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His Unwanted Wife Again by sweetstuff1111
His Unwanted Wife Againby sweetstuff1111
This is the sequel to 'His Unwanted Wife' Excerpt ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get out! There is nothing left between us." Nathan yells. "What do you mean Nathan? We're marr...
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Bonded by WaitingForEnd
Bondedby WaitingForEnd
Lord Tarquin was the lethal war lord ready to take over King Samuel's kingdom. Jza was the determined princess fighting to save her father's kingdom and her half sisters...
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Eleanor Wellesley has lived with her father's neglect and indifference all her life. When Sir Edward Wellesley is killed in a card game, Eleanor discovers he has left he...
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Well Dead by RobThier
Well Deadby Robert Thier
A murder at the castle gates, a young widow in distress - and only one man willing to solve the mystery of the violent death that has disrupted the peaceful village of S...
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1885 When her father dies, Rosalind Trevellian (19) is left destitute and homeless. Grief-stricken and apprehensive, Rosalind travels far west to the mansion of her dist...
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Kurukshetra  by lyric97
Kurukshetra by PUSHPITHA
"Will you do the universe favour?" she asked finally. " Hmmm, Well, maybe one last time," said Aveda, wiping the tears rolling down her blood-stained...
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Instinct by Marsh02
Instinctby Marshall McCarthy
A spate of unrelated murders have hit Washington, leaving the authorities stumped. They are senseless, brutal crimes with no real motive. The only break in the case come...
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Snatched (Ban X SAD! YANDERE! Reader) Lemon🍋((ON HOLD)) by Itz-Thommy
Snatched (Ban X SAD! YANDERE! Mrs.Mulligan
Before Elaine, there was someone else. Y/n, the wolf sin of treachery. Elaine knew about her, but she forced Ban to make him believe that she was dead with a spell that...
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Himitsu (NaNoWriMo2016) by firerose11
Himitsu (NaNoWriMo2016)by Abigail
Danger...Deception...Death Can she ever escape the vicious cycle? "The moment I was born, my father walked outside and screamed to the heavens for the mere reaso...
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The Island With No Parallel by CelestialTopaz
The Island With No Parallelby Celeste Harte
Highest rating: #364 in Historical Fiction!!! Completed! The kingdom of Ecencia is in danger of its own prince. The power of its throne is crumbling, and in its place, a...
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Blaze (#1 Evenfall Series) by firedance_icesong
Blaze (#1 Evenfall Series)by Quill Secret
Note to self: never go hunting in the night. It may lead you to many problems. Some include being branded as a murderer for a murder you might have stopped, and the othe...
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THE ASC3NDANTS - The Balance. (IV) by Kutcy123
THE ASC3NDANTS - The Balance. (IV)by Atro Universe
Tsote, the king of the Yakunko is loose but his people will trust his lead no more reason being his son Dosai, was secretly raised by the Yakunko people's first-hand ene...
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Minecraft Adventure: book 1 of the Eleanor series: The Great Comeback by Gabriel6X942
Minecraft Adventure: book 1 of Enderman_of_D00M
Normally, humans are the good guys, and we cheer for them. However, would you still want to aid them if they purposefully went to another world and demolished it, burnt...
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Smoke and talons by keeleygeckogirl31
Smoke and talonsby keeleygeckogirl31
Dragons exist. Kotessir was created to annihilate them. But when he encounters fiery female Isylith, he wages a mental war against the two halves of himself. Can he fe...
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The Ring of Iron by Wordsmith-Rain
The Ring of Ironby Wordsmith Rain
Sentenced to death, young Celtic Blacksmith Carreg y Torrodd y Môr, known simply as 'Todd' to most, is at peace with his decision to take the fall for the Death of a Pri...
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The Mind Man by pdrichmond
The Mind Manby pdrichmond
Do your thoughts affect other people? What if those people end up dead? The unthinkable is happening. People are dying inexplicably. Just one man appears responsible. He...
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Taisetsu by firerose11
Taisetsuby Abigail
Life...Love...Loyalty Can she ever have what she truly desires? "I always knew that my marriage would be forged because of alliances and duties, but I never expect...
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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire' Sweet Love by alexamiaca
One Birth Two Treasures: The gray acura
(ONGOING) She became a surrogate mother in exchange for over a million yuan. As the esteemed CEO of the most powerful Empire in the capital, he holds absolute power, whi...
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Hangman by storyteller_kay
Hangmanby kay
A short story about pain, loss, and betrayal. Enjoy. (This was a vocabulary project for my English class, so there are some weird terms in here.)
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The Malaysian Operative by YusniYussof
The Malaysian Operativeby Yusni Yussof
Captain Azeem Zulkhairi, an operative with Malaysia's newly established intelligence agency is ordered to track down and bring home a fugitive with a dark past. During...
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