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EP and Boy Wonder by MarlyWithey
EP and Boy Wonderby Marly Withey
I've been obsessing over Tom Holland and EP suggests I write a fanfic starring himself and Tom.
  • marlywrites
  • fiction
  • vignette
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~~dom/sub thoughts~~ by Hamiltrash_and_stuff
~~dom/sub thoughts~~by Alice Warnick
i'm a lesbian with smut ideas. oneshots.
  • bdsm
  • nsfw
  • bxb
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Hot and Cold (Gabriel dropout x fem! Reader) by Bwahahauthor
Hot and Cold (Gabriel dropout x Generic Author
The war of Heaven and Hell has finally come, except the Angels and Demons aren't fighting for divine power over all existence, they're fighting over you ❤️
  • satania
  • raphiel
  • gabrieldropout
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In the Dark by MelissaBatYahu
In the Darkby Melissa BatYahu
A conversation leads to the realization that help is unreachable and the Keyblade's Chosen must be protected at all costs.
  • drabble
  • xion
  • roxas
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Wattpad Stories Into Movies by 12amwriting
Wattpad Stories Into Moviesby Grace [on break <3]
**i'll be uploading new pieces soon** romance.steamy.heartbreaking.cliche bad boy good girl. each vignette is like a wattpad story made into a movie Love, Grace ...
  • funny
  • thefeels
  • videos
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Gabriel Dropout  by tokkidino
Gabriel Dropout by TOKKIDINO
A story about an angel that graduated since then and became a so called 'fallen-angel'. After playing video games, she then realized what the real world actually is beca...
  • devils
  • raphiel
  • wattpadbest
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Unspoken Vignettes by anabananaana
Unspoken Vignettesby Ana
Perhaps it is better left unfinished.
  • heartbreak
  • entries
  • life
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Distorted Memories by Yanna_Monster
Distorted Memoriesby Naømi
Distorted Memories began as a school project when I was in high school. These stories provided me with closure I never knew I needed. Now Distorted Memories has morph in...
  • angels
  • savinggrace
  • truestories
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Protagonista masculino en Gabriel DropOut. by OtakUwU_CL
Protagonista masculino en OtakUwU_CL
Fanfic sobre el anime "Gabriel DropOut". En esta obra INCLUIRE a un nuevo personaje dentro de la historia, un chico sin nombre al que me referire como "El...
  • vignette
  • harem
  • raphiel
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[BTS FF] Verstand by ryokucha136
[BTS FF] Verstandby ryokucha136
[A BrotherShip Collection] Starring : BTS member (Mainly V) length : Oneshot (with or without Sequel), Two Shoot, Longshoot verstand (Dutch) mind, sense, understanding...
  • taehyung
  • angst
  • koreanfanfic
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Vignettes for fun and practice by SadieThePseudonym
Vignettes for fun and practiceby SadieThePseudonym
Vignettes to develop my skills and voice.
  • vignette
Gabriel Dropout Oneshots by RowlfTator
Gabriel Dropout Oneshotsby RowlfTator
Hey Guys! I'm a new writer here and i decided to write a oneshot series for this anime as my first work ..i hope you all like it and i'd really appreciate any comment o...
  • raphiel
  • gabriel
  • xmalereader
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Gabriel Drop Out Chatroom! by Kounikiri23
Gabriel Drop Out Chatroom!by Koumechii
A book wherein the characters of the anime called "Gabriel Drop Out" discover something called "Messenger" and will start using it for messaging. Th...
  • gabriel
  • satanya
  • anime
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City of Bridges by cartazon
City of Bridgesby Stace Dumoski
Neda Fleuracy just wants to learn sword fighting, but the outdated laws and customs in Corregal make that impossible. Good thing she's not the kind of girl who takes &qu...
  • strong-female-character
  • swords
  • fantasy-romance
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The Wife's Tears by naricasdr
The Wife's Tearsby Cari
If a hurting wife could turn her tears into words... Will someone read? Will someone care?
  • shortchapters
  • otherwoman
  • unrequited
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The Loki Chronicles: Treasured Moments by user98735533
The Loki Chronicles: Treasured Masada42
It's a treasured moment whenever I spend time with my mischievous friend. These are ongoing vignettes written before and after the events of "My Friend Loki: The P...
  • moral
  • friendship
  • loki
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Paint Swatch Files by HarrietStuart
Paint Swatch Filesby Harriet Stuart
From a Kwal Paint sample catalogue and its ridiculous names of colors (is that pink really 'metaphysical?' Why is the 'ninth century' blue? And 'excite,' 'sizzle,' 'flus...
  • flashfiction
  • shortstory
  • vignette
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▼over skin || hyunlix▼ by smoczyprencik
▼over skin || hyunlix▼by crabbyconnor
Gdy oczy desperancko patrzyły w ziemię, serce z nadzieją spoglądało w niebo.
  • fanfiction
  • vignette
  • lime
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Love for Life by kleptotoid
Love for Lifeby oʇdǝlʞ
This is a Poetry book. (Yes that's a sims reference) Thank you for the amazing cover @MyNameIsAzzy yes go follow them. They are cool
  • hospital
  • poetry
  • blackout
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Reasons to Live -flash fiction stories *WattpadBlockParty-Featured* by Nyhterides
Reasons to Live -flash fiction Christine Bottas
This collection tells of life, pain, suffering, and sometimes even happiness. I hope you will enjoy. Thanks to @wendythestoryteller , a super talented writer and artis...
  • flash
  • anthology
  • vignette
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