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What Makes a Hero by villain_deku_who
What Makes a Heroby Villain Izuwuku
Going from a nobody who works for villains into a boy who's training with future heroes is not as easy as it looks. Trust me, ask Izuku
Changing Fate [TCFxORV Crossover] by GenesisLovesMe
Changing Fate [TCFxORV Crossover]by Sy
TCF x ORV Crossover Forgive my grammar and typos. ****** Cale was now enjoying his slacker life, but something came up that made his dream wave goodbye at him again. ***...
percabeth one shots by blueconverseses
percabeth one shotsby blueconverseses
Please Read :) Disclaimer: I do not own the PJO characters. Another Disclaimer: "AU" stands for an "Alternate Universe", as in, (in select chapter...
Remnants True God by Jmoran0917
Remnants True Godby Jmoran0917
Jaune arc. People know him as a friend, good friend even. But also claims the title of the WORST fighter on the planet. But that changes right here right now... Will he...
Fourth Wall ✷ Lucas Sinclair by gunsIingers
Fourth Wall ✷ Lucas Sinclairby  
She became reckless in the pursuit of something greater.   Lucas Sinclair © ESTELLA
KOMOREBI (Aoyama-kun X OC) [ KIN
KOMOREBI Def. Roughly translates to the sunlight that filters through the trees In which Ayame Sora is reunited with her childhood friend, Aoyama, the clean freak. (cove...
Recompense   [ Inso's Law ] by Normire
Recompense [ Inso's Law ]by Normire
Waking up alone in a hospital without so much as a card from your classmates is one way to realize that you've been rude to everyone around you. Waking up in a hospital...
Magic God by deiner1625
Magic Godby SonDerek
Nick Pierce is a member of Fairy Tail, and is known to be a very powerful wizard that's dangerous, unpredictable, and witty. What will happen to the rest of the story wi...
Demonic Dragon of Death. by Reaper_Van_Zyl
Demonic Dragon of Reaper_Van_Zyl
But this story is about if natsu's soul was in the afterlife and learnd about death magic, and when he got revived he remembers all the years in the afterlife. He knew h...
ClAsS oNe GaY (Bnha chatfic/ fanfic) by xXximnotobsessedxXx
ClAsS oNe GaY (Bnha chatfic/ XxImNotObsessedxX
Pretty much just class 1-A (and sometimes teachers) being idiots. (It should be noted that I started this fic as a joke. Do not take me seriously) #1 chatfiction Decembe...
A Trilogy's Fourth Book by MMRicain
A Trilogy's Fourth Bookby M. M. Ricain
Claire is a modestly successful YA author of a fantasy trilogy. Pigeon-holed into the genre by her editor, she longs to write a novel aimed towards adults with more comp...
The Chosen Ones | RWBY x Male Reader  by NixiumDonuts
The Chosen Ones | RWBY x Male A.A
===Discontinued=== A young boy who has unique power joins the academy of Beacon of the one and only Vale along with his cousin. The two of them are not close to other pe...
Her Universe, My Residence  (Cedric Diggory x Reader) by demigod_witch777
Her Universe, My Residence ( demigod_witch777
What happens when you along with your best friend jump into the parallel universe of your favorite fictional place and enjoy your voyage with them and maybe find love an...
:Step out of the Dark: (Female chara x reader) by Wizboyz
:Step out of the Dark: (Female Wizboyz
Your soul is Pure and Clean, being chased away by Humans for being different. You run up Mt.Ebott When you do They capture you and banish you to the underground. I...
A Promise To Forever...(Cedric Diggory x reader) by demigod_witch777
A Promise To Forever...(Cedric demigod_witch777
Book 3 of Her Universe, My Residence. Returning back to Hogwarts for your fifth year, Voldemort in awake, a pink toad to make your year difficult, the formation of dumbl...
The Fourth Wall Rebuilder (Being Rewritten) by FourthWallRebuilder
The Fourth Wall Rebuilder (Being Devin
The story of Wattpads Official Fourth Wall Rebuilder, otherwise known as Devin.
Some Miracle... (Cedric diggory X Reader) by demigod_witch777
Some Miracle... (Cedric diggory demigod_witch777
Book 2 of Her Universe, My residence. Cedric Diggory, the Triwizard champion has voluntarily walked into his death trap. But you know that the tournament is gonna kill...
The Daughter of The Slenderman by Haunting_dreams
The Daughter of The Slendermanby Haunting_dreams
***Unedited*** ***Very horrible writing at the beginning to maybe around middle. Working on them slowly**** Is it possible for The Slenderman to have a daughter...
A Journey To End (Cedric Diggory x Reader) by demigod_witch777
A Journey To End (Cedric Diggory demigod_witch777
Book 4 of Her Universe, My Residence. The last year was indeed hectic for you, but you prayed this year it would be alright without any drama, but knowing your chaotic l...