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The Denial of Hearts (COMPLETED) [wattys 2018] by LJMay03
The Denial of Hearts (COMPLETED) [ LJ May
Sarina lived in an old fashion world when it came to her father. Which was also ironic since she was the heiress of LoTech. When her father came to her with an arranged...
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Knowing Xavier ✓ by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Knowing Xavier ✓by Daisy
| a true story in which a broken boy hides in the shadows until the light finds him | You know what they say about Xavier? The bruises on his body? Probably a result of...
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Finding Normal In Hollyville by meeksadorable
Finding Normal In Hollyvilleby Omei
Edwardus Augustinus is a man on a mission to find normalcy. Tired of always feeling like he is living under a microscope being daily scrutinized by the public and his fa...
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Moon Dust by HathorRao
Moon Dustby ElachiRavora
Michi Querales-Figuero was desperate for a new start. Everything that could go wrong in Madrid had gone wrong. Her ex-boyfriend had accidentally flooded her house as the...
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TOMBOY by Bretaughtyou
TOMBOYby Bretaughtyou
Sasha Swedenburg is nothing like the 'other girls' and is constantly reminded of that by everyone in her life. With a boyish style and sick skills on the court, Sasha is...
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Royals-The Final Chapter by Abha3006
Royals-The Final Chapterby Abha Dikshit
It was love at first Sight for Vikram Rathore when his eyes fell on timid Sonakshi. Not the one to get into stupid games, but he decides to take up a fight challenge in...
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Upside Down: A Fallen Novel by clwalters
Upside Down: A Fallen Novelby clwalters
Abby thinks that fitting into her new school is her biggest problem. Except she discovers she has a gift, or maybe a curse. She can see frightening paranormal beings: de...
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The Wielders- First In the Series by bookworm48597
The Wielders- First In the Seriesby Its Mackenzie
The wielders are facing an impeding doom. With zero ways of defending themselves from the shadowy shifters the lurk in the shadows of the Roakeon Mountains. With their b...
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Bad For You by Beyouyea
Bad For Youby Slim8
16 year old AJ is daughter of king pin BJ and youngest of his four kids. With no mom to look to AJ had to figure things out on her own without a mother's touch. 17 year...
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Hazel Walker: The Beginning of Everything by Yazmin1writes
Hazel Walker: The Beginning of Yazmin
Hazel Walker expected her fifth year at Silver Oak Academy to be exactly the same as her previous years. But after befriending the new pupils things take a dark turn as...
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Outer Space by jucr23
Outer Spaceby Claire
Escape. One word, just one word. This single word simply meant to break free from confinement or control. ........... Jemma felt confined, she felt controlled. She was f...
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Under A Layer of Water by WaterRoseCrystal
Under A Layer of Waterby Kyria-Dovah
Jack Liam and Kalia Florence have been best friends for as long as they could remember. They've been known as inseparable and impossible to see one without the other. O...
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Ghetto  by Beyouyea
Ghetto by Slim8
Read to find out 🤷🏽‍
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Alexis and Alex  by lexy190s
Alexis and Alex by lexy190s
When Alexis was walking home from school one day she heard a noise coming from the woods across the street from her house and she falls on the ground because she feels t...
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His world of Darkness became mines!  by angelzzkl89
His world of Darkness became angelzzkl89
I'm Kylie and this is my TRUTH! I was enjoying my night after graduating high school, I seen this fine ass guy with tattoos and pretty eyes just my type. He allowed his...
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The ruthless pack by ZaraNoelle
The ruthless packby ZaraNoelle
Scarlett is a hardcore supernatural creature. She is not only the beta of the Vindictive pack but also the alpha warrior of their military division. She hates the fact...
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Classroom Big Sister: My Hero Academia FanFiction by SugaryGrimmReaper
Classroom Big Sister: My Hero 🍡Mad Marshmallow🍡
"I, Ivory Seeks, promise to not only protect my family. But to protect you....and all of Japan." "And we, Class 1-A, promise to become great heroes and pr...
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Alastor x Reader by CircusBallora2018
Alastor x Readerby CircusBallora2018
In 1924, (Y/N) worked as a seamstress for the nobles. Tailoring dresses to make a living. Everything was normal, until a strange smiling man came into her shop. Read mo...
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I Hit Mr. Billionaire with an Umbrella by summerhurricane
I Hit Mr. Billionaire with an amaranthine
"You know what?" He whispered to my ear. "Hmnn?" "It's getting hard" I got blushed instantly. What was getting hard? Millions of ungodly p...
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Bad Boy Brady by Bookworm_Tina
Bad Boy Bradyby Tina
"I don't trust you." Amelia said in all honesty. "Smart girl." Brady said. Amelia took a step closer. "But," Brady stopped what he was bu...
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