Honest To Blog: My Misadventures

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Maddy By MaddyRawr10 Updated 3 years ago
Not a story, just me ranting and raving really. Not expecting you all to read this or anything, though I can guarantee humour and alarming self-righteousness.
@MaddyRawr10 omfg I frickin love that song. I listened to it for a month straight the first time I heard it. I just had to download it and listen every minute of the day lol
One of the things I dislike about mass is we have to dress up. Urgghh.  Can't we just go in panjamas? And yeah, Sunday masses starts at 7am... Still in bed. XD
My mom and dad are loose Christians. Very loose. Very, very loose. like LOOSE lol. You saw Ian Somerholder in church? My sister and I look for boys to gawk at on the rare occasion that we do go to church (I haven't been in months, hate the dresses :L
It sounds like someone needs to be saved. lol
                                    just not today.
Wow...I feel for u hun..
                                    Im Pagan with a deeply catholic family....its quite the curse...
                                    Inbetween, Superchick rocks! ;)
                                    Kiss kiss
@MaddyRawr10 that is good. I would have died of boredom before 45 mins.