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The new sage of six paths by BigBoyBoris125
The new sage of six pathsby BigBoyBoris125
Izuku Yagi was a child left alone by the world for his quirklessness. Alone, beaten, hurt, neglected, abused, suicide bated, lonely and with nothing. There was nothing i...
lost hope, found light  by GHOST002500
lost hope, found light by GHOST OF NIGHTMARE
izuku yagi, son of toshinori yagi and inko yagi, brother to izumi yagi, in the past he was always shy, lack of confident, and cheer up child, until he was 4 years old, w...
All For One's Successor by grathaut
All For One's Successorby Grathaut
Most of people would think that being son of no.1 hero AllMight must be like dream, but none of them would guess what nightmare it can really be. This is story of Izuku...
Betrayed Demon deku / izuku x OC ( straight ship )  by aliff6116
Betrayed Demon deku / izuku x OC (...by aliff6116
Inko died and izuku is an orphan so he lives alone
Feel the adrenaline (Midoriya x OC) by MarieNoels
Feel the adrenaline (Midoriya x OC)by Marie✨
The first chapter is a little info about this book so I'm not gonna put that here lol. Just wanted to give my boy Deku some love since he deserves it.
A Hero For Fun (OPM x MHA) by Avacomix
A Hero For Fun (OPM x MHA)by Avocado
This is a rewrite of my OPM x MHA story called a hero for fun. In this story, Izuku will not have a quirk, but will gain the super human powers after a terrible event th...
Izuku Mortem The death dragon god by Natsu67890
Izuku Mortem The death dragon godby Natsu67890
After ten years of abuse and neglect Izuku Yagi killed himself after his death he meets Draco mortem the god of death. He tells Izuku he has been watching him because of...
The Lightning God by dragonballhero12343
The Lightning Godby dragonballhero12343
The first 8 years of Izuku's life weren't great. He had to watch his Aunt get brutally murdered by his Dad and his Mom died in his arms. Because of this Izuku decides to...
Deku's new life by Usher3000
Deku's new lifeby Usher
He gets betrayed by his friends and All might he felt broken but got news from his mother Will this news change Izuku's life and what will happen will get over the betr...
Betrayed and to America (Completed) by Cementosss
Betrayed and to America (Completed)by Ken Ishiyama
Still not good at these What will happen when Izuku finds out Momo is cheating on him with.. suspense and almost all the class talking behind his back? Will deku reveal...
King of serpents by Jaykaydbx
King of serpentsby Jay Kay
Izuku yagi is neglected and bullied his life but when he is 13 he learns he has a power much stronger then any quirk
Gaara Deku by Cementosss
Gaara Dekuby Ken Ishiyama
First story Izumi and Izuku were good siblings who were happy with their friends and family who grew happily to become very strong heroes... Atleast thats how it was sup...
Izuku's Daycare by Imacupheadfan
Izuku's Daycareby I'm a cuphead fan
This was inspired by my job of being a caretaker but some are not from my experience
Izuku has A daughter !! by Uriel_et_teneberis
Izuku has A daughter !!by Kinshu
Everyone was at the training area until something unexpected happened.
Bakugou's Twin Sister by its_britney_beesh
Bakugou's Twin Sisterby its_britney_beesh
Izuku x Oc Minsuki Bakugou is trying to become the number one hero just like her brother. But having the League of Villains attack them often and juggling her feelings f...
The soul reaper hero : Nozarashi by NightmareFuel6666
The soul reaper hero : Nozarashiby NightmareFuel6666
Izuku Yagi was an outcast due to his quirkless nature. He was shunned and hated for something he couldn't control. In a last ditch effort he asked the number one hero if...
The Son Of The Demon King Of Tyranny  by Zyren__
The Son Of The Demon King Of Tyran...by Zyren__
Izuku Yagi the son of the number 1 hero All Might and Green Tornado realized something at a very young age, life is unfair. He was constantly bullied, neglected, abused...
The Guardian by SylanderJidah
The Guardianby Abraham Jidah
When Izuku was four years old he was told that he was quirkless and couldn't be a hero. Then his mother died, and he went missing. Six years later a vigilante showed up...
Lying is the best! [COMPLETE] by KokushiBOI
Lying is the best! [COMPLETE]by Creator of Moon Breathing
COVER ART, PICTURES, MHA CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE!!!!! ONLY MY OC'S AND THE PLOT IS THE ONE I OWN!!!! Izuku is a sweet cinnamon roll that everyone loves. But everything c...
Izuku's past by mariadrien247
Izuku's pastby Ill3r4t3 8ish
The teachers decide to invite all the parent's of the students. What happens when secrets get revealed?