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Arknights: Fractured Memories by Immortality_Sucks
Arknights: Fractured Memoriesby Immortality Sucks
Rosmontis doesn't remember much about her past. The second she woke up she was riddled with bandages and other medical stuff she can't seem to remember the name off, eve...
A Page of Thoughts by MatthewsonGibs
A Page of Thoughtsby Matt(ress)
Art by "the empty trip" on Pixiv One-shots, or two-shots of various topics. HoloLive or anime, mostly. I will include games now and then as well. I will make...
Ang Ilaw Ni Pepe by UnknownymouslyGrim
Ang Ilaw Ni Pepeby Dark Reaper
Prologue: Baryo Dilim. Pangalan palang malagim na. Paano pa kaya pagnakapunta ka na? Si Maha, Jane, Isobelle, Jion, Eariel, Kyla, Ulysses, at Allezandra. Walong magkakai...
Moony and the Picasso Werewolf (Deadfic) by MrsWolf6
Moony and the Picasso Werewolf (De...by Mrs. Wolf
After moving into her new neighborhood, she discovered something she wasn't expecting... a big werewolf. She eventually learns more about the werewolf after it saved her...
University essay collection by magicseeker
University essay collectionby magicseeker
A compilation of university essays made the night before the due date.
Son of God (Male Reader x Ulysses: JEANNE D'ARC AND THE ALCHEMIST KNIGHT) by bulbsaur213
Son of God (Male Reader x Ulysses:...by bulbsaur213
A mysterious man, by the name of Y/n L/n, teams up with Alchemist Knight, Montmorency, as they work with the power of alchemy to reach immortality. Will Y/n accept his f...
The Courier's of Remnant by combatmonster44
The Courier's of Remnantby combatmonster44
What if the rocket exploded inside the Divide where the two courier known as six aka Y/n L/n and Ulysses where at them in a few others that six knew got blasted into ano...
Voyage Out by MireillePavane
Voyage Outby MireillePavane
Lucia and Charley are the products of Old New York's ruling elite. Prestige. Wealth. Tradition. Scandal. No one is immune. Not Charley, reckless, blithe courtier of trou...
Thrilling Ideas by xWhiteLightning
Thrilling Ideasby Ryan
This is a compilation of my thriller ideas. Please tell me which ones interest you and that you want me to write. Feedback on the ideas will be well met.
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Make You Mine  by leeash136
Make You Mine by Rae April
Ulysses Markus Davidson is a perfect example of a perfect man. Everybody's ideal guy. Gentleman, respectful, caring, loving - to everyone, except her. 10 years. Althea...
Ulysses G. High School- The Absolute Worst Place On The Planet by Icycoldhot
Ulysses G. High School- The Absolu...by Mark
"To stop myself from getting hit, I punched her in the gut." "Now I see you're just crazy. You're just a crazy mess." "It's too late for sorry...
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Fallout: Day of the Courier by OlivierMacmillan
Fallout: Day of the Courierby Olivier Macmillan
Some people might say that death would've came for the courier bearing a bullet to the brain. The courier says differently. The courier always cheated his fate. He'd mar...
Regarding Naylons by EdwardWestJr
Regarding Naylonsby Edward West Jr
One of many short stories from Nevarre featuring Ulysses, a traveler with control over magic who often encounters supernatural beings known as esttusir.