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United as One (Cloud Strife x Clarice Ng) by Dragon-Pheonix123
United as One (Cloud Strife x Clar...by Dragon-Phoenix
Cloud became friends with Zack, but things got bad because there was some betrayals in there, but Zack didn't give up on Clarice and Cloud because he made sure that the...
Taking Hearts, Breaking Limits (Persona 5 Royal x Final Fantasy VII) by Sutoraifu_Sean
Taking Hearts, Breaking Limits (Pe...by 《ストライフ • ショーン》
Set 2 months after the events of Advent Children Because of Cloud Strife's victory against the Remnants and his old nemesis, Geostigma is slowly fading away from the pla...
Final Fantasy VII Oneshots and Drabbles by ComingOutLance
Final Fantasy VII Oneshots and Dra...by Lance
I'm so excited for the remake, so here we are! Will all of these make sense within the FF7 universe? Probably not. Does FF7 always make sense within the FF7 universe? No...
Cataclysmic (Final Fantasy VII) by CelestialShadowWolf
Cataclysmic (Final Fantasy VII)by Lost in the Stars
Growing up alongside Cloud and Tifa, Lailah Tenebris is a girl whose past is drenched in blood and plagued by death. As a descendant of Gaia, she uses her powers to aid...
Inception: Book 1 (FFVII Remake) by asuka_lynnbrown
Inception: Book 1 (FFVII Remake)by asuka_lynnbrown
In the city of Midgar, the infamous electric power company called Shinra continues to use the plant's lifeforce as an energy source. Which is slowly but surely destroyin...
kim jungkook and kim both are like brothers from childhood tae treat kook like a baby he's so precious to him but a force marriage made them together
(Cloud Strife x Reader x Rufus Shinra) A Bolt from the Blue by PlaneJain7
(Cloud Strife x Reader x Rufus Shi...by PlaneJain7
WARNING. ADULT THEMES, NSFW, RAPE. Contains major angst amongst fluffy slow burn. Starts off steady but escalates to fully fledged lewdness. I may have taken it too far...
FORCED MARRIAGE season 3by taelovekook
forced marriage season 3
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The Chosen One (Sephiroth x Reader) by MoonlightEpiphany
The Chosen One (Sephiroth x Reader)by Moonlight Epiphany
A simple girl from earth is chosen by Sephiroth to help him come back to life. Her reality changes like she dreamed but will the dream last or will it turn into a nightm...
Stringed mind (cloud x reader x Reno ) COMPLETED by kaechan_1
Stringed mind (cloud x reader x Re...by Mikaeku
Love story Cloud hasn't got much over with the fact of Aerith's death. He stays in his own little dark world, not noticing how his loved ones are hurt. He shut himsel...
I will not reveal anything here so please read the stroy and you will find out everything. TOP - KOOK BOT - TAE OTHER SHIP :- NAMJIN YOONMIN HOPEKAI
Beauty And The Beast | Kadaj X Reader  by Kittywriteshorror
Beauty And The Beast | Kadaj X Rea...by Kittywriteshorror
Kadaj X Reader Was It Beauty That Killed The Beast?
Unconditional (Sephiroth x OC) by Sephspace
Unconditional (Sephiroth x OC)by Sephspace
Mona Abell, a former social worker from a broken home, has resigned herself to working at the cafeteria of the largest corporation on Gaia: The Shinra Electric Power Com...
Into His Arms 🪻 by wandering___wonders
Into His Arms 🪻by Lizbeth
Halo.... By the way ith oru malayalam story aahnu. . Ith oru penkuttiyude Katha aahnu. Cheruppathil undaya kurach Traumas and tragedys avalude life ne engane baathikkunn...
betrayed -  sephiroth x reader by rxboot
betrayed - sephiroth x readerby Ren
"why did you do this, sephiroth?" they said in disbelief of what happened to their lover. sephiroth x gender neutral! reader short story.😃👈 small caps nten...
A Story To Tell - (FFVII Fanfic) by DarthJader2005
A Story To Tell - (FFVII Fanfic)by Navi
Jade and Cloud have a story to tell Barrett, Tifa, Aerith, and Red. So, come join us to hear how it all began.
Dominant Reader Insert. by NihilisticIre
Dominant Reader Insert.by "Stacey" HR.
As the title says! Dom reader inserts, though not exactly dominant in the BDSM way. Just a more take-lead reader. I really wanted to write a book with such a reader due...
Hidden Identity (Book Two)-Complete by RinSilverstar223
Hidden Identity (Book Two)-Completeby RinSilverstar223
Sequel to 'Those Eyes'. Takes place five years later during the timeline of the original Final Fantasy 7. This'll be based around a mix of the events of FF7 and the FF7...
Troubled Souls | Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII) ✓ by tsukkki-
Troubled Souls | Vincent Valentine...by Jess
Vincent Valentine x OC | Final Fantasy VII [Based on the events of FFVII: Advent Children] Vincent Valentine is a man struggling to move on from his past. Haunted by mem...