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nerd || sbi  x kid!reader {high school au) by thisisawierdname
nerd || sbi x kid!reader {high clay
so reader, text the wrong number ranting to there friend about how there beatings just keep getting worse and worse, Surprise surprise they got the first did gt wrong an...
Three Awesome Dads, One Happy Child! | Karlnapity & Tommyinnit by girlyduck2017
Three Awesome Dads, One Happy Duck Fails At Everything
✨ The main ship is Karl x Sapnap x Quackity! ✨ ----- Tommy was just a baby. His father and mother had no choice but find him a place for safety until they could knew 100...
Twisted Unknown  by YayaZa_B33_
Twisted Unknown by AriannaMenjivar
Tommy lost his mother at a young age, Phil never told him but his mother never died. She went missing. Years later Tommy doesn't feel right, he changes. Becomes inhuman...
The Fae? by beWitched__Cali
The Fae?by beWitched__Cali
Tommy runs away he's tired of all the bullshit he's been threw considering everyone wants him dead and the two people he trusted the most forgot about him he had enough...
Tommyinnit-Blood Has Been My Call by Ldrabbles
Tommyinnit-Blood Has Been My Callby Typing Raccoon
Tommy was a god it was simple as that he bleeds gold but there's one thing he would always hold his family only Phil,techno,Wilbur,Fundy know who he is and he is the BL...
【"Another Child"】 by artzzy_boo
【"Another Child"】by artzzy
"That's a child-" "So?" Where a 14-year-old small average streamer gets added into a group chat with some "random" adults. or- Dream SMP t...
The Poisonous Feather // MHA x DSMP by LanaFuri
The Poisonous Feather // MHA x DSMPby Lanafuri
Welcoming death was something he was used to after all. But waking up in a whole ass different universe was something new. Being surrounded by people who called themsel...
Free-Fall: Vigilante Tommyinnit AU by Persephone619
Free-Fall: Vigilante Tommyinnit AUby Persephone
(Kind of weekly updates :D) Tommy lands an internship at a highly respected corporation, full of heroes that want to hunt down Vigilantes like himself, all he has to do...
~A Final Choice~ (Skephalo) by Ore_la
~A Final Choice~ (Skephalo)by Ore_la
After humans pass on from their life on the mortal plains, they forget much of what they knew about their human lives, including how they died. These souls are then giv...
Unlikely by AJ_is_Anxious
Unlikelyby Anxious AJ
Prince Theseus was always meant to be... perfect. A little golden boy who followed all the rules. Do his princely duties everyday without complaint, then go the extra mi...
A Faithful Memory by WatcherWraith
A Faithful Memoryby Wraith
Technoblade had accepted what his lonely fate was to be. A warrior who sought out struggle and conflict where he could, a man of war and blood. No other path offered pea...
Wrong Number you child (AngelsDuo) by Flareongirl360
Wrong Number you child (AngelsDuo)by UltimateStoryteller
SickInnit (Sbi/BrotherBlade/Bedrock Bros) by 18Huttonch
SickInnit (Sbi/BrotherBlade/
This is a story about Tommyinnit who has had a horrible life up until he met up with his friends for a month long holiday.
Sunflower: Tommyinnit Tangled by Skyler_LW
Sunflower: Tommyinnit Tangledby Skyler
The young prince had been kidnapped from his home forced to do what his so called brother wanted of him. Does Tommy find his family or do they lose the light of their li...
Don't Call me That -Book 2/2- by perfectdegeneration
Don't Call me That -Book 2/2-by perfectdegeneration
Chosen family and friends mean the world to everyone, right? When Y/n realizes that a lot of his own have been hiding their own issues too, he isn't sure whether to be a...
"There princess.." DreamTeamxchildreader by alizahadeel91
"There princess.." someone_in_you
A newly born girl from the snow emerald village one of the rarest villages in the SMP. The dream team had raided it and killed everyone. But Dreams heart sunk into the l...
Kindergarten Villainy by AJ_is_Anxious
Kindergarten Villainyby Anxious AJ
"Your cheeks are so fucking chubby." A familiar but unfamiliar voice told him factually, a childish giggle escaping from the speaker. With a grumble, Tommy pea...
MCYT oneshots by LeoAnimatics
MCYT oneshotsby LeoAnimatics YT
I will be targeting, origins, empires season 1 and 2, hermitcraft and very little dsmp if i feel upto it, most of these will be a 'RL' au where they still have their hyb...
MiniInnit [DISCONTINUED] by Golden_Page
MiniInnit [DISCONTINUED]by Golden_Page
Tommyinnit, the resident child of the Dream smp. What if the child had to take care of a child himself? I got the idea for Tommy raising a child from @kneecaps.cosplays...
Mine and only -Mine- | a Dsmp adoption by seattleinthesea
Mine and only -Mine- | a Dsmp Seattle :D
Y/N Y/L/N is a 15 year old girl from Nottingham, and she has a pair of abusive parents. When they travel down to London for a business trip, Y/N decides to flee down sou...