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A Little Tease by TamaraLush
A Little Teaseby TamaraLush
This book is a collection of short stories, writing prompts and Wattpad contest entries. In 2020 I'll be exploring more contests and writing challenges, and the snippets...
Ruination | ✓ by vividlycrimson18
Ruination | ✓by ingri
"tell me a story today, my wicked king." in which poetry bleeds, but not like the sins of mad kings and wicked witches, red drips like tears to the sound of th...
Quotes and Excerpts of Alchemist  by amyUnar
Quotes and Excerpts of Alchemist by am_un
I do not own "The Alchemist" or any of its characters or anything. It belongs to Paulo Coelho. This book was created to gather or write down all my favorite qu...
Fanaa - Destroyed in Love (Short stories/scenes)  by saltysarrah
Fanaa - Destroyed in Love (Short s...by Sarrah
(n.) destruction of the self; "destroyed in love" A collection of short stories, excerpts, scenes I write. Probably going to be super sappy and sometimes corn...
The Boss Lady's Man by CaitlynRachelC
The Boss Lady's Manby Caitlyn Coker
"Look, Toni. Not everyone who comes into your life is there just to use you. Some people are there because they really do care about you" Erik's calmed voice o...
Almost | ✓ by existingsouls
Almost | ✓by soul 彡
Isn't that the saddest word? Almost. Something with so much potential... but just didn't happen. We were almost lovers. We almost lived. These were almost stories. ●●● [...
Surviving the Mercers by The_Starzee
Surviving the Mercersby Starzee
So this is going to be a 'book' compiled of deleted scenes, excerpts of chapters to come, character profiles and intervies. Basically everything related to all of the Me...
sweet love  ↻ nct - bp by ibiasjinah
sweet love ↻ nct - bpby JINAH
❀ a collection of one shots, scenarios, and excerpts from upcoming stories. ©ibiasjinah
They Say Love Hides Behind Every Corner. I Must Be Walking In Circles! by TheFlamingPopsicle
They Say Love Hides Behind Every C...by Alexandria Michelle
Shay Barron is not afraid to be herself, or to be criticized for it. When she meets Forrest Rivers, he realizes that the hard way: She steals his milk. Forrest falls for...
The Unknown Lycan Heir (1# The Lycan Series) ✔ | SAMPLE by Catherine_Edward
The Unknown Lycan Heir (1# The Lyc...by Catherine Edward
🌟COMPLETED 🌟 Highest rank #2 in werewolf as on 8th May 2017 || BOOK ONE IN THE LYCAN SERIES || Completed - First draft and self edited.|| 🔹Winner of TRUE COLOU...
the way you make me feel  by nwritings_
the way you make me feel by N
a collection of excerpts that will make you understand the way you make me feel.
ACOSMIST ✔︎ by epiphxnies
ACOSMIST ✔︎by vintxae
poetry for everything we felt II and everything we didn't
hues, poetry by rnsaints
hues, poetryby 𝑅.
someday, you will never have to worry. poetry & prose by rnsaints, 2020
Junkyard by xXarch1angelXx
Junkyardby 白影_12
Welcome to Junkyard where I post a bunch of words per entry to rebuild my writing groove. They may be short stories, poems, rants or non-fic articles. So far there are v...
LILAC MUSINGS. by cyniqul
graced poetic rambles & what-not. lower-case intended.
Fragments by NovaWestt
Fragmentsby ✨ n o v a ✨
Excerpts from stories I will never finish. (At least I doubt it.) Yes, Leo, Genissa, and Saire were originally part of a story together. Though, the story never really '...
Ephemeral : Six Word Stories (Collection #2) by Maria_Len_
Ephemeral : Six Word Stories (Coll...by Maria_Len_
Six Word Stories by Marlen Saga [Made just for you] ... n. ephemeral  :something that lasts for a very short time "...•..." Read at your own risk! "...•...
an honest mess with potential by twentyonewut
an honest mess with potentialby drypaint
highest ranking #2 (13.11.18) a collection of stories i'll never complete, poetry that's second place material, fantasies that will never come true and a bunch of other...