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Gate:thus the Xenomorphs attacked (On Hold) by EmmanuelBautistaCaal
Gate:thus the Xenomorphs attacked...by EmmanuelB. Cañal
In a random planet a gate had opened in a section of a xenomorph hive. How will the Jsdf and the Saderan empire react to the aliens from the Alien vs Predator universe.
𝐄𝐌𝐏𝐈𝐑𝐄 ━ 𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘩𝘺by 👸🏻
EMPIRE | ❝ I took the oath to be a Lyon in the flesh ❞ 【 book one in my empire series 】 Hip-hop artist and CEO of Empire Entertainment, Lucious Lyon, ha...
Empire  by kaylyn_reads
Empire by kaylyn_reads
Empire with a twist, there's Jamal, Andre, Hakeem, and Their sister Amiya. Cookie is finally out of jail after 17 years and she's ready to see and bond with her kids mos...
I Lied [On Hiatus] by _Guilty_Pleasures_
I Lied [On Hiatus]by _Guilty_Pleasures_
Based Off Fox's #1 Hit Series 'Empire'. Ciara Lyon, Lucious's daughter, doesn't know how privileged she is as she grew up in a white-Italian family after her adoption. N...
My Best Friend/The Assistance (Empire Story) by JewelDeberry
My Best Friend/The Assistance (Emp...by JewelDeberry
This takes place during season one right after lucious found out he has ALS. He told his son that he needs a assistance cause of his behavior. The person he could think...
Andre Best Friend(Empire Story) by JewelDeberry
Andre Best Friend(Empire Story)by JewelDeberry
Does not follow the empire series. There is not many Andre story's. Andre has a best friend, a best female friend. Her name Misty. She went to school with Andre and unfo...
Empire Secrets  ( Hakeem Lyon Love Story) by JewelDeberry
Empire Secrets ( Hakeem Lyon Love...by JewelDeberry
Hakeem has been hiding something from his family. His girlfriend. With all the drama and betrayal, hakeem had call one person he trust. How will he tell his family of h...
Roles Reverse by NIALLFAN345
Roles Reverseby NIALLFAN345
She didn't have a chance with the sexy gay God or so she thought
Lucious Lyons family by namcyqwe
Lucious Lyons familyby namcyqwe
So lucious always wanted a daughter he has one but when she starts acting up what is he gonna have to do to make her get back in line.
Y/n And Hakeem by jazzyboo189
Y/n And Hakeemby jazzyboo189
You have been best friends with Hakeem since diaper days but you went to college and he went to the studio what will happen after 4 years of lost time?
Sultana of his heart ( Completed) by Turhancore
Sultana of his heart ( Completed)by turhan
When my destiny changed from being a slave to being the most powerful sultana in the world Highest : 1 in sultan
Divided Loyalties by swping
Divided Loyaltiesby Ping✨
Star Wars AU fanfiction Three months after the Bespin fiasco, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa are captured by the Empire during a scouting mission. Someone unexpected wil...
Keep It Moving (Hakeem Empire Story) by Sarynnnnnnn
Keep It Moving (Hakeem Empire Stor...by Sarynwasnothere
Hakeem finds out Tiana has cheated and now he's upset. Going to the club to escape his problems he finds Naomi Carter and both don't know that metting each is going...
Fate Will Twist the Both of You by island-gyal
Fate Will Twist the Both of Youby Cara
Inspired by the original Empire pilot script. This is basically me fooling around with the events of season one to detail how Cookie and Lucious find their way back to e...
You Stay On My Mind by theelorethalyon
You Stay On My Mindby theelorethalyon
compilation of CooCious one shots for y'all to enjoy.
Drakkon by CrestFallenStar
Drakkonby Maham
When Daiyu is summoned with dozens of other girls to be the Emperor's concubine, she doesn't think that she'll be chosen. Although beautiful and kind, she's hardly quali...
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dynasty ~ anakin skywalker/darth vader (BOOK 1) ✔️ by nostylesx
dynasty ~ anakin skywalker/darth v...by MMB
BOOK 1 (Dynasty series) ☑️COMPLETED☑️ "Thought we build a dynasty that heaven couldn't shake" THEIR DYNASTY FELL... Aaliyah was dedicated to the Jedi order an...
My Obsessive Villain by Cology10
My Obsessive Villainby Cology10
Yulia transmigrated inside a novel where the original yulia who was obsessed with crazy villain, and get killed by his hand. But why sadistic villain is getting obsessed...
Ambitious Favored Consort: How To Become A Wangfei by jungmee9197
Ambitious Favored Consort: How To...by Jungmee
Other names: It'll be better to be the Empress Dowager, How i became the Empress, Ambitious Empress Author: 九月流火 Translator: Just for Fun Trans and Me (Liyan) Editor: M...