Escape: Through the Fourth Wall

Escape: Through the Fourth Wall

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SuperCocoSavesTheDay By SuperCocoSavesTheDay Updated Aug 15, 2019

"Appearances can be deceiving- especially if you're not looking hard enough."
This is a story about superheroes. Also, it isn't. I should know. I'm trapped in it.


Meet Jack. A stereotypical protagonist with a tragic backstory who discovers he has powers and uses them to save The City aided by his trusted friends- except he isn't.

What's the hushed-up secret the Government is keeping about The City- and why is it against a hero?

What's up with Jack's history teacher?

What exactly is his University hiding?

Why is there the occasional unnecessary reference?

How sinister are the skeletons lurking in his so-called friends' cupboards?

And which one of them is a cold-blooded murderer?

Secrets, secrets, everywhere- but the more he unravels, the closer he thinks he is to being free, the more Jack finds himself linked to forces outside his control and events he barely remembers, stuck in a fictional universe where, it would seem, everyone is against him.

Highest ranks that I have no idea how this thing received-
#2 thriller
#3 mystery
#4 fourthwall
#5 breakstereotypes
#8 masks
#16 projectsuper
#143 humour
...among others. Thanks a lot, guys! :D