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But Now, I Know by IgnatiousTheWarlock
But Now, I Knowby Perrin
Post the battle of Camlann, Morgana mourns the loss of Mordred. However, before she can pursue Merlin and Arthur, she is approached by a mysterious force who gives her a...
Hidden Magic • Peter Parker ✓ by smolgaybean_
Hidden Magic • Peter Parker ✓by Bee
This is adapted from my one shot 'Peter's trip' in both my Merlin and Spiderman one shot books. This is a Peter x Merlin fic, which is a ship I had never considered unti...
The Adventures of a King and His Warlock by EmrystheWarlock
The Adventures of a King and His W...by EmrysTheWarlock
Here's just a bunch a thrown together Merlin and Arthur one-shots. I like alternate endings like in the episode Goblins Gold I wanted Merlin to walk in on Arthur being a...
Bound by MaddyLib_21
Boundby MaddyLib_21
Once again, Arthur and the knights make the wonderful decision to go on a hunting trip. To no one's surprise, something is bound to go wrong. They are met with an ambush...
The Sorcerer Games by Sammy_Cam
The Sorcerer Gamesby Sammy_Cam
A mystery kingdom hosts their own game in a magical arena every five years. Twelve sorcerers must compete in a fight to the death match where only one Victor can be name...
emrys // merthur ✔ by m-blackhart
emrys // merthur ✔by ˗ˏˋ 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐧 ˎˊ˗
A king on a mission, and a servant determined to sabotage it. And a knight wondering where both Merlin's and Arthur's brains wandered off to during birth.
Merlin and Arthur in Lockdown by AquariaQuotes
Merlin and Arthur in Lockdownby RR
In a parallel 2020, Prince Arthur moves out of home with flatmate Merlin when a mysterious plague spreads across the land and sends Camelot into a lockdown. Uther is qui...
Merlin's secret | ✔️ by writingwiizard
Merlin's secret | ✔️by Laura
"The anxiety in me was growing. Fear of being not understood. Fear of being executed. And of course the fear of being hated and discriminated by my friends." _...
The Lady Of The Lake and The Impossible Child by Full_Of_Shame
The Lady Of The Lake and The Impos...by Full_Of_Shame
One day Merlin and Arthur meet their worst nightmare or is it a blessing in disguise? Inspired by an actual Arthurian Legend and I recently binge-watched the show so he...
The Love That Binds Us ||Mordred Fanfic by danisnotinlondon
The Love That Binds Us ||Mordred F...by Nicole
**WILL BE DIFFERENT THAN THE SHOW KIND OF.** **Also was posted on Quotev** Everyone has something that they're meant to do. Whether it's to be a servant, a noble knight...
Destiny Untold by LovestayBlues
Destiny Untoldby LovestayBlues
When Merlin left for Camelot, Alison didn't think that she would be joining him soon after. She was fully prepared to live out the rest of her life fairly quietly, but i...
Becoming Magic by NatashaStubby
Becoming Magicby Natasha Stubby
Based on BBC's Merlin, takes place post season 3 and leads in to season 4. Arthur Pendragon has been crowned King of Camelot as his father's condition worsens. His coro...
The Lost Prince Of Altaian (ON HIATUS) by MintWolfWrites
The Lost Prince Of Altaian (ON HIA...by MintWolfWrites
PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION Merlin has been by Arthur's side for a long time saving his life and lying to keep his magic a secret, but this is a secret far bigger th...
Merlin One Shots by TeenWolf_multifandom
Merlin One Shotsby TeenWolf_multifandom
Hey guys! Get ready for a book full of one shots containing our favourite clumsy warlock, royal prat, and his round table of basically kids wielding pointy sticks.(Well...
How Long Is Forever? - Merthur  by emryssams
How Long Is Forever? - Merthur by emryssams
After Arthur's death, Merlin is caught alone with out him for centuries. He has lost count of how long it's been. After all, Merlin is nothing without magic, but turns o...
Emrys Dragonborne [Merlin/The Hobbit Crossover Fanfic] by coffeeaddict_chaos
Emrys Dragonborne [Merlin/The Hobb...by Cat from Hell
Follow Merlin in his adventures after Arthur's death and the battle of Camlann: meeting wizards, hobbits, elves, and many different people and creatures. The ban on magi...
Finally Free by Merthur_Shipper
Finally Freeby Merthur_Shipper
Merlin saved Camelot, again, but this time in the front of Arthur and the royal court. What happens next? (I do not own Merlin) No Slash. Royal!Merlin
Merlin Oneshots by Karmitara
Merlin Oneshotsby The Lokison Writer
A collection of oneshots circling around our favorite young warlock through various parts of the series. Always complete! Requests are available, but no guarantees
Changes in Time by 99zatana
Changes in Timeby 99zatana
Someone were to ask the crown prince of Camelot how he would rather spend the tonight's feast with all the guests of the 5 kingdoms this was NOT what he had in mind
A Herald of a New Age by MerlinsEars
A Herald of a New Ageby Hedge
Revealfic set after 4x10: The Druid boy leaves a lasting impression on Arthur and in an attempt to fulfill his promise to the spirit he sets out to find the Druid trib...