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This is the end (FF) by WhyMinnie
This is the end (FF)by Juvia
Cast: Marci Dixon-Me Seth Rogen Jay Baruchel Jonah hill James Franco Craig Robinson Danny Mcbride
Secrets. (A James Franco FanFiction) by yourstrulyhan
Secrets. (A James Franco FanFictio...by Han.
Katie Mulligan knows all about secrets. She has them. She hopes moving to LA and getting a job that she loves will help her move on. However, when she meets James Franco...
Till next time by freaksandfranco
Till next timeby freaksandfranco
Cecily Miller was just a small time Artist in LA until one bus journey changed her life. She meets people she never thought she would and meets various hardships on the...
This Is The End by xPerfectMistake
This Is The Endby Emily
Jade Baruchel only expected a normal weekend with her older brother Jay and their old friend, Seth Rogen. She thought it would be like any other time, when the two boys...
Sweeter Than Fiction James Franco Fanfic (Completed) by Ginger_Snapp
Sweeter Than Fiction James Franco...by Lou
24 year old Caroline Taylor from New York didn't expect too fall for James Franco. She thought she was going to LA to spend time with her friend Seth Rogan. Plans change...
Just Best Friends by heckyastories
Just Best Friendsby blair daniels
Having a best friend by your side while you battle through the petty drama all highschools have to offer is the best feeling in the world. They are your shoulder to cry...
Sign Your Name Across My Heart by sinfranco
Sign Your Name Across My Heartby Camryn
"Now, are you going to tell us what happened?" The cops stared in annoyance and frustration. Twelve long hours, cooped up in this small room to hear nothing b...
Superman ●️ What's eating Gilbert Grape by DrenchMeInDoritos
Superman ●️ What's eating Gilbert...by froopynoops
"Match in the gas tank, boom boom" Arnie Grape has trouble fitting in, he's not like the everyone else. Arnie meets a new friend named Cara, they meet in the...
The Battle Against fate by MellowDramatic
The Battle Against fateby Ehren R Lungs
After Being rejected by her mate Trent.Holland runs away,upon returning she decides to battle with fate and be with the love her life Axel,rather than her mate Trent.She...
My lifeguard by rickayminaj
My lifeguardby Beth
"Surely it's not legal for a teacher to be as hot as that"
The Moment I Knew (A James Franco & Aaron Tveit FanFic) by WildlifeWarrior91
The Moment I Knew (A James Franco...by WildlifeWarrior91
Scarlett Johnson is one lucky girl or so the world thinks. She's an actress/singer who's boyfriend just happens to be the one and only James Franco. Scarlett notices Jam...
light to darkness by Snow_flakeee
light to darknessby Snow_flakeee
Nadia King was you average good girl, listened to daddy always did what he wanted, she was shy, never talked to anyone. Her family was rich of course her dad is the mayo...
The Business Deal | Harry Osborn | Spider-Man by jenoside
The Business Deal | Harry Osborn |...by jenoside
Sophie and Harry have always known each other, but never liked each other. Basically sworn enemies. But when their parents scheme a plan to grow their business domain, t...
Torn Between (a James and Dave Franco FanFiction) by surfoverseas
Torn Between (a James and Dave Fra...by surfoverseas
Cher is a 24 year old fashion blogger and workaholic. When she meets the Franco brothers, oblivious to their fame and relation to each other, she gets to know them bette...
Seth Rogen and friends imagines by tomsmytype
Seth Rogen and friends imaginesby Evelyn ;)
Book of Seth Rogen and friends imagines featuring fluff, smut, angst etc... Contains: • Seth Rogen obvs • Fred Flarsky from Long Shot • Aaron Rapaport from The Interview...
The One  by amelia10x
The One by amelia10x
Sophia visits her family after a long year and a half away from them working in New York. As time passes and she spends more time with her old best friend James Franco...
SHAKE IT OFF by aphroskiss
Noémie is getting ready for her best friend's wedding but there is one problem... she might be falling in love with the groom. What should she do? What should the others...
FAMOUS, a Dave Franco Story. by loveinthesky_
FAMOUS, a Dave Franco Story.by loveinthesky_
Serena Banks has a perfect life, amazing friends, a raging singing career, and most importantly, she meets her biggest celebrity crush and wastes no time getting close w...
Finding my Fate (A James + Dave Franco fan-fiction) by ntunqn
Finding my Fate (A James + Dave Fr...by rat
~I was emotional wreck. If this was what love was, I hated it, but I loved it... I wiped the tears away with a frown, I hated crying, what a waste of effort all on stupi...
Land of Pleasure - D.D, N.A by eva_oujia
Land of Pleasure - D.D, N.Aby Divergentlover6446
Welcome to McKinley High where the groups are separated my losers, the popular, freaks and the geeks. Where do I fit? The freaks. *** Growing up circa 1980, a misfit hig...