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Eye Enchanters by ilylily112
Eye Enchantersby Lily
They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, but to Eye Enchanters, they're much more... Izzy Brunn, a teenage girl with oddly purple eyes, finds herself thrust int...
  • enchanters
  • teen
  • wattys2015
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Chronicle of Butterflies by ddoongi
Chronicle of Butterfliesby Katie L.
Deep in the woods, there lived a young girl who had the power of an Enchanter. However, she was nothing but a pitiful runaway, who had betrayed the village to find out a...
  • god
  • enchanted
  • goddess
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Sabrina Stone and the Realm of Magic by LunaLevesque_Raven
Sabrina Stone and the Realm of Mag...by Luna Levesque
A fantasy story perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Mako Mermaids, and Percy Jackson. [Book 1 of the Sabrina Stone Series] 2 realms, 1 world. "We magical beings had...
  • realms
  • powers
  • elements
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The Mermaid Who Cried Wolf (Editing) by coolpenguins68
The Mermaid Who Cried Wolf (Editin...by Anna
Pearl is an ordinary girl, well, not so ordinary. She's a mermaid. One-day she is kidnapped by a werewolf and held hostage, in ransom the merfolk have to leave and never...
  • enchantress
  • fairy
  • enchanters
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Beauties And Beasts by JacksonTerrance
Beauties And Beastsby Jackson Terrance
Part of the Reimagined Stories Series: A tale as old as time, one that people have heard countless times before. Surely anyone could recite the whole story of how beauty...
  • generalfiction
  • beautyandthebeast
  • weakling
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The Vampire Princesses and the Elemental Prince's (On Going) by Iamahalfdemon
The Vampire Princesses and the Ele...by miss laine
pano kung may nakilala ka yung mga babae na mapuputla ang ang balat, maladyosa ang ganda nila,matalino,at higit sa lahat ay naging mortal enemy kayong walo. pano kung ma...
  • kilig
  • mysterious
  • magical
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Enchanted Daughters of the Ancient Fairy: THE BEGINNING by NoelleArroyoPHR
Enchanted Daughters of the Ancient...by Noelle Arroyo
This is the story of how Celine Le Charme and Philippe Alfonso Encantara, parents to the Daughters, met for the first time and fell in love at first sight. Philippe kne...
  • tragic
  • urbanfantasy
  • romancefantasy
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Shovel Knight Characters x Reader by GrayKat99
Shovel Knight Characters x Readerby GrayKat
Little drabbles for the reader to enjoy. Female!character x male!reader or male!character x female!reader only please. It makes it easier for me to write this if the rol...
  • mona
  • treasuretrove
  • tinkerknight
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Shadowhunters: The Murderous Enchanter by MaribelBeautiful28
Shadowhunters: The Murderous Encha...by Maribel Guardado
My name is Casey Fray and you can say that I am the opposite of Clary, I am one tough and crazed sister who is younger than her. Mom loves her more than me but I don't c...
  • broken
  • aleclightwood
  • raphaelsantiago
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Chosen by Rose_And_Kasey
Chosenby Rose & Kasey 🌹🌸♥️
Started writing on 11/19/17; incomplete. Every year ten packs in the district come together with their Alpha, Beta, and their Echanters; for the Mate Choosing Ceremony...
  • wolves
  • mating
  • funny
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The Adventures of Adeline by TeamAdeline
The Adventures of Adelineby Nam Yi-kyung
Luna and Lex grew up believing that her parents were dead. Growing up, Luna is always torn and broken until she is truly broken yet she can still be damaged. What is wro...
  • enchanters
Of Crows and Jackdaws by JeanPhilippeSavoie
Of Crows and Jackdawsby Jean-Philippe Savoie
The adventures and tribulations of the defenders of the Free City of Ostwood.
  • undead
  • order
  • magic
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The Ring of Time by Le0pard0
The Ring of Timeby Le0pard0
Drew, an expert in technological magic, is given an unknown crystal ring by his sister, Eve. The ring is manifested with magic that shows visuals of people in different...
  • confidence
  • rosepetals
  • rivals
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Phasma by psynoidAl
Phasmaby Psy@noid Al
Phasma Book 1 In Which Dorin Travels to the Modern World. The adventure of a boy who has never set foot off the mountain where he and his mother have lived for the past...
  • sourcery
  • adventure
  • enchanter
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Snakes On An Immortal Dame by PollyConnor
Snakes On An Immortal Dameby Polly Connor
It's a tough gig, being an immortal goddess. (Or monster. But if you want to get in good with her, and not get turned into stone, stick with 'goddess'.) A goddess, wi...
  • gods
  • complete
  • goddess
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The Magnificent Curupira by EmideMorais
The Magnificent Curupiraby Emi de Morais
Extremely handsome and very sensual, Rico is a myth who has the power of enchant the human mind and bring his victims to the way of death. Powerful and scary, the young...
  • evil
  • passion
  • love
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Pixies and Fairies by Zancoons13
Pixies and Fairiesby Bethalie
Anarchy has arisen in the Kingdom of Dai and the population of pixies and fairies has hauntingly decreased. Are the two instances connected? And if so, how will these Mi...
  • sprites
  • enchanters
  • daemon
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Planebound (Dimension Series Book 2) by racsmat
Planebound (Dimension Series Book...by Racs
When TJ thought her life was all sorted after setting Asher free from the parallel dimension...it got even more complicated. On the most important night for her new home...
  • inbetweendimensions
  • fantasy
  • energies
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