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The Princess of the Wilderness for the Chalk Prince( Albedo x FemReader ) by Summer89high
The Princess of the Wilderness フロリス
Suddenly you woke up in some unknown place and was found by a traveller with no recollection of anything except for some people. It seemed like you had been sleeping for...
The Hollow by ddunakin
The Hollowby Dean Dunakin
He turned his back on the devastated world of his past. Now he's the only hope to save it. Nōm is an aging transient, comfortably discontent with his small life at the e...
~𝔸𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕥𝕚𝕔𝕤~ by SkepticalRoughDraft
~𝔸𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕥𝕚𝕔𝕤~by Skeptical RoughDraft
A book basically portraying my mood swings / emotions. I'm really going to depend on this book for venting. [Warning]: literally almost every chapter in this book is abo...
Bendy And The Ink Machine-All Audio Logs And Voices by sammylawrenceink
Bendy And The Ink Machine-All Sammy
All Audio Logs and Voices from Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 1-5 Characters: Joey Drew: lead animator and founder Henry: co-founder and former animator Wally Frank...
Kit and Tully, Love or Music - Oddballs & Outcasts | Teen Fiction | Audio by MochaVonBee
Kit and Tully, Love or Music - Mocha
🎖 Featured on Teen Fiction Reading List #YA Ambassadors🎖Love or Music... Which should they choose and what price do they have to pay? Love will give Kit and Tully a fu...
Blackpink Facts by beautiful_sueno1019
Blackpink Factsby Beautiful Sueño
Are you ready to learn some mind-blowing facts about your girls Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose? Well, my friends, you have come to the right place. In this book, I will be...
Radio West by KeriHalfacre
Radio Westby Keri Halfacre
You're listening to WLST Radio West with your host, Sal McClellan, as he accidentally live broadcasts the night of a sinister ritual. When Sal asks listeners to call in...
subliminal journal ✦ 2019 subliminal log by sakurahoe
subliminal journal ✦ 2019 trash 🌙
this is my journal in which i publish updates of how my subliminal results are going ♡
Profile Guide by music
Profile Guideby Music | Ambassadors
Profile contents, our reading lists, guide to story submissions, helpful Wattpad guides, and profile etiquette.
Edit audios by anvilovesux
Edit audiosby anvz
Just a few edit audio artists I put together for u guys! 🌸
Sunny Brenner was just 17 years old when she posted her last video on Snap Chat. One that's been shared now millions of times and plastered on many true-crime websites a...
Informed (Vampire x listener)(Audio RP) (M4A) by Fenrir096
Informed (Vampire x listener)( Fenrir096
You've known about the existence of vampires for several years thanks to your friend, Franklin. One night he comes over to your home to avoid the sun's wrath. You ask Fr...
"Were You Listening to Me, Neo?": Sound Design in The Matrix by elliotcaroll
"Were You Listening to Me, Neo?" Elliot Caroll
Watch the kung fu-meets-anime sci-fi classic again with your ears open, and learn about how the sounds you hear help to take you down the rabbit hole.
SUPERZERO by jr0127
Despite being diagnosed as delusional, eighteen-year old Zack Fulton is convinced that he's a real-life super hero born to save the world--one small town at a time. His...
The Witness by heater0387
The Witnessby H.M. Hood
Top 10 finalist in the #mediacorpcontent contest! "This was supposed to be a routine mission. Nate Banks was the last host, and I could finally put this piece of hi...
The Beginning | Free Audio..., by LolaAdmiresF
The Beginning | Free Audio...,by LolaAdmiresF
Imagine that the person you love says this to you. Than you get it✨
Masks and Cherries by MidnightSkyeNeko
Masks and Cherriesby Midnight Skye
This is a small fanfiction I wrote for the characters of Bear's Audio Emporium. The events in this story have some dark themes, so I advise caution. I hope you enjoy...
Ariana Grande Facts 6 by beautiful_sueno1019
Ariana Grande Facts 6by Beautiful Sueño
Here is another Ariana Grande Facts book for you guys. Enjoy! Cover designed by me Started: March 14, 2021 Ended: September 24, 2021 Rankings: #1 in audio #2 in audio #3...
tHE pODCAST by ishq_anhad
tHE pODCASTby ishq "maar" dalta hai
disCUSSION in Some ugly voices
WattpadAnthologies: Audio Anthology by WattpadAnthologies
WattpadAnthologies: Audio Anthologyby Anthologies | Ambassadors
WattpadAnthologies present an anthology of stories told by the medium of voice, taken from various anthologies from our sister ambassador-managed profiles.