Soul Mates.

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Emma Janee Kendall By EmmaJaneKendall Updated 2 years ago
I never really liked my parents, I mean why should I? They just dumped me in this boarding school when I was 12. They waited till I was 17 to get in contact with me, they don't love me and I don't love them. 
    Then they think they can run my life, as if? They want me to marry a stranger, one who has something off about him. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I will. Believe me I will...
very diffrent im new at this site and this is one of the few books ive injoyed so good job and keep writing
This is so unique, I don't think I have read a prologue like this:)
Nice :) Really like the start, It's really interesting :) Nice job :)
I like the idea of starting with the diary entry. I don't think I've ever seen that done before. I thought it had a good hook too with the first entry. The only thing I'm leery of is that so much of the story seems to be given away here. We know something about the protagonist that she doesn't.
the way u started the story is vey unique.... i read the description and hated the parents. then i read this prologue and took my words back.