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"Diary"✔ [BTS × Male 8th Member] COMPLETED by 0-Characterz-0
"Diary"✔ [BTS × Male 8th Member] C...by vinnie died
"Don't hide it" Started: March 11, 2018 Ended: June 3, 2018
  • diary
  • entry
  • suicide
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Disconnect by the_lunchbox
Disconnectby lunch
Small entries I've made in times of mental crisis or teenage angst.
  • shortchapters
  • life
  • sadness
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Lost and Found | ✓ by jeoning
Lost and Found | ✓by nisha
"sometimes the reason for certain things to happen, is as simple as the desire to be lost and found." - When Derek Kepner finds a journal, and is unable to kee...
  • lostandfound
  • arrowjameson
  • diary
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A Collection of Short Stories by deadbeatvalentines
A Collection of Short Storiesby K
Each chapter is a different story. Once the chapter is over, so is the story.
  • teen
  • sad
  • girl
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The OWRA's 2019 by OWRAwards
The OWRA's 2019by OWRAwards
The OWRA's are almost here!
  • officialawards
  • award
  • free
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Mr. Right: BoyxBoy One Shots by IxJustxLaugh
Mr. Right: BoyxBoy One Shotsby Holly
I decided to make a special collection of one shots just for my requests on here. Go ahead and ask for your own today!
  • short
  • twilight
  • slash
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Multiplayer (A TGGBB Oneshot, Completed) by RubixCube89201
Multiplayer (A TGGBB Oneshot, Comp...by Rubix
When Jordan is faced with rude gamers, he has the choice to unleash his godly hacker skills to teach them a lesson. But rather than stand by with a bag of popcorn, his f...
  • bullying
  • hacker
  • laterhaters
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creative writing by readinginspiring
creative writingby ella
this is going to be everything i've written in my creative writing class, from short stories to different types of poems. enjoy!
  • warmup
  • pocket
  • journal
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Once (KaiSoo) by idkskji
Once (KaiSoo)by idkskji
[COMPLETED] Do Kyungsoo and Kim Jongin were happily marriedㅡuntil Jung Soojung entered the picture. Kyungsoo was pregnant that time and Soojung was, too. But Jongin chos...
  • entry
  • yaoi
  • angst
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C.H.A.N.G.E: A Sci-Fi short story by Mirage112
C.H.A.N.G.E: A Sci-Fi short storyby Słeepy Cøøkie
My contest entry for the March 2019: Day at the Office contest! 500 words Summary: Thea has always been unwanted. Her parents were not able to afford Genetic Engineeri...
  • march
  • thea
  • contest
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Space, Punks! by izzywriter2
Space, Punks!by All Who Wander
When mercenary Niev catches word of a distant interplanetary disaster, he figures it's the perfect opportunity to make a quick buck. Sweep in, take a few paid gigs, leav...
  • entry
  • fiction
  • beyondsol
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We are welcoming you to the PERSONA BTS AWARDS! All kfiction writers are welcome here, there is no exceptions here Just fill up the form and make sure you have a fanfic...
  • jeonjungkook
  • bighit
  • entry
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Diary Entry | KTH by Taemeaway
Diary Entry | KTHby TAEMEAWAY
These feelings of mine are unheard of , unless its in my diary entry . Short story . Completed on 13 March 2017 . @Taemeaway
  • diary
  • bts
  • 2017
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Solivagant ; Graphic Portfolio by silenther
Solivagant ; Graphic Portfolioby Hazel Joyce
one day, you met a lone wanderer inside the forest just passing by. she told you about her finest creations, you know it's not a lie. she also told you to accompany her...
  • edit
  • brushes
  • graphic
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BNHA Watty Awards - 2019 Entry Book by TheBNHAAwards
BNHA Watty Awards - 2019 Entry Bookby вηнα ωαтту αωαя∂ѕ
Enter all of your books here! Remember to read the rules in the first chapter. Anyone found in violation of the rules will be disqualified. [ Credit to Cover Designer: S...
  • todoroki
  • wattyawards
  • mha
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entry 365 ╱ ksy by hoshit
entry 365 ╱ ksyby hoshit
dear diary, thanks for keeping my many memories that my brain cannot contain. however maybe it's time to say goodbye. to you. to him. the year, the 365 days, it was all...
  • soonyoung
  • hoshi
  • fanfic
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Art Contest entries by artart-rules_
Art Contest entriesby I'mbored123
I hate my life
  • contests
  • contest
  • entries
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My Art Book by regret_to_inform
My Art Bookby Regret to Inform You
Um... What else needs to be said? It's an art book and it will be full of my art! Plain and simple. XD But I'll have many kinds of art/drawings. Some include.... Anime...
  • chibi
  • requests
  • entry
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Art & Updates II: The Sequel by n0vellette
Art & Updates II: The Sequelby miika
I post art and vent about things because I'm a privileged white girl Trades: Open Requests: Open* Commissions: Open *requests will be subject to my own artistic liberty...
  • fanart
  • cat
  • art
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Neko Transformation Diaries by Roboberry
Neko Transformation Diariesby Pershkiti Rahtuken
**!!!IT'S NON-FICTION!!!** This will document my experiences after attempting the neko spell. I don't fully know if it will work, but if it does? I'll keep jotting down...
  • diary
  • entry
  • spell
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