So... stuff happened. 

Thanos kidnapps Zelda with Odd1sOut and takes her to Narnia on the magic school bus. But then Triss rides in on her nimbus 2000 and saves Zelda and takes her to camp camp.Bilbo Baggins escapes camp, max is jealous. Rumplestilskin, Remus, Alastor and Bill Cipher make a deal, excluding Beetlejuice because he's weird, even for them. Together they kidnapp Jack Frost and Peter Pan because they want to steal their youth energy so that Phineas, Ferb, Milo Murfy, Dipper and Mabel will never grow up so the Disney Channel can be saved but Ash Ketchum gets it all somehow instead and stays 11 for 30 years. Thor walks in on this confusion and slowly backs out, assuming its Loki. Levi and Karma become friends. Time baby then takes the delorian back in time so he can catch the tartus so he can save pistachios from Bill and Ted. He accidentally runs over fireheart who looses a life. Rick and Morty then escape from Katniss Everdeen in the fastest piece of junk in the galaxy. Pearl is stuck in the Multiverse, constantly screaming in confusion. In Teribethia, Gandalf and Dumbledore play chess to see who wins the starship Enterprise. So Dr Who takes the Avengers Tower and Marty McFly keeps the Higher Institute of Villainous Education. Steven Universe and Princess Bubblegum use Pikachu, Danny Phantom, Wirt's , and Indiana Jones's help to stop Black Hat who's saved by Star Butterfly. Deku breaks his arms. Again.Hanako laughs while stabbing Light with Levi and Erin.Then Sphen,Cristoff, wilbur soot, and Varian sing. This mess has deeply disturbed the Justice League. So the dolphins say 'so long and thanks for the fish' and the apes take over the planet. Somewhere in there there was an explosion or two. And the worlds now an egg. Dio laughs. Ball Monokuma joins him.


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Tommy Gets Therapy
Tommy runs away. you've seen a thousand of these aus and stories. but this time, it's less about him leaving...
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Spotify calling me out again  by Iexist_congrats
Spotify calling me out again
this went well last time sooo
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We're doing this by Iexist_congrats
We're doing this
it's gone extinct? I'll bring it back. Afterall, someone has to be the villain.
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