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Daddy's Rayyal by ThinnMon
Daddy's Rayyalby Thadar Khin
ရေရယ်က Daddy Fuckတာကိုခံချင်တာ Bl
The Hot Shot Club 7: The Cool Guy (Completed) by Zayllah_Ysaac
The Hot Shot Club 7: The Cool Guy...by Nessie
Rajon Eros x Maine Ranchel (Epistolary)
YOU → tom hiddleston  by AGENTSOUSA
YOU → tom hiddleston by m
"why did it have to be you?" or in which tom gets a new assistant. [tom hiddleston] [#3 in social] [book six in the social media series]
BABY ISSUES - harry styles  by -PLUTOSFAIRY
BABY ISSUES - harry styles by 𝔄LARNI
the one when she and harry styles happen to have a drunken night with a perfect mistake
If The Pokémon Characters Had Facebook [Completed] by Sylveon12
If The Pokémon Characters Had Face...by Chloe
What would happen if the Pokémon characters had Facebook? Horrible things? Dramatic things? Weird things? Irrelevant things? Unnecessary things? The possibilities are en...
The Unexpected groom{Completed} by myworld92
The Unexpected groom{Completed}by myworld
How do you feel when you get married to a person whom you saw few times and chatted with him/her in facebook ?? Interesting right ?? Check out the story of Rishab Kundr...
The Fat Bitch Diet by arkhanbooks
The Fat Bitch Dietby arkhanbooks
"I don't think he's a member; he must be the new personal trainer." Bursting with humor and emotion, The Fat Bitch Diet tells the light-hearted story of a hea...
Bon Bons to Yoga Pants by KatieCross4
Bon Bons to Yoga Pantsby Katie Cross
Lexie Greene has always had such a pretty face. Unfortunately, that's where it seemed to stop. She's grown up hearing her Mother constantly remind her that she needs...
The Hot Shot Club 4: The Effortless Dater (Completed) by Zayllah_Ysaac
The Hot Shot Club 4: The Effortles...by Nessie
Elian Yusuf x Rosie Rai (Epistolary)
The Hot Shot Club 6: The Popular Dude (Completed) by Zayllah_Ysaac
The Hot Shot Club 6: The Popular D...by Nessie
Eli Landon x Kirsten Jaysel (Epistolary)
Unwinding (Completed) by larrysbrokensong
Unwinding (Completed)by 🕸
"You never meant a word you said." - In which Harry makes a fake account on facebook to scam. He targets Louis Tomlinson, the rich freshman at his school. Harr...
Lover Boy | c. beomgyu ✔ by enhagain
Lover Boy | c. beomgyu ✔by ˚. Ɛl3 .˚
Choi Beomgyu waved at you. Choi Beomgyu sent you a message. Choi Beomgyu: I heard you like me? - Completed. © enhagain 2021
BabyDaddy|| Shawn Mendes Social Media Story by whitemanscumslut
BabyDaddy|| Shawn Mendes Social Me...by a lil cumslut
"manifesting shawn mendes being my baby daddy" @shawnmendes started following you @shawnmendes commented on your post A Shawn Mendes Social Media Story
adebimpe the facebook girl  by exibit_creator
adebimpe the facebook girl by exibit_creator
A very erotic story of a guy who happens to bleep every girl he meets it all started from a girl named adebimpe he met on Facebook follow me and enjoy. Don't forget to v...
Sonic Crew on Facebook by LostInYesteryear
Sonic Crew on Facebookby LostInYesteryear
What if the Sonic gang had Facebook? Relationships, friendships, posts around every corner, even Eggman doing what he does best. What goes on in the life of Sonic and hi...
Haikyuu!! on Facebook by callmeallysa
Haikyuu!! on Facebookby 『𝔸𝕤𝕪𝕝𝕝𝕒』
What would happen if Haikyuu characters have their own Facebook accounts? Date Started: 01/30/2016 Highest Ranking: #3 in Random (12/6/2016) ALSO AVAILABLE IN: Spani...
WHY ?! My rape story. by 0riv3r
WHY ?! My rape story.by Jocelyne
Why ? I never asked for anything, i was only 14.. you Raped me and left me to cope with the pain...
If Haikyuu Had Facebook by kyothedinonerd
If Haikyuu Had Facebookby kyo
Haikyu!! ハイキュー!! ● Manga ● Written by Haruichi Furudate Published by Shueisha ● Anime ● Directed by Susumu Mitsunaka Written by Taku Kishimoto Studio: Production I.G x...
That Funny Chat - Joseph Morgan by Terezyalezz
That Funny Chat - Joseph Morganby terezyalezz
Today your birthday. what do you want? - Papa Daniel. . Hmm. I don't know. I spending my Birthday on clouds for 12 hours. I need entertainment! - Eleanor. . I got an ide...
Transformers Prime FaceBook by Sheik1998
Transformers Prime FaceBookby The Knights who say " Ni!"
Miko did it again, she gave the team some dumb idea, it's called Facebook, all the bots are addicted to it and are constantly on....even Prime.....and somehow the cons f...