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Neelakurinji (COMPLETED) by vpsisthename20
Neelakurinji (COMPLETED)by VPS
Thanks to Khushboo, Aaru for the beautiful cover and Malu for the beautiful banners ❤️ Dr Shravani who lost her husband 3 years ago was forced to marry Satyendra a divor...
The Apothecary's Daughter by tea-and-a-book
The Apothecary's Daughterby Mary
Emmeline Somers is the only daughter of the only apothecary in Abbotshire, England. After her father is left bedridden, she takes over his duties as the town's healer...
The Stone Knight (gay)✔️ by monkeybreath
The Stone Knight (gay)✔️by monkeybreath
Dylan is rich, unapproachable and faithful to the memory of his late wife. After an unfortunate one-night stand with consequences, he is the father of a second son, Noa...
My Sister's Landlord by sashathegreatest
My Sister's Landlordby S T G <3
Ciara comes upon an ad in the newspaper and decides to move out of her parents home but as Ciara moves out. Her sister, Katie isn't prepared for Ciara's landlord, Elnasi...
The Lady of Rosewood Manor (Under Editing) by darkness-and-light
The Lady of Rosewood Manor ( Taryn
When Tayna's mother died, her life was turned upside down. She never thought she would be a maid, and while it's not the fairytale Tayna used to dream of, she's content...
Real Estate Sales ExpertThomas Aloysius Real Estate by thomasaloysius6
Real Estate Sales ExpertThomas Thomas Aloysius
Follow new and treading techniques of real estate investment provide by Thomas Aloysius. By following him you can get world class updates of real estate market especiall...
Savannah by AJMohlgan
Savannahby AJ Mohlgan
When Meriam Jabbari meets Aarav Agarwal she is instantly swept away by his goodness and charm. He ultimately confides in her a dark secret about his past. Meriam must pu...
The Master's Chess Piece [Black Butler X Reader] by KayKay530
The Master's Chess Piece [Black KayKay530
You kept your head down, staring a your brown boots. You slightly tilted your head towards the sound of shoes coming towards you. By the way they sounded as they hit the...
Bestowing Pride with Forgetting Prejudice by AlexBarth
Bestowing Pride with Forgetting AlexBarth
I came back to my home, I was welcomed with a ball. I have missed my sisters and father dearly, I walked through the ballroom doors and caught sight of a man I've never...
Severin Quilby by GrimmInker
Severin Quilbyby 𝔢𝔩𝔦 𝔤𝔯𝔢𝔤𝔬𝔯𝔶
Inheriting a bride and losing his father might not have been the best reasons for moving across the country, but when Eiren arrives at his betrothed's family castle, the...
The House Guest (Unedited) by Purplejeans
The House Guest (Unedited)by Ilana Quinn
When Helene Lovell finds herself a penniless orphan, she is swept into the world of manners, money, and etiquette, where her cruel Aunt Lady Dorothea is the ringmaster...
La Morte regala Margherite. by milliesnape27
La Morte regala milliesnape27
[...] «Guarda il cielo e saluta la stella di Antares, sarò lì a sorriderti.»
Jalo estate. by Ameerahtourh
Jalo Amira_writes!
Everything changed for Maryam and her family when her father got bankrupted.They lost their luxurious life and had to move back to jalo estate.A place where they discove...
12 teenagers are invited to live together in a luxurious estate on an remote Island in the middle of nowhere for a week (weekends not included) where they'll compete for...
The Cheerleader And The Nerd by _ayeesha98
The Cheerleader And The Nerdby Ayeesha
Meet Riley Pearce! She's in her senior year. She's the head cheerleader and she has the star quarterback begging her to be his girlfriend. Seems like she's got everythin...
Love On The Block by SabrinaTeenagedB
Love On The Blockby Sabrina ❤️
Talia had been with Pest for years, she was his faithful girlfriend. What once was a well maintained relationship has overtime deteriorated, leaving both to wonder if it...
Homan Ardalan - Lead Generation Strategies For New Real Estate Agents by homanardalan1
Homan Ardalan - Lead Generation Homan Ardalan – Chief Executi...
Lead generation is especially significant for new real estate specialists, as numerous leads come through informal communication. As another specialist, you don't have a...
The Great Alder Inn by _diamond_crown
The Great Alder Innby _diamond_crown
An upper class heir to a proficient family ends up marrying an Inn Owner. This is their story as they traverse the tricky path of etiquette and change.
My Viking by pandadae
My Vikingby Dee
"You wound me, woman" I whispered. The room was dark lit and the only light I could see was her eyes. The metal chains gripped her wrists and was starting to...
The Downton Heiress by Axillaries
The Downton Heiressby Jamie
We all know Matthew Crawley to be the dapper, handsome and Lady Mary's 1st husband. But what if Mary married someone else? What if she met a rich, English duke and becam...