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Can man get pregnant? VK  by Ranaalisha
Can man get pregnant? VK by TATa kookie
[ COMPLETE ] A very handsome boy and A nerd boy gets collided with each other from a different society Then what do you think? what will happen to them? Kim Taehyung n...
DANCE Academy       kookv\kooktae by kooktae1556
DANCE Academy kookv\kooktaeby kooktae1556
A story in which Jeon Jungukke found interest in the new girl of his school (bang tan academy) Kim Taehyung a sassy rich girl who was growned by her brother and sister...
taehyung bttom oneshots by impigonkonkbyjin
taehyung bttom oneshotsby nothing
um this is taehyung bttom um okay imma not aways upload cuz im not into typing alot so um yea
Betrayal | Taekook  by Taevkook00
Betrayal | Taekook by Taevkookie00
"I don't care who you are, you're not escaping me" - JK |Topkook| |Bottae| By Taevkook00
My Wife ? - Vkook /Taekook  by AliceWilliam2
My Wife ? - Vkook /Taekook by Alice William
Where taehyung is forced (kind of) to marry a rich girl. But is that girl actually a girl? "Are you kidding me ? " " Hope I can say . " " So yo...