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The Farmer Wife by Specgalz
The Farmer Wifeby Deean
Title: Farmer's Wife ( 農婦) Author: Jin Chai Twelve ( 金釵十二) Another MTL-ing but if someone already upload it , I left it alone Synopsis to the work: Traverse to the farm...
Eighty Cannon Fodder Turns Over  1-199 by MarivelGregorio
Eighty Cannon Fodder Turns Over Marivel Gregorio
brief introduction: Lin Susu was reborn. This time, she must be filial to her grandmother and keep the bracelet handed down from her ancestors. There will be grievances...
The Boy Next Door by discoverhope
The Boy Next Doorby Sydney
Hayden Willis had become used to her pampered life in New York, but all that's about to change after her mom marries a farmer from middle-of-nowhere Kansas. Hayden leave...
Someone Like You by LaurenJ22
Someone Like Youby Lauren Jackson
Brea Lancaster may have been born in the country, but she is a city girl through and through. She is stylish, influential, and loves the excitement that the party life h...
Shane X Female Reader - Stardew Valley by flying_whale_shark
Shane X Female Reader - Stardew Kira (Flying Whale Shark)
This is a smut and fluff fanfiction set in the Stardew Valley universe. It is a Shane romance story with a very slow burn. This story follows you, the reader, as you mov...
Nature's Medicine by Rowe_Boat_127
Nature's Medicineby i cant engrish
A new change of pace lands Adella in a small peacefully town in Stardew Valley. She inherits her grandfather farm and welcomes this new life with open arms. Unfortunatel...
Favorite Poison by Rowe_Boat_127
Favorite Poisonby i cant engrish
*SEQUEL to Nature's Medicine* After her first year in Pelican Town, farmer Adella and Dr. Harvey have a promising start to their budding relationship. But a seemingly in...
Frozen Tears (OC x Stardew Valley Sebastian) by stardropdiner
Frozen Tears (OC x Stardew j ⭐️
Francesca is bored of her life in Zuzu city. She's ready to move on with her life, leave behind an awful ex-boyfriend. An invitation to move to a new town and become a...
The Farmer's Crown by Mr_Crow_English
The Farmer's Crownby Mr_Crow_English
A man who has lived in the whole kingdom, in a city he has never left, collides with the king, and the king sees this as an excellent opportunity to recruit him into the...
សង្គមជាន់ខ្ពស់ Season 1 (18+) by sisterteytey
សង្គមជាន់ខ្ពស់ Season 1 (18+)by 🌹Lovely Novel🌹
វគ្គ: កូនប្រសារមហាសេដ្ឋី ជាកូនអ្នកចំការជីវភាពក្រីក្រ រៀនសូត្រក៏មិនបានខ្ពស់ ជាមាន់ដែលគ្មានសង្ឃឹមថានឹងអាចក្លាយជាហង្ស តែជោគវាសនាក៏មិនអាក្រក់ដែរ មាន់ក៏អាចក្លាយទៅជាហង្ស ដូចជា...
Fare Thee Well - Smoker by OlioKuu
Fare Thee Well - Smokerby Olio
Have you ever heard of the story 'Fare The Well'? It follows a young woman's journey through her grandfather's long forgotten cottage in the English countryside- where s...
Deliciously Deadly: a Red Riding Hood retelling by wildx22
Deliciously Deadly: a Red Riding C. W. Sun
When stupid little Lottie threw a stick to throw off a monster (spoiler: it didn't work), she did not expect that it would lead her down the path of an unordinary life w...
Stumble - (Stardew Valley) by coolcat423
Stumble - (Stardew Valley)by coolcat423
Shane was an alcoholic haunted by his past and the death of his best friend. Polly was a perfectionist that coped with her trauma through unhealthy methods. They were a...
Mrs. Abbott and the Doctor by Rowe_Boat_127
Mrs. Abbott and the Doctorby i cant engrish
*SEQUEL to Favorite Poison* Church bells will soon be ringing for Pelican Town's newly engaged couple, Dr. Harvey Abbott and Adella Barnes. That means, family coming int...
wave riders { Sam x reader} stardew valley by SoftBoiJohnny
wave riders { Sam x reader} KingDino
You move to Pelican Town not only because of inheritance, but a few other reasons. Honestly, you knew little to nothing about farming. But you soon get the hang of it...
Taken Away (Vindicator X Villager! Farmer! Reader)  by Amy_CP
Taken Away (Vindicator X Amy_CP
(Y/n) lived a peaceful life as a farmer together with their parents. One fateful night however, their village gets raided. Johnny, a crazed vindicator, murders their par...
New in Big City //Big City Greens// by Honigkuchlein
New in Big City //Big City Greens//by 𝑴𝒂𝒊𝒌𝒊
𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒊𝒆 𝑮𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒏, Bill Green's eldest daughter, moves to Big City a year before the rest of her family. In Big City, she finds herself in love and a healthy relati...
Drarry a farmer {finished}  by Gryffinpuffgirl_2310
Drarry a farmer {finished} by Gryffinpuff girl
This is a muggle story! ❤️❤️ Draco Lucius Malfoy, a young very rich farmer who has a lot of animals to take care of. Draco inherited everything when his parents passed...
Doctor's Favourite Patient (HARVEY X READER) by zombae444
Doctor's Favourite Patient ( lilymain_ 222
A Harvey fanfic because I'm genuinely so in love with him and this is for all my readers who love him too.
Stardew Valley Oneshots by lactose_intolerant72
Stardew Valley Oneshotsby Lactose_intolerant
Alex x Female player oneshots bc I feel like there aren't enough out there