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The Tudor Witch Book 1 Mistress by sherby16
The Tudor Witch Book 1 Mistressby Sherby
1523. King Henry VIII is in desperate need of a male heir. Mistress Katherine Champernowne, a young maiden of noble blood, has been sent from France to the English court...
  • england
  • boylen
  • thehistoricalaward2019
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Temptress by DangothIII
Temptressby DangothIII
'It's odd really, being one of Henry VIII many mistresses, but I was always his favorite...' Ivy Vandell is a 17 year old maid, working for the royal service of Henry VI...
  • wattys2019
  • tudor
  • kingofengland
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The Seymour Girl •The Other Boleyn Girl by prettyinpink1106
The Seymour Girl •The Other Boleyn...by prettyinpink1106
Catherine Seymour was sent away from her family and was raised by the Boleyns who treated her like a daughter and sister. When Mary Boleyn marries and Anne is told to en...
  • boleyn
  • anneboleyn
  • wattys2019
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Maîtresse-en-titre [Henry VIII] by Secret-writer91
Maîtresse-en-titre [Henry VIII]by Secret-Writer91
Desperate to bring England back into the fold, Pope Clement comes up with a plan that will shake things up in England for good.
  • romance
  • medici
  • anneboleyn
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(ON HOLD! )Passion (Reign TV Series FanFiction) by SadeCerise
(ON HOLD! )Passion (Reign TV Serie...by SadeBlunsdon
It's 1557 and 2 Girls by the name of Mary and Adelaide Stuart are the Queens of Scotland. Both girls are living in a convent since they were young when their lives were...
  • sebastian
  • mary
  • greer
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A Tua Vã Filosofia by Mii-Luna
A Tua Vã Filosofiaby Mii-Luna
[Romance Gay] "No ano de 1592, os teatros londrinos tiveram suas portas fechadas devido a um surto de peste. Em uma noite de verão, atores e colaboradores são deix...
  • shakespeare
  • manxman
  • ficçãohistórica
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The Forgotten Tudor Queen by Silkties
The Forgotten Tudor Queenby Silkties
Amid heartbreak for his late wife, Henry VIII has secluded himself from the court. Maidens are vying for his attention but none can distract him from his despair. That...
  • medieval
  • lady
  • greatbritain
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Eu si dragostea mea... by mirelagroian14
Eu si dragostea mea...by Melanie☻
Momentul in care invidia si gelozia se completeaza atat de bine cu dragostea. Acțiunea se învârte în jurul lui draguta, fina, gingaşa şi timida Mia care mereu e supusa...
  • ura
  • iubire
  • dragoste
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→ la plus heureuse :: incorrect tudors quotes.  by boleynsheir
→ la plus heureuse :: incorrect tu...by 𝖒𝖊𝖌𝖆𝖗𝖆,
"my sleeves may be green, but my lipstick is red." incorrect tudors quotes.
  • tudor
  • henrytudor
  • catherineparr
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Arthur by SissaRomanova
Arthurby Sissa
Elizabeth of York married Henry Tudor after the bloody War of the Roses ended. Their first son, Arthur, represented everything England needed: union, peace and prosperit...
  • henryvii
  • rose
  • arthur
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Behind Boleyn by traci_edmunds
Behind Boleynby Traci Edmunds
Mutterings of witchcraft always made her stays relatively short, and Millie was ready to stay somewhere for a longer period of time. The rise of Christianity had not bee...
  • anneboleyn
  • ewa2019
  • eliteawards2019
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Divine Salvation  by HausOfTudor
Divine Salvation by Haus Of Tudors
On May 2, 1536 Anne Boleyn's castle begins to crumble down when she is arrested on the counts of treason, adultery, and witchcraft and is escorted to the Tower of Londo...
  • tudor
  • queenelizabethi
  • maryqueenofscots
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Can anyone save us form our love  by shan1536
Can anyone save us form our love by shan 1536
A new girl and the queen fall in love but when the queen life is in danger the new girl must use her vampire side to protect her self and the in danger queen.
  • romance
  • vampire
  • tudor
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The Foreign Princess by sofia-carson
The Foreign Princessby sofia-carson
This is the story about a young Princess who's life is at stake thanks to a war. To keep her safe, her father sends her to England. There, she will meet new friends, old...
  • henryviii
  • thetudors
  • mistress
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To Catch A King by issyfh
To Catch A Kingby Issy ❤️
'...The first thing I notice about him is his weight. The rumours are true: he is spoilt and fat, so different from the young Renaissance prince I have heard he once was...
  • king
  • fiction
  • mistresses
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Destiny Burden | A Tudor FF  by MadlyChaos
Destiny Burden | A Tudor FF by MadlyChaos
Anastasias Family Is in Danger since the Russian Family can be a threat to the Russian Crown her family is hunted down. She is the last hope for her family and has to be...
  • anneboleyn
  • henryviii
  • tudor
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The Serving Rose by Bunnydynamic
The Serving Roseby Bunnydynamic
Lady Rosa accompanies the Infanta to England. There she will find love, danger and the Tudor court
  • henryviii
  • infanta
  • romance
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Little Gloriana  by LovaticLove98
Little Gloriana by LovaticLove98
Her mother has been murdered by her father, her father and sister neglecting her, her kinsmen betrayed her. Elizabeth Tudor was alone and no longer living at Hatfield. L...
  • anne
  • catherineparr
  • baby
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The Life of Elizabeth Tudor by Tabithafaithxx
The Life of Elizabeth Tudorby Tabitha-Faith
The story of the daughter of the King HenryVIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth was only two years old when her mother was executed due to charges she did no...
  • henryviii
  • anneboleyn
  • tudor
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The Sovereign- Queen Elizabeth I by Bineee
The Sovereign- Queen Elizabeth Iby Bineee
//Highest rank: #32 in Historical Fiction as of 5th of July, 2017// The palace was cold and bleak. It was no place to call home. So much hatred filled these adorned corr...
  • murder
  • medieval
  • betrayal
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