reader x Dragon Ball Z/Super) by DeadFizh08
Older Brother of Future Gohan (Mal...by DeadFizh08
Hi! My name is Son Kuzuku the older brother of Son Gohan and the son of Goku and Chi-Chi in the Future Timeline where peace is destroyed by the Androids as Gohan and I w...
Dragon Ball FBG: Family of Hope by BlueJacket242
Dragon Ball FBG: Family of Hopeby BlueJacket242
Future Gohan, Future Bulma, and Future Trunks must survive against the androids 17 and 18 and other threats without the help of Goku and the Z-Warriors. With enough trai...
Clinging to the Past (a DBZ fanfic) by Panda4star
Clinging to the Past (a DBZ fanfic)by Panda4star
Her world had shattered many times before thanks to various villains along her lifetime, but the androids had taken the most from her. How was she supposed to take her t...
Remnant's New Protector (Future Gohan X Rwby) by ScytherRK
Remnant's New Protector (Future Go...by Scyther
(Book Cover Created By Spector45) After Many Years Of Battle With The Androids, Gohan Thought His Battle Is Finally Over. The Hell People On Earth Have Been Experiencing...
Our Last Hope | Future Trunks by chiakoto
Our Last Hope | Future Trunksby mai
[👑 3rd Place in the Dragon Ball Z Watty Awards] Tough decisions are arising for the last remaining saiyans Gohan Son, Trunks Briefs, Cheri Ko, and Hope Ko. The Saiyans...
Hero of the Future (Re-Writen) by DeathInstinct25
Hero of the Future (Re-Writen)by DeathInstinct25
After his Death at the hands of 17 and 18, Gohan had trained in the Afterlife, not knowing what is going on, as he is in a mental battle with 18 and 17, he never questio...
What If? Future Gohan Survived? by FelixFaust452
What If? Future Gohan Survived?by LocalAutisticOddBall
The title is fairly self evident. But for context The Future timeline is played relatively straight until Gohan's last stand against the androids. There, Gohan still los...
The Story of Future Videl by trashytsukki
The Story of Future Videlby #ripmyself
Videl is in the Android Saga. Unfortunately, her city was destroyed by 17 and 18. Hiding in her destroyed house, she finds a horrible secret she never discovered. Intere...
Saiyans heir by AlainDavids1
Saiyans heirby Alain David's
quirkless izuku midoriya is neglected by family and bullied by his twin sister and her friends
Four Hours of Happiness by Kipke_
Four Hours of Happinessby Kipke
Confused, he tried to make sense of what was happening. One moment he was laying on the ever-green grass in 'Other World', trying to clear his head as usual, and the oth...
Future Gohan X Re:Zero What If by Quinton345290
Future Gohan X Re:Zero What Ifby Quinton345290
After Gohan knocked out Trunks, he went off to fight the androids... to finally end this hellish nightmare. Unfortunately for him, things didn't go his way. Right when t...
A Worriers New Battle - Ground by ChristianGomes
A Worriers New Battle - Groundby CG-Saiyan
On the battle between Earth's only protector Son Gohan and the two diabolical Androids 17 & 18, the clash between their two attacks opened a strange hole in the sky but...
A new future (Future Gohan x HH/HB) by BloodySaiyan55
A new future (Future Gohan x HH/HB)by BloodySaiyan55
After Future Gohan died to the hands of the androids, he suddenly appears in a new world different from the afterlife. he makes his way through this new world discoverin...
the female demi sayain by NightingaleAngelo
the female demi sayainby NightingaleAngelo
hello everyone this is Abby Powell 3 but I lost my password like a smart person would so I'm going to finish the Serene story on this account I know it's been a while bu...
my saiyan academia the history of Itsuki   by capzica28
my saiyan academia the history of...by Blake Foye
goku the number 2 pro hero has died from a heat virus and has left this word a new threat has arrived Two adriods started attacking piccolo was first to face them and...
Together We'll Fight by BeckyTheDerpster
Together We'll Fightby Becky
A dark and desolate world on the verge of collapse - ravaged by demons, devils, bringers of death... The Androids. Enter Son Gohan - A strong seventeen-year-old, the on...