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𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐈𝐍 by varachira
⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡ in which magicians are forbidden.
Lovely Swan by letmewriteinpurple
Lovely Swanby lmwip_
Princess Emma, only daughter of Queen Snow and King David met her parents' nemesis who they have long thought was dead, Regina, former Evil Queen. What are the chances t...
Dagger To The Heart by emmalynn789
Dagger To The Heartby Emily Lara
Elara Wang is only seventeen, yet she's killed over hundreds of people in her short lifetime. Some know her masked identity as the dagger of Luenia, but deep down inside...
The academy of Elemental Magic : Elementum Academy  by 4vpbyr
The academy of Elemental Magic : E...by sorceress.
(Taglish Fantasy Story) Join Rae as she navigates the challenges of mastering the elements at a prestigious academy for magic.
At A Master's Shadow(Book 1 At The Shadow's series) by Iza_Achell
At A Master's Shadow(Book 1 At The...by Iza Achell
If you are known to be the weakest of your kind in a world of magic mixes with futuristic technology, then wished to be stronger but gotten more you bargained for. Well...
The Mermaid Who Cried Wolf  by coolpenguins68
The Mermaid Who Cried Wolf by Jen
Pearl is an ordinary girl, well, not so ordinary. She's a mermaid. One-day she is kidnapped by a werewolf and held hostage, in ransom the merfolk have to leave and never...
ENCHANTER: Battle for Freedom (bxb) by tantanivanov
ENCHANTER: Battle for Freedom (bxb)by tantanivanov
Prim successfully completed his quest and he is now reunited with his fellow enchanters. His journey together with his boyfriend and their friends helped him unlock new...
The Black Shadow (Dark Percy) by Zoe_Nightshade_
The Black Shadow (Dark Percy)by Zoe Nightshade
PERCY JACKSON felt betrayed. His girlfriend Annabeth Chase had left him for the dead in a place even the gods feared; Tartarus. A mysterious deity found him, lying there...
Stories Of ForceBook by PeachyNH
Stories Of ForceBookby PeachyNH
ForceBook compilation because I don't why it is so hard to find their fanfic!
Deja Vu (The Wealcere Chronicles) by BooksbyRory
Deja Vu (The Wealcere Chronicles)by Rory Cruz
Book One: Isabel felt she had it all, boyfriend, friends, career. But one day, she wakes up in a medieval world where her best friend is the leader of a revolution again...
Shovel Knight Characters x Reader {ON HOLD} by GrayKat99
Shovel Knight Characters x Reader...by 𝔾𝕣𝕒𝕪𝕂𝕒𝕥
Little drabbles for the reader to enjoy. Female!character x male!reader or male!character x female!reader only please. It makes it easier for me to write this if the rol...
ENCHANTER: The Quest of the Remaining One (bxb) by tantanivanov
ENCHANTER: The Quest of the Remain...by tantanivanov
It is believed that all the twelve enchanters of the kingdom of Verar were banned in the kingdom. It is their punishment casted by the Goddess Nympha. They were separat...
Lunar Witch Chronicles: Book 1: Lunar Eclipse  by PrincessKarai8
Lunar Witch Chronicles: Book 1: Lu...by Vanessa
A Lunar Eclipse, unknown destiny, and new school. . . Cleo Williamson always thought she and her family were your average everyday American family, but that was far from...
ι'м ιи ℓσνє ωιтн αи єи¢нαитєя {[(!!!ON HOLD!!!}]) by Balistic29
ι'м ιи ℓσνє ωιтн αи єи¢нαитєя {[(...by Fakira
ρɾïṉсεṡṡ ḋαlïαh ïṡ ṉøτ hαρρÿ ατ αll. hεɾ сøɾøṉατïøṉ ïṡ ïṉ τώø ώεεќṡ αṉḋ ṡhε'll ḋø αṉÿτhïṉģ τø ģετ αώαÿ, εṿεṉ ïƒ ṡhε hαṡ τø ģø øṉ τhε ɾυṉ. сhεсќ hεɾ øυτ, ṡhε'ṡ ģɾεατ...
True blood by Kingdomofdreamers
True bloodby Kingdomofdreamers
A world full of magic where all magical beings live in peace. This is only until the evil Lord Kageron appeared.Only a daughter of a true blood will be able to save the...
The love of Curupira ( Valley of Portal - Book 1 ) by EmideMorais
The love of Curupira ( Valley of P...by EmideMorais
Extremely handsome and very hot, Rico is a myth who has the power of enchant the human mind and bring out his victims to death. Powerful and scary, the young guy became...
Toughest Thorns Ever by authormaryalova
Toughest Thorns Everby authormaryalova
"Towards the goddess, Cruss." I said through gritted teeth. "Cruss!" My eyes were shut but I knew he was still facing me, his hands clasped infront...
Enchanted Academy: School For Enchanters (The 2nd Generation) by PreciousKee
Enchanted Academy: School For Ench...by Kalila💛
"You have the power to make the heavenly bodies kneel, and a power beyond what is good and bad" A world full of magic, curses, enchantments, and other supernat...
The Anthem of the Imperial Beasts by austeakette
The Anthem of the Imperial Beastsby Austea E. Kette
!!! AVAILABLE ONLY ON AMAZON!!! • • • The Empire of Beasts is a cursed nation where beasts live. But Elynn is only aware of the latter part, and yet not quite. As Elynn...