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The Lady of Rosewood Manor by Tears_Of_Ink_72
The Lady of Rosewood Manorby Taryn
When Tayna's mother died, her life was turned upside down. Her father turned into a mean, abusive man, and she had no one left in the world to care for her, so she ran a...
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DELLA by -kyavhill
highest rank: #1 in Clean & Elegant Della Andrews. Rosy cheeks and a voice softer than silk. When her father is forced to work overseas, he arranges for her to stay w...
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The Apothecary's Daughter by tea-and-a-book
The Apothecary's Daughterby Mary
Emmeline Somers is the only daughter of the only apothecary in Abbotshire, England. After her father is left bedridden, she takes over his duties as the town's healer...
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MORPH ✿ T. Stark's Daughter by LittonPringle
MORPH ✿ T. Stark's Daughterby Lynn
Lenna Williams is an extraordinary girl with a boring past. That is until a government agent pulls up in her driveway demanding to speak with the certain young lady. Now...
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The Stone Knight (gay)✔️ by monkeybreath
The Stone Knight (gay)✔️by monkeybreath
Dylan is rich, unapproachable and faithful to the memory of his late wife. After an unfortunate one-night stand with consequences, he is the father of a second son, Noa...
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The House Guest by Purplejeans
The House Guestby Ilana Quinn
REGENCY ROMANCE: When Helene Lovell finds herself a penniless orphan, she is swept into the world of manners, money, and etiquette, where her cruel Aunt Lady Dorothea is...
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A Single Drop of Rain: A Love Story Below Stairs by SuzyEngland
A Single Drop of Rain: A Love Suzy England
England, 1919. A country estate the size of Chadfinch is not without its secrets, as Maggie Truelock and George Boyle can attest. In their time working side by side as h...
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After Sunset by elliEpsis
After Sunsetby elle
Poli Arceo is living his peaceful and simple life in their hometown with his dog Taco. Despite of his alluring appearance, good heart, and warm personality, he still cho...
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Hidden behind shimmer by Senorita_2006
Hidden behind shimmerby Senorita
Can two strangers fall in love without knowing another's identify? *_*_* A masquerade ball A Duke's daughter A beautiful stranger Two Masks Weekly balls Heart-to-heart c...
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MEMES 😂 by JanBree
MEMES 😂by Bree
A laugh on quarantine A bit offensive but not mature laugh your worries away
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Last Of My Kind(Sanemi XIguro X Reader X Rengoku X Uzui (Kimetsu No Yaiba) by TokyoHitugaya
Last Of My Kind(Sanemi XIguro X Hitugaya's waifu
I am a human.One day my adoptive father, become a demon.A young man had rescued me back then , but I never got his name. Few years later I decide to join the demon slaye...
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The walking dead Fanfic: The Estate by TickyAnarch
The walking dead Fanfic: The Estateby TickyAnarch
A new survivor Jade must decide which side of the war between Negan and Alexandria she wants to be on. The fanfic starts out with original characters but progresses show...
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Lady Honoria by Cocomonetxos
Lady Honoriaby Valencia
Book 2 of Chivalry Her families being held hostage in their own estate by highway men who come to take all of the family estate fortune another notorious highwayman has...
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Be My Lifeline - Jadon Sancho by AKidCalledHope
Be My Lifeline - Jadon Sanchoby Hope
'Jadon stood opposite her with his eyes bearing into hers, noticing the way the orange light glinted across them, almost like stars, beautiful bright shining stars that...
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Real Estate Agent In Brampton, Marijan Koturic by marijankoturic
Real Estate Agent In Brampton, marijankoturic
Coming to the talk, The Real Estate Agent In Brampton can arrange any type of commercial/residential property evaluation, selling residential/commercial properties, buyi...
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The Best Real Estate Agent In Mississauga by marijankoturic
The Best Real Estate Agent In marijankoturic
We feel honored in introducing ourselves to Best Real Estate Agent In Mississauga. If you are trying to find any quite small or an enormous property blending in your bud...
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One Of The Leading Real Estate Agent In Toronto by marijankoturic
One Of The Leading Real Estate marijankoturic
As one of the Top Real Estate Agent In Toronto, Marijan Koturic has been an active participant and a strong supporter of several charitable organizations in the communit...
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Estate of Intimidation by H_Gold307
Estate of Intimidationby H_Gold307
Cressida Shipley shifts to her new Estate with her father, where her father's business partner lives with them. Is he a prospective groom for her? Or his charms and good...
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Conduct in Question by maryemartin
Conduct in Questionby Mary E. Martin
Meet Harry Jenkins, Toronto lawyer. Look below the surface of his city. Follow his growth toward compassion and understanding while he tracks a killer dubbed The Florist...
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The Cheerleader And The Nerd by _ayeesha98
The Cheerleader And The Nerdby Ayeesha
Meet Riley Pearce! She's in her senior year. She's the head cheerleader and she has the star quarterback begging her to be his girlfriend. Seems like she's got everythin...
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