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Try again by Peacestalkers
Try againby Karma the Nightwing
Delsin Rowe the hero is unexplainably sent back in time to the moment where he vandalizes his brothers billboard, but even he doesn't know he was sent back. Will he make...
The Infamous Vigilante wants to be a Hero? (My Hero Academia x Reader) by Hayacchis
The Infamous Vigilante wants to The Dreemurr
In a booming and still growing society of heroes where people have unnatural abilities called "quirks" ranging anywhere from something dull, unimpressive and...
Infamous New Beginnings by bootyeatinbandit
Infamous New Beginningsby Slumpeder
This story takes place 5-7 months after infamous second son. Delsin and Eugene are freeing Incapacitated conduits from Augustine's camp. While fetch is still trying to l...
Male Conduit Reader x monster school by GamingReaper6
Male Conduit Reader x monster Gaming Reaper
I do not own any of these characters As on conduit, you will be in the infamous character, you will be second son, you'll have smoke, neon, concrete, and video, in one p...
Thunder Clap (Conduit! Male! Reader x Yang and Nora) by BigBoy712678
Thunder Clap (Conduit! Male! Big PP man
Y/n is a conduit, but he awoke to his powers recently, so he's not as experienced as most conduits are at his age. The drawback of being a conduit is that he has no aura...
The Infamous hero by Mercury_Sol
The Infamous heroby MERCURY SOL
what if Izuku Midoriya thought he was quirkless but instead he was a conduit. this story will have 4 types of quirks emitter, mutation, transformation, and conduit. con...
= Living in infamy = (Infamous Male Reader X BNHA) by Cosmic_Nobody
= Living in infamy = (Infamous Cosmic_Nobody
In a world where 80% of the population has genetic powers or mutations called "quirks", it rare but not impossible to be powerless. (Y/N) Rowe is one of those...
Paint and Flame (RWBY X Male Conduit Reader) by SuperJediWizardDude
Paint and Flame (RWBY X Male I’m Fuckin’ DandyMan
Remnant is said to be experiencing a time of peace, though the huntsmen and huntresses of the world fight another threat, one just as dangerous as Grimm. For generations...
Nimai by StranggeMC
Nimaiby Strangge MC
This story is about a boy name Komori Hikki (Black Bullet) 17 years old, who has spent two years locking himself in his room. His life was nothing special until a day ha...
Delsin Rowe: El Conductor del Escudo by Hayden-Tenno
Delsin Rowe: El Conductor del Hayden Tenno
dos años pasaron desde que Delsin unifico a los conductores y humanos, trabajando como el jefe de policias para conductores en honor a su Hermano Reggie, durante ese tie...
All In A Day's Work by Magicaljellyfish
All In A Day's Workby Casper
A tiny hiker hears an explosion in the forest, what does she do? Investigates the explosion. This leads Ivy Knox to an adventure she has been looking forward to for a lo...
Supernatural (Remastered) by SPETSNAZ2020
Supernatural (Remastered)by SPETSNAZ2020
An inFAMOUS Second Son & Steven Universe crossover After uncovering a secret, Justin North is now a wanted conduit on the run from the D.U.P who have taken over Seattle...
The Book Of Infamous by SameOldEcho
The Book Of Infamousby Sly Cooper
-Request are open! -Song fics, scenarios, one shots, OC and Readers all in this book of infamous! -I own none of the images and other material besides my writing unless...
Sound waves  by zombie650
Sound waves by Undead tacos
I'm shit at descriptions so just read I guess I'm also crap at writing but here we are so be prepared for some shitting grammar and stuff
Sonic's Ultimate Harem: The Lost Chapters by He_Who_Dwells
Sonic's Ultimate Harem: The Lost He Who Dwells
The lost chapters of the Lil Soniq epic: Sonic's Ultimate Harem, written by a loyal and die-hard fan and writing apprentice.
inFAMOUS: Reborn by teabkunas
inFAMOUS: Rebornby couch potato
(Good Karma!Delsin Rowe x Fem!Reader) - I DO NOT OWN THE ORIGINAL ART FOR THE COVER. ALL RIGHTS GO ITS RESPECTFUL OWNER. - You were one of the many people that didn't mi...
Arknights: Operation Higher Ground by Hallulel
Arknights: Operation Higher Groundby nothing
It's XX/XX/XXXX Continue to the army which was sent here by Siren. Now the have struggle to survive and accompany with new friends and species? Would they be safe in thi...
Smoking Agent by ShadowWolf18970
Smoking Agentby Shadow Wolf 18
Out of all of SHIELD only 2 people knew Delsin's secret. Is that about to change? A crossover between Agents of SHIELD and Infamous Second Son.
Fandom Oneshots by goldendahlia
Fandom Oneshotsby goldendahlia
A collection of imagines from my all my favorite things; from Stranger Things to Overwatch, this has it all
The Conduit Shinobi (Naruto x Infamous Second Son)  by Idatri_Uchiha
The Conduit Shinobi (Naruto x Idatri Uchiha
(This is a revised version of the Naruto and Delsin book I did a while back. I wanted to make it better so I'm deciding on redoing it this time while changing up a few t...