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Against the God: End of the Gifteds ni suneowara
Against the God: End of the Giftedsni ʀᴀᴍᴇɴ ɴɪ ᴠɪɴɴʏ
GIFTED SERIES #5 Everything has come to an end. To the book, 'The Gifteds', where it all started. It's now against them and to the one who gave them gifts. It's the end...
THE DEVIL'S ANGELIC VOICEni writer na bored
There's a myth that when you hear a beautiful singing voice of a man while hearing some footsteps coming closer to you in the middle of the night ay dapat mo ng simulang...
血月- BLOOD MOON | BL ni stellation_12
血月- BLOOD MOON | BLni Stellar 4U
Liu Jinhua died as one of the victims of the Blood Moon King's awakening. It is a prophecy from the fourth king of the Central Region Empire's terrible nightmare, which...
Tale of Phosedia ni ikwshi0
Tale of Phosediani M
The descendants in the prophecy of an oracle, called Nerys, have shared the greatest memories with each other. Nasa kanila ang bigat nang kakahantungan ng mundo. Kung ma...
Magkabilang Mundo | Escape Series #1 ni lavender23456
Magkabilang Mundo | Escape Leixty
(Parallel Universe) Escape Series #1
Love In The Twilight  ni solely_sassy
Love In The Twilight ni Cassandra
[Vita Y Muerte Academy Series #1] *** Upon Elena's tragic death, she was invited by a grim reaper to study at an extraordinary school where ressurrection is possible so...
Elemental Monarch ni AikaImnida
Elemental Monarchni ᜋᜆᜓᜐᜎᜒᜋ᜔
MESITA SERIES: 2 The powerful always wins.
Before The Coronation  ni yellow654321
Before The Coronation ni yellow654321
(ON-GOING) Arianna Venice Samonte is just your typical college student who really loves reading novels, especially those historical stories. One day, she was invited to...
Unveiling Her Blooming Past ni charmikayimi
Unveiling Her Blooming Pastni mikay
luxuaraen princesses one. a fantasy novel | ongoing. ♡ For the hidden Princess of Virnatr, Demiscyra Amaria Quevarde, she long accepted her life being caged as she obeye...
HERMES  ni Darkalus
HERMES ni Darkalus
When he transferred to Hermes School of Magical Arts, only chaos awaited him.
The Blaze ni YouVANAme
The Blazeni youVANAme
May isang lalaki na madidiskubre na mayroong siyang kapangyarihan at makakapasok sa isang ekuwelahan na nagtuturo ng iba't ibang mahika. Ngunit mula sa pagpasok niya rit...
Realm of the East ni xxladyariesxx
Realm of the Eastni L A D Y A R I E S
REALM SERIES #3 VALLASEA Start: May 28, 2023
Claiming The Throne ni Hangin_57
Claiming The Throneni Black_Roses
LILITH, the woman who possessed the dark Magic and the only one who deserve the throne of Demetria Kingdom
I Became The Adopted Daughter Of The Villain  ni Knight_Uno
I Became The Adopted Daughter Of Knight_Uno
Isang babaing walang pangalan. Ngunit, parang sya si kamatayan sa mundong kanyang pinanggalingan sya ay kinakatakotan.... Subalit, sa kamalas-malasan sya ay pinag traydo...
Maanlicht 1: On The Other World ni altheaklay
Maanlicht 1: On The Other Worldni altheaklay
After the loss of his parents, Matthiou continued his life independently. And even though he's being targeted by the bullies in the university he's currently studying at...
Heart of Moonlight (Elarion Series #1) ni fireflyfiery
Heart of Moonlight (Elarion firefly fairy
Heart of Moonlight In the mystical realm of Elarion, where magic reigns supreme and ancient prophecies whisper in the wind, Ainhoa Adira Devlin's life takes an unexpecte...
The man sitting on tha chair and staring at the stars ni akumafinn15
The man sitting on tha chair and Marchel Patagnan
In Every dream i encountered, he always sit on the chair and staring at the stars.
It's Now or Never ni JoyceForth
It's Now or Neverni Joyce Forth
It's Now or Never Book Title suggested by Kyle Santos Story Description: What is the driving force behind life? Is it physiological, social, emotional, or personal in n...
The Goddess Who Stole His Heart (Assemblage Of Deities #2) ni daylightstalker
The Goddess Who Stole His Heart ( daylightstalker
"We never had past lives because we're deities, and I have been living this one entire lifetime in the hopes of meeting you again, my dear wife." - Dominic ***...
Ang Tanamakya ni jlrescel
Ang Tanamakyani Joey Ocampo
Isa lang ang pakiusap ng Daddy ni Ella- ang mapakinggan ang kuwentong isinulat ni Ella tungkol sa Tanamakya. Tuwing hatinggabi, kapag tahimik na ang mundo, at natapos na...