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A Hero Who Saves Everybody by MHAFanFicFan
A Hero Who Saves Everybodyby Specktacus, Fanfic Reader
A retelling of My Hero Academia. This story will ask the question "What if Izuku got all the previous user's quirks from the start?" This is how I think it wou...
Forbidden Love || DabiFemTodo by nana_academia1002
Forbidden Love || DabiFemTodoby ✧・゚Izuka*✧・゚*
[COMPLETE ✔] Dabi X Fem! Todoroki ( FIRST DABI X FEM!TODOROKI FANFIC ON WATTPAD ) _____________ While Todoroki was out in the park at night, trying to relax after a lon...
I am Sub zero by Hiiiiiii876bye
I am Sub zeroby Zero
First story btw Izuku has sub zeros powers and is SUPER op
I-I love you icy-hot by todobakuqueen10156
I-I love you icy-hotby Keontay Garrett
this is my first story so srry if it's bad ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ 😏Smut 😏 😔abuse😔 😔 srry deku lovers but mean deku Bakugou is having a hard time finding a mate until enj...
a burning villain by PokemomMaster
a burning villainby Pokemom Master
Izuku Yagi after being rejected by both his family and society turned to the dark side however instead of joining the league of villains he became his own boss and the p...
WHAT!? He can sing!? by Hiiiiiii876bye
WHAT!? He can sing!?by Zero
Izuku is heading to America to hangout with his Father who he hasnt seen in a long time. While he is gone Class 1-A finds his music and decide to listen. They will find...
warrior cats bakutodo  by AngelGarica
warrior cats bakutodo by Angel Garica
what happens if a Thunderclan cat falls in love with a shadowclan cat will there clans find out or will it remain a secret read the story and you will find out
The Flowers You Gave Me../Bakutodo Fem Todoroki/ by R4R3LYY
The Flowers You Gave Me../Bakutodo...by
Bakugou and Todoroki have been bestfriends since they were 5. They have feelings for each other but don't tell each other until Shoto breaks up with her boyfriend Issac...
Fresh Meat | Bakufemtodo by R3R4LLY
Fresh Meat | Bakufemtodoby アラナ
This is basically the Netflix British show 'Fresh Meat' which is one of my fav shows!! Shoto, Katsuki, Denki, Mina, Shinso and Jirou all live in a shared house off-campu...
The prodigal weakling (Male Quirkless reader x Fem Todoroki) by ThePhantom0
The prodigal weakling (Male Quirkl...by The Phantom
A boy was always told that he could never be a hero. But of course, he was not about to give up just yet. He had no chance to ever pass the hero entrance exams, so he ne...
Mind and Might (A Quirkless Hero!Deku Fanfic)[HIATUS] by Hexcss
Mind and Might (A Quirkless Hero!D...by Hexcss
Not everyone is created equal, that is a fact, but in a world of superheroes and villains, were 80% of the population has a super power called "quirk", it puts...
Time's Embrace: Izuku's Power Unleashed by EternalDemon019
Time's Embrace: Izuku's Power Unle...by Shadow
He who controls Time is he who controls the world. In a world with super powers known as Quirks. Those who are born Without a Quirk are Weak. Those born with extraordin...
The Conduit Hero (MHA X Infamous Second Son) by PuntersRev
The Conduit Hero (MHA X Infamous S...by PuntersRev
'Conduits' A word that describes people of the unnatural. This word has been used over time and time again, a word that has been feared by many. However... ever since...
All For All (Male! Reader x BNHA harem) by wolf_boy0101
All For All (Male! Reader x BNHA h...by wolf_boy0101
I don't own any of these pictures, I only own the story and the plot, and you own yourself. You are the son of all for one, but you don't steal quirks but copy them. Yo...
Commando Izuku: Starstorm by Apollyon91
Commando Izuku: Starstormby Apollyon91
Izuku Midoriya. Son of N. 7 Heroine, Telekinetic. The kid always had aspiration to be a hero, just like the people in his life. Unfortunately, that'd be impossible. In t...
Speeding Hero: (BNHA x Male Sonic Reader) by MetalSmasherNTT
Speeding Hero: (BNHA x Male Sonic...by MetalSmasherNTT
You had always dreamed of being a hero and you were determined to become one. You would prove your worth as a hero and become the number one hero
The best hero in the world of heroines by AlpHa__KeNNy__BODYXV
The best hero in the world of hero...by putoelquelolea
This Deku will be super OP, in a world where every girl has a quirk and men are tortured and used as sex slaves, there is a kid named Izuku which is destined for greatne...
( Yandere [Fem] Todoroki x OP Izuku ) Crazy for a Cinnamon Roll by Dodobird2005
( Yandere [Fem] Todoroki x OP Izuk...by Dodobird2005
Izuku Midoriya is born without a quirk, but one day, he is given the chance to inherit a great power. Then another? And another?! Todoroki goes a little bit crazy and pr...
Deku of the Drunken Fists by Crowley2020
Deku of the Drunken Fistsby Ellis Crowdog
Izuku will still remain quirkless in this. He'll also have an alcohol addiction. This addiction began when Izuku was 9. Izuku was feeling down and tried some alcohol but...
Izuku Yagi The Guardian Of Pyro by nejirexdeku580
Izuku Yagi The Guardian Of Pyroby green chicken storm
Izuku yagi son of all might and green tornado number 1 and 5 ranked heroes he is born quirkless unlike his twin sister izumi causing him do be neglected and bullied by h...