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Millionaires | NCTPINK AU by hipsari
Millionaires | NCTPINK AUby hipsari
It Girl aka the girl that EVERYONE wants to be. She has everything that anyone could ever want so people envy her a lot. All boys want her while the girls want to be her...
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𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 by mrlaignc
𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬by mariela
" I'm sorry your highness" I rolled my eyes • a jenyong ff start: November 10, 2019 end: -- All Rights Reserved 2019 ____________________________________ If yo...
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~Sacrifice~ by BlackCT9596
~Sacrifice~by BlackCT9596
Park Soo Jin is a childhood bestfriend of Lee Taeyong and like him since they were kids. Soo Jin is the type that always sacrifice for others including her love for Taey...
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Fall in love like a star by leanggech
Fall in love like a starby leanggech
This story will bring an artist and agent/manager relationship. Experiences, hard-workings can be impossible for love sometimes. Started: November 11 2018 Ended : Janua...
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Ètoile || Jenyong by taengtaengiee
Ètoile || Jenyongby ❈
Etoile; Star In which Kim Jennie, the woman Lee Taeyong got an arranged marriage with, became his star.
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8TEEN | l.ty + k.jn by ibiasjinah
8TEEN | l.ty + k.jnby JINAH
━ why two delinquents should never fall in love. ©IBIASJINAH
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honey by yerveluv
honeyby yerms
all the pretty girls in the world, but i'm in this space with you. oneshots, starring lee taeyong and kim jennie.
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You've Changed me [jenyong ff] by yourykm
You've Changed me [jenyong ff]by ~ D ♥️
Taeyong is known as school bad boy he bullies everyone and he always breaks every girls heart because of his ex girlfriend, Yeri which he met 3years ago. for past 3years...
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Kingdom Come by larriohsah
Kingdom Comeby ➳ Blessing ◍
There have been many fables, many fairy tales and many stories. They've been treated like they're man made, leaving readers to decide whether they're true or not. But ju...
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Busan, im in Love! | JENYONG️ ✔ by purplemyemim_
Busan, im in Love! | JENYONG️ ✔by sekar🌼
Kisah cinta Jennie berawal dari pertemuan tidak sengajanya dengan laki-laki playboy bernama Taeyong di kota Busan. Dan karena ajakan tiba-tiba Taeyong kepada Jennie untu...
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THE ETHEREAL | ↻ nct - bp - mx by ibiasjinah
THE ETHEREAL | ↻ nct - bp - mxby JINAH
Goemul Institute is known for housing the half-bloods of 'monsters'. Taught to use their magic and powers for good, the students in attendance must learn chivalry, inte...
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The Clock by BurgundyPink
The Clockby ly~ (on hiatus)
12 numbers 12 different people In this school, things are kinda strange and amazing actually.The students that are studying here are exceptional, but the competition in...
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untamed » nctpink [ ✔ ] by ParamJennie
untamed » nctpink [ ✔ ]by BLINK AGAIN
•Jennie's a trouble maker •Taeyong's hot •Rosé is smart •Jaehyun is a jock •Lisa's a dance machine •Ten is humorous •Jisoo isn't that bright •Yuta's a savage player They...
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HEYS & GOODBYES - nctpink by jungjae-
HEYS & GOODBYES - nctpinkby chaeese
a collection of epis.
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bet → jaerosé. by trashlands
bet → jaerosé.by — y.
❝ okay, i'm sorry i cut your cheek with a flying empty soda can.❞ in which a bet from jaehyun's friends is to get the school sweetheart, park chaeyoung to hate him. [ d...
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ETERNAL - nctpink by jungjae-
ETERNAL - nctpinkby chaeese
ETERNAL. Long lasting, forever, infinitive, probably won't end. Eternal is collection of NCTPINK one-shots and drabbles. The writer is open for requests and suggestions...
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A Song for You by larriohsah
A Song for Youby ➳ Blessing ◍
Music is a universal language; anyone can understand it. NCTpink one-shots
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reasons not to unlove him. - taeyong. by akrtrbl
reasons not to unlove him. - akila
just how can you unlove someone like lee taeyong? ㅡ akrtrbl, 2017.
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[TaeyongxJennie] My Muse by MiaaParkk
[TaeyongxJennie] My Museby MiaaParkk
You ran away You broke my heart and then you ran away And now you come back with a marriage offer, you want me to help promote your career But why did I agree? I was wro...
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 ❛ VALENTINE ❜ ㅡ; JENNIE by httpsoyeonie
C O M P L E T E D ❝ and yeah, his name is Valentine ❞ - ❛ in which the girl keeps on bugging the boy named 'Valentine' ❜ ❥ jennie of bp x taeyong of nct ❥ square up seri...
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