Hello! I'm an avid reader who also loves to write for fun. 
Here's what you'll get with my stories:
A strong h.
An H who messes up (never the h!) with either cheating (and I consider kissing OW cheating) or some other betrayal.
An H who gets his a$$ handed to him for said mess up.
An H doing the grovel to HEA! (Always, always, always have to have an HEA between the H and h, but the H has to really work for it.)
And, in cases of nasty OW...karma will be stopping by to say hello.

What you'll never get:
An h moving on to another man in a serious way.
The h having revenge s3x (it's just not going to happen).
The h and OW becoming friends (that is also never going to happen).

Happy reading, friends. Enjoy!
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Stories by GroveltoHEA
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